WEDDING | Alicia


artistrhi weddings update! Check out the site for photos of stunning bride-to-be, Alicia, and her beautiful bridal party getting dolled up for the Big Day.

Alicia went for a full-on glam bride look (love it!), and the smoky shadows on her lids really made the browns of her gorgeous eyes "pop".

I had a lot of fun again at this wedding appointment, but as you can see ... it's because the "work" I have to do is always minimal! :)

See more of Alicia's wedding day prep below:

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Anyone who has worked with me has probably noticed the prominence of these little pink packages in my make-up kit. I absolutely love Quo lashes for their quality and affordability (around $7 regular price, and $5 when on sale!)! Quo has a wide range of natural to dramatic false eyelash styles to choose from. The below three are my particular favourites for bridal clients or an everyday natural look.

#800 Eyelashes

#800 is a full, lush lash and the longest of the three in this post. These falsies are ideal for ladies with thin, sparse eyelashes or for those who want to add major volume. Here are a pair of #800's in action:
#801 Eyelashes
#801 lashes are the most natural looking of the bunch. Clients who don't want to look "too done" love these falsies, and clients with smaller-shaped eyes prefer these for a natural look. Below are the #801's in action:
#803 Eyelashes
#803 is a personal favourite of mine - when I like to step up my own make-up, I usually reach for these. #803 is a good cross between #800 and #801 - it still gives good length, without being too full that they look like like you're wearing falsies! The end result just looks like you're wearing a really good mascara...and that secret's fine by us :)
Bat those lashes away!

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With cold/flu season upon us and all the talk about H1N1 vaccines and prevention, it's important to remember that hygienic practices should extend to all other aspects of our routine - yes, even our beauty routine. :)

For your own regime, it takes a little more effort but once you start taking care of your products and application tools, the pay-off goes a long way. For your own personal routine, you should:

1. Wash your brushes regularly. Wash your brushes ideally everyday, but realistically every week. Spray with a 99% alcohol to get rid and prevent bacteria build-up.

2. Do not blow on (or use spit with) your brushes or application tools. For instance when intensifying your eyeliner, use water, rather than using your own saliva (yes, I know it happens people!). When applying false eyelashes, wave the glue on those lashes in a fanning motion to encourage the eyelash glue to get tacky.

3. Replace products appropriately.
Follow recommended instructions on product packaging, and discard sooner if the product smells funky, looks funny or gives you an irritation (well, duh!)

Make-up artists also have a responsibility to always practice hygienic methods during their applications. In addition to the points above, a make-up artist with good hygiene practices should be:
1. sanitizing hands with alcohol between each client

2. using clean brushes or disposables (i.e. sponges, mascara wands)

3. avoiding cross-contimination i.e. no double-dipping! Once that product applicator (i.e. think of a lip gloss) touches your lips, it shouldn't go back into its container unless thoroughly cleaned (or the make-up artist plans on giving you that product for free)!

4. using only sanitized hands to apply products to your face (or does not touch your face at all, opting to use brushes and sponges to apply all products)!

Staying sanitary with make-up = staying healthy...and that's always staying beautiful in my book!

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I usually hear this question when I do client appointments, as for many clients, it's their first time wearing false eyelashes! I figured it would be a good reference to have the information on the blog here as well :)

Q: How do I remove false eyelashes?

A: Here's what you'll need: cotton pads (or papertowel), q-tips and an oil-based eye make-up remover.
1. Saturate the cotton pad (or a papertowel) with an oil-based eye make-up remover.

2. While keeping your eyes closed, gently press the saturated pad against your eyelid area to help loosen the glue. Hold for about 30 econds (and keep those eyes closed!)

3. Removed the saturated pad and wipe off any excess eye make-up remover from the skin.

4. Start from the outer corner of the false lash to see if the outer end has loosened. Gently pull, but never tug*, at the false lash to remove it.

*You should never have to tug at the false lashes (if you tug, you may risk ripping out some of your own natural lash! Sad as it is painful!). If the lashes are still pretty snug, apply more of the eye make-up remover, but this time use a q-tip to concentrate distribution of the remover wherever you see eyelash glue.

