The beautiful bride-to-be, Heather, is getting married this August. As you can see from our before and after results below, it's going to be a real treat getting her all dolled up! Looking forward to your Big Day, Heather! :)

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Q: I love the red lip look you did for the model in this photo. I love to wear red lips myself, but I never seem to have any luck when trying to wear red lipstick (or darker lipstick colours for that matter!) How do I keep the lipstick from bleeding into the tiny lines around the mouth?

A: Great question. Red lips are a gorgeous look--but since they make such a bold statement and draw immediate attention--they have to be done right! The tricky thing with darker lipstick colours is that when they smudge or shift into the fine lines, they're waaay more obvious than neutral lipstick colours. Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when rocking those red lips:

1. Use a matching-coloured lipliner.
Outline the lips with lipliner - you can either follow the shape of your natural lipline or ever-so-slightly draw just outside/inside the lipline to enhance/trim lip size, depending on what you prefer. Use a lip brush to blend the lipliner in towards the centre of the mouth - this will help the lipstick have a base to adhere to. It also ensures that if the lipstick fades, you'll still have some colour left on the lips and avoided the dreaded "ring-around-the-mouth" look.

2. Blot and re-apply.
After applying lipliner and a couple of coats of your red lipstick, use a one-ply tissue to blot your lips. Re-apply the lipstick to finish. Again, this will ensure a bit of colour remains on the lips and maximize the length of its wear as the day goes on.

3. Use a reverse lipliner.
A reverse lipliner is simply a neutral skin-toned colour pencil that can be used to refine the shape of the lips, once lipstick has been applied. Applying a reverse lipliner (like my beloved one by Cargo) will also help to create a border around the lips. This border will help prevent the darker colour from migrating to where it's not supposed to! Make sure you have a fine, sharpened point and trace just outside the lipline's natural border - and voila - red lips as neat as when you initially applied them! (Be sure to blend out the reverse lipliner well, or you'll end up with a lighter ring around the mouth!) The reverse lipliner also works great as a touch-up tool - just pop it into your purse for any touch-ups required later in the day.

4. Use lipgloss sparingly.
Try to avoid applying excessive gloss all over your red lips - remember that gloss is wet in texture, so it has a natural tendency to move. To alleviate this, dab just a bit of shiny gloss on the centre of the bottom lip to add dimension and create the illusion of fuller lips.

Hope this helps!

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The talented Ms. Hung was behind the lens for Bex's Big Day. Note: Not only is Claudia obviously talented, she's super efficient with the photo turn-around time! She had these pics of Bex up in the same day (so you've probably seen them already!) Be sure to check out Claudia's site and artistrhi.com for more of Bex's beautiful day and all the amazing people involved in it!

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I'm finally getting the chance to post the pics of the stunning bride, Rebekah, who celebrated her Big Day last Friday! Aside from being such a cool and collected bride, I love how Bex wanted to do a glamourous bride look and play with more colour (you don't really get the opportunity to do that when doing bridal make-up!). Check out more pics of the beautiful bride on artistrhi.com!

Congratulations, Bex!!! xo

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Katie rockin' the pencil thin brows plus jewels on the eyelids look. You know, just adorned in her usual Sunday's best ;)

Just capped off an amazingly busy week of make-up with a Team Cheema photoshoot (which always makes for a fantastic ending to the week)! Our two models are faces you may find familiar from having worked with them in the past: the gorgeous Katie and the lovely Ada!

The hair and make-up prep was done at Fiorio (Yonge/St. Clair) for a good 4 hours, and then we headed off to the studio to meet up with Nads. The theme of the shoot was a 1920s/1930s theme, so a key element to the make-up look I attempted was pencil thin brows. Now, instead of having to make our lovely models sacrifice their naturally gorgeous arches, I used a combo of glue, concealer, foundation AND powder to cover the brows, so that I could re-draw them on pencil thin. Fabs aka Fabio Persico did a wicked job on hair once again; I wish I could learn from him by osmosis! I loved the overall look we achieved here, so I made sure to get a couple of snaps with my camera phone (in other words, resolution quality isn't at its finest but you get the point!):

Closer-up view of the thinned out brows + individual jewels placed on the lashline (yes, I'm slightly biased, but I love this look!)

Ada workin' the thin brows plus feathers

@studio: Team Cheema and Ada (elongating those legs)!

Awesome shoot today! Now, to catch up on emails and blogging :) Stay tuned for more pics!!

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My make-up table always starts off neat...

The gorgeous bride, Cathy

The warm days are finally upon us, and it's that time of the year: wedding season! I've had an amazing week of three weddings (with three gorgeous and sweet-hearted brides) and an editorial shoot with Claudia Hung. Needless