If you plan on re-using your falsies, clean them thoroughly and remove any dried glue. Return the falsies to their original packaging, so they retain their rounded shape for your next application.

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WEDDING | Krystal


artistrhi weddings update! Photos of gorgeous bride, Krystal, are now up on the site. Krystal was a pleasure to work with and (as you can see above) has stunning features to work with - her cheekbones are to die for! Throughout my lifetime, I've spent a countless amount of time doing the fishface (you know what I mean, ladies!) and trying to contour and chisel my cheeks to look just like that...and then some people are just born that way naturally. Sigh. Yes, cheekbone envy! :)

Here are a couple more of my faves of her bridal party getting ready. Check out artistrhi weddings for more from behind the scenes of Krystal's wedding day prep!
Thanks Krystal for letting me get you and your ladies all dolled up! Til the next time, bella! :)

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MAC's D-Squared Greasepaint Stick in V (left) and Greasepaint Stick in Black (right)

If you've ever struggled doing a smoky eye (because dark bits of eyeshadow end up everywhere creating a black eye, rather than a smoky eye...), then MAC's Greasepaint Stick might be the solution for you. The creamy pencil can be used as an eyeliner or blended out for a smoky eye effect (without the flaky mess!). The product is budgeproof and long-lasting too, meaning our smoky eye also won't transform into dark undereye circles later in the day :)

In terms of blending ease, I find Greasepaint Stick waaay easier to blend than my other beloved MAC's Paint Pots. I still love Paint Pots, but the Greasepaint Stick is definitely more of a universally user-friendly product for everyone from make-up novice to make-up expert!

I like applying the Greasepaint Stick and then blending atop with a matching eyeshadow colour. Lancome's Trendy, a cool-toned purple eyeshadow, works beautifully with Greasepaint Stick in V and really any black eyeshadow works well with the Black Greasepaint (just be careful of those wandering flakes of eyeshadow!)

The one downfall of Greasepaint Stick? It's limited edition so scoop it up, before it's gone!
MAC's Greasepaint Stick in Black on outer corner

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Speaking of awesome products for Hallowe'en make-up, Make-up Forever's Flash Colour palette is a kit essential for any make-up artist. The colours are highly and brilliantly pigmented, gliding on the skin as they appear in the case. Colours are easy to blend and you can get an even greater assortment of colours by mixing your own (see all that stuff on Colour Theory is useful - time to break out the colour wheel!).

The Flash Colour's palette usability extends way past Hallowe'en night. I love using Flash Colours for photoshoots, as the pigmented colour holds true and doesn't get washed out by bright studio lights. To avoid creasing, be sure to set the creamy flash colour either with a layer of translucent powder or coloured pigment for more pop. You can use it all over the face and body, but of course always follow the recommended use labels on the packaging :)

Must-try: MUFE's Flash Colour in Silver - it glides on creamy, but looks like foil! Tin Man Love.

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Face charts and photos courtesy of MAC

I'm always inspired by the artistry at MAC, and their Hallowe'en looks are no exception! There's no better time than Hallowe'en to get creative with make-up. MAC has a huge range of products (from eyeshadows to cream colour bases) to help you perfect your Hallowe'en outfit, but you can easily achieve some of these looks with products you already have at home! Check out MAC's Facebook page and YouTube page for more inspiration and ideas :) So many good ideas - too bad Hallowe'en is only one night!

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I'm excited about Ellen's wedding this weekend! There's something quite beautiful about fall weddings...yes, the weather is way cooler than the summer, but the colours of fall are such a beautiful backdrop to a bride in her white dress. I can see more and more why many brides are opting for fall rather than summer weddings.

For Ellen's bridal look, I did airbrush foundation as she wanted her make-up to be as long-lasting as possible. Following our initial bridal trial, she told me how she actually slept with the make-up on to see how long it would last. The next day all she had to do was tidy up a 'tiny bit underneath the eyes' - the rest of the make-up was still in tact!! Not that I condone sleeping with make-up on, but isn't that an awesome testimonial to the benefits of airbrushing?! Think about can wake up looking perfect...just like those soap opera stars!!

Stay tuned for more pics from Ellen's wedding day prep. For now, it's time to pack the kit and get a good night's rest in preparation for tomorrow ;)

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Hye-Rim + James
Photographer: Geehae Jeong
Assistant Photographer: Chris Luk
Hair: Suzie Choi
Make-up: Rhia Amio

I was excited to meet the lovely Geehae Jeong, as I've seen her talent for photography before via our mutual friend, (the amazing) Claudia Hung (who Geehae frequently works with as well). This time around, Geehae was calling (and taking!) the shots, and what a breathtaking job she did at Hye-Rim's wedding!!

You've already caught a peek of Hye-Rim's wedding with the wonderful photos courtesy of Geehae's assistant for the day, Chris take a look at Geehae's awesome perspective of the Big Day!

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One thing that I love about fall is how dramatic make-up always makes a comeback. Whether it be in the form of smoky eyes or dark lips, I'm always one to support a little heavy-handedness. :)

Enter MAC's Style Black line - another limited edition collection in the tradition of MAC releases (in other words, get it before it's gone!). The collection features a selection of black-inspired shades for eyes, nails and even lips. Goth make-up has never been so chic!


MAC Gilt by Association and Blue Flame Mineralize eyeshadows

I finally had the time to thoroughly test run a few of the items I had picked up earlier this month, and my favourites quickly emerged. Hands down, my top item from this collection is Gilt by Association Mineralize eyeshadow. The multi-dimensional blackened shade has flecks of gold and bronze that make it a universally flattering choice for all skin tones, and a particularly gorgeous colour for those with green eyes.

It's a perfect option to do an evening smoky eye with - the multi-dimensional aspect spares you from having to buy a palette of different shades and from having to blend to your heart's content. Simply apply any of the Style Black Mineralize eyeshadows and smudge with your black eyeliner for a dramatic effect.

Bonus: The eyeshadows work beautifully when applied both wet and dry. When applied dry, the black hues of the shade tend to stand out more. Add a bit of water (or an eyeliner transforming product) and the intensity of the shimmer really pops.

Here are some pics of how the eyeshadow appears on the lids (haven't done one of these in a while!):
MAC Blue Flame

MAC Gilt by Association (my fave from this collection!)

My only regret? not picking up the eyeshadow in Cinderfella! ...and now it's sold out! They don't lie when they call it limited edition!


MAC Midnight Media Lipstick, Blackware Gloss, Black Knight Lipstick

Ok, so the products for lips from the Style Black collection are not exactly practical nor wearable for the everyday woman. I picked up a few of the lip items anyway, as a good quality black lipstick isn't the easiest product to find! The nice thing about this collection was that it had choices for getting black coloured lips in a variety of textures! I scooped up Midnight Media Mattene Lipstick, Blackware Gloss and Black Knight Lipstick. Of the three, Midnight Media is the most opaque while Black Knight glides on more sheer (think more like a black stain). Again, no practical use for everyday client appointments but these products will work amazingly well for photoshoots....and of course, Hallowe'en!

ARTIST TIP: The trick with doing any kind of dark colour is to make sure your lips are smooth. Dark colours are unforgiving (see pic at left) and cling to any imperfection on the lips. My bottom lip was dry and you can see how the lip colour can really make the dry texture stand out. Make sure to exfoliate the lips and apply lip balm (especially during these colder months). Before applying the dark shade, pat your lips with concealer to act as a base and barrier for the application...a little concealer on the lips will help to prevent the dark shade you've applied from seeping into the tiny lines in and around the lips.

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Here's a little anecdote that I'm sure one day I'll look back and laugh at.

This past summer when I ordered my 'book' (a hardcover portfolio to hold my printed photos), I initially requested one that had 50 pages (so, 50 pages back and front = 100 potential spots for my prints). The gentleman at House of Portfolios was kind enough to point out to me that the industry standard is about that's more like 50 of your best images within your book. Well, duh me. I was probably being overly ambitious and obviously naive. When I thought about it more, I considered that at the end of the day, a busy client wouldn't want to view 100 pictures of my work. The 'best' pics should be enough to indicate whether or not my work suits a client's needs. Yup, learning as I go...

It's been just over a year since I first started building my commercial and fashion portfolio and it's amazing to see the development from those early pictures with the first few photographers I began to network's one of my first few pics:
Fast forward to present day and a more recent shoot with Nadia below, the best part is I'm still learning as I go...and growing each step of the way. With all the developments this past year, I definitely can't wait to see what another year will bring. :)

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Q: hi Rhia,
I have a formal event to attend and would really like to wear false eyelashes, but am afraid that I might be too old for them (I am in my 50s). I don't want to look like a drag queen! Do you have any suggestions?

A: Too old for falsies?! Please! Many 'mature' women, like Oprah, rock the false eyelash look but you wouldn't even guess that they have false eyelashes on. The key to making false eyelashes work is picking a style/size that appears natural and makes you simply look like you have lush lashes (well that or a really good mascara on!). Choose a size that closely matches the length of your own natural lashes. Quo eyelashes (available at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada) in styles 800 and 801 are great choices for natural lengths (801 is pictured in the 'after' above).

If a full set of lashes is too much, you can also purchase false lashes in halves or individual clusters. You can even cut a full set in half and place the trimmed halves on the outer corners for a lush lash look. Once the lashes are on, be sure to curl the lashes so that the falsies blend well with you own natural set. Add a couple of coats of waterproof mascara and your lashes will be party set! Hope this helps!

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Searching for an awesome concealer is pretty much the equivalent to finding the holy grail of beauty for me. Blame it on my own dark undereye circles, but trying out every decently reviewed concealer can be pretty much deemed a bad addiction....I mean, how many concealers does one need?! (Fortunately, I have the excuse of "I'm buying it for the kit"...riiiight.)

Developed for compatibility with the unforgiving scrutiny of High Definition lenses, Make-up Forever's HD Invisible Concealer easily blends and doesn't settle into fine lines. You only need a minimal amount (like we're talking a tiny dot here) for a layer of opaque coverage. It works beautifully to conceal redness and (even my) dark undereye circles!! With a selection of 13 shades to choose from, it's easy to find a colour (or a mix of colours) that matches your own skin tone.

My only gripe with the product is the packaging that takes a little bit of practice to get used to. You have to wind up the bottom to shoot the product out through the nib of the tube, but you sometimes end up twisting too much and losing some valuable product (the stuff's not cheap after all - 0.05 oz for approximately $35 CAD). Once the concealer is exposed to air, it loses a bit of its creamy consistency and becomes tougher to blend, particularly in delicate areas like under the eye. Moral of the story: be careful how many times you twist the bottom for product, as some drier product may be preventing it from coming up the tube properly. Squeeze the dispensing nib between your index finger and thumb to help ease the product out. Try to squeeze and empty the nib after each use so you can use fresh product the next time.

My favourites are 315 and 340 for their colour correcting properties. I have seeerious underye circles - so that calls for the heavy duty works - a shade of orange or a really dark peach. I use 340 (a bright orangey-peach) mixed with a tiny bit of 315 (a light pink) to counteract the dark undereye circles. I blend the skin tone matching 350 atop to help it disappear into the rest of my skin.

MUFE's HD Invisible Concealer has quickly graduated to the top of my favourites list. You'll find me using these in both my personal kit and my client kit. Thanks to MUFE's brilliant concealer, the quest for the perfect concealer has been satisfied...for now... :)

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In an attempt to simplify my site's look and better cater to my target audiences, I've launched a new site to house my online 'creative' portfolio. will feature my fashion, beauty and editorial work.

I opted to have the site powered by Dripbook, as I loved the clean design options and ease of navigation offered through Dripbook. What's even better is that I don't have to know a thing about programming languages because Dripbook does it all for me. I can easily change the look of my site by clicking a few options here and there via the user-friendly interface (pretty much just as easy as editing an online album!). If you're in a creative trade and in the market for pre-designed sites (because like me, you only fare so well with technical languages), definitely check out Dripbook and Viewbook to showcase your work and spare you the stress :)

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Leave it to MAC to always be in tune with trends for both make-up...and technology! Via Twitter, you're able to follow MAC Senior Artists and see what they're up to, what MAC products they use, etc. My favourite updates are the ones where they take you behind the scenes, as they work on the latest and greatest fashion shows worldwide. It's an instant sneak peek into the world of trends before they hit online fashion blogs and waaay before they hit print and magazines...for those who just have to know! This past month, MAC's artists were especially busy tweeting about the behind the scenes of the Milan and Paris runways for Spring/Summer 2010 collections.

Now, their tweets have been consolidated in one single site/community where Twitter users can also join in on the conversation. I personally love the twitpics of all the first-hand runway looks and face charts - the creativity is inspiring and the insider access to the behind the scenes gives you a sense of the buzz of being there! Check it out:

Get your twit on!
artistrhi on twitter

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers! I have much to be thankful for (and you sitting there reading this is just one of the many, many reasons why!)
To me, Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and giving back. On local TV this past weekend, I caught the special We Day, an initiative by the charitable organization Free the Children. Free the Children empowers youth to help youth in the developing world. If you happened to catch the We Day special, you'll agree with me that we have a lot to be thankful for...and even more tangible ways to show our thanks. Be sure to check out the Free the Children site for more :)

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artistrhi weddings update! Pics of gorgeous and gracious bride, Hye-Rim, are now up on the site :) Here's a sneak peek of the beautiful imagery - be sure to check out artistrhi weddings for more:
The pics come courtesy of the wonderfully talented photographer, Christopher Luk, who I'm excited to work with again in a couple of weeks for Linda's wedding :)

Thank you Hye-Rim for letting me be part of your special day, and of course, a special thanks to to Chris for letting me share his wonderful pics.

It's been an amazing year of weddings...I truly have a lot to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours :)

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WEDDING | Sabrina


Woohoo! Photos of my gorgeous friend and bride, Sabrina, are now up on artistrhi weddings! Unfortunately, I missed out on attending her wedding :( , but the details that I did get a sneak peek of were stunning. Sabrina did an East meets West fusion in terms of her outfit and the outfits for her bridesmaids. Her gown was captivating...I've never seen anything like it! The silhouette of the dress was similar to a Western style, but the details on the dress - the beadwork and the blingwork - were totally Eastern inspired. Where do you find a dress like that? Custom-made! Sabrina was totally workin' it like bridal royalty in her gorgeous gown!

An amped up gown also meant that I got to play around with the make-up a bit more - I kicked up the intensity of her make-up just to match the glam factor of her beautiful dress.

I've known Sabrina since high school, so it was an absolute treat to be there to do her make-up and be one of the first to see her all put together - dress, hair, make-up et al!

Check out more pics from Sabrina's wedding prep:

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Congratulations to Julie I. of Brampton - the winner of the Harajuku Lovers Fragrance contest (hosted by artistrhi and sponsored by Matchstick). Julie receives the full set of Gwen Stefani's yummy smelling and adorably packaged HL Fragrances - a value of $250CAD! Enjoy, Julie and thanks for your awesome, inspiring entry :)

For more ways to win HL Fragrances, click here.

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Looking at these photos of Carissa's Bridal Party taken in August makes me miss the (short-lived) summer! Even though colder weather is just around the corner here in Toronto, getting this sunkissed look all year-round is easy. Try this shortcut version to getting the look:

1. Even out your skin tone with foundation + concealer.
2. Use a multi-purpose product like NARS The Multiple (try Palm Beach or Malibu) atop eyelids, along cheekbones and blend upwards toward temples to soften. You can even add a bit to the lips for a kick of colour (hence, the aptly named Multiple!).
3. Dust a light layer of translucent powder all over the face to set.
4. Gloss up the lips.
5. Curl those lashes and a add a couple of coats of mascara.

Total get-ready time: under 5 minutes! This look is perfect for those mornings when you're pressed for time, and need an instant wake-up (yes, sometimes that morning coffee just isn't enough!). I did a few (ok, alot) more steps to achieve the same look for Carissa's bridesmaids - not that they needed 'more' make-up, but just to make sure it lasted them well into the evening!

To see more of the beautiful sunkissed bridal party, check out artistrhi weddings!

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With celebs like Lady Gaga dominating major fashion magazine covers and high fashion designers steering the style masses, it’s no surprise that the decadent 80s have made a return to the forefront of fashion and beauty trends. Now, before visions of blue eyeshadow (the horror!), wing-tipped eyes, harshly contoured cheekbones, Dynasty and 80s prom queens (the list goes on!) infiltrate your senses, keep in mind that runway trends are meant to be inspirational, rather than literally interpreted. The key to getting the modernized 80s ‘it’ look (without looking like you’re actually stuck in the past) is to take your favourite elements from the trends and adjust them to your own personal style. Whether it be scooping up an animal print top or buying a new eyeshadow, getting the it look is easy…AND you don’t have to blow the budget! Here are a couple of beauty tips to get your look in line with the season’s trends:

1. Nail polish, in well, pretty much any colour (opt for deeper shades). Matte texture nail polish for true beauty fiends.
Nothing says it like deep shaded nail polish, especially for the cooler months ahead. Gone are the days when everyday acceptable nail polish colours were limited to simple shades of red, pink and brown. Now, pretty much anything goes. Drawing inspiration from the runways, fall nail trends include every colour imaginable. Colours like navy blue, gray, deep purple and jade green along with metallics in silver and gold are just a few picks from fall's spectrum of nail colours. Even black nail polish, once considered only (semi-)appropriate for rebellious teens, has become a staple for everyday wear. More lines are offering office-friendly versions of black with softer metallic finishes or blackened colours (that are deepened shades of traditional colours). For the true beauty stylistas, matte nail polish is the ultimate in the season’s nail trends.

As seen at: Doo-Ri, where MAC's limited edition Beyond Jealous (a dark blackened teal pictured at left) was used on runway muses

Note: My personal faves include MAC's Dry Martini (a deep brownish green), Revlon's Steel-her Heart (deep gunmental grey) and Midnight Affair (dark navy blue..been opting for this instead of black nail polish), and Sally Hansen's Jamboree Beauty (burgundy brown with large gold sparkles...this one's an old fave that's perfect for the season's glitter trend - see next!).

2. Add some glitter for a night out.
Insert disclaimer: Glitter is fun, but use it sparingly and with discretion (i.e. may not be so office appropriate), or else you'll risk looking like a disco ball. To keep the look modernized with the season's trends, focus the glitter around the eyes. Apply eyeshadow as desired and then use an eyeliner mixing medium to help the glitter adhere to your skin. If glitter is too much for your own preference, opt for a shimmer for a softer but still eye-catching look.
As seen at: Prada where models rocked glitter in red - not the most universally flattering colour, but hey, it's fashion!

3. Black is back (well, thankfully for my sake, it never really goes away).
Several major make-up lines have introduced goth-inspired collections, and although the products may be limited edition, the looks can take you way past Hallowe’en. Chanel's Collection Noirs Obscurs and MAC's Style Black offer an array of 'black-imbued' shades to help you achieve the dramatic and sultry look. MAC's collection is the most vast, with blackened shades of everything from eyeshadows to gloss to lipstick to nail polish. The Style Black collection also sees the introduction of MAC's Greasepaint Stick, a versatile cream-based product that lets you boldly define the lashline or easily blend a smoky eye. Greasestick is also smudgeproof and water-resistant - what more could you ask for?!
As seen at: Versace where black smoky eyes were the focus, accented with hints of purple-blue

Note: I recently added Gilt by Association eyeshadow, Blue Flame eyeshadow, Black Greasepaint Stick, Black Knight Lipstick, Midnight Media Mattene Lipstick and Blackware Glimmerglass...all from MAC's Style Black collection to my own personal collection!! The lip colours aren't exactly for everyday wear, but work great for photoshoots...and Hallowe'en! I will have a review of these up shortly!

Overall, trends don't have to make you go crazy - think of it as a way to refresh your look each season. There are options at every pricepoint making it easy to update your own personal style....not like we need an excuse to go shopping, right? :)

What items will you be buying (or have you bought) to update your make-up look?

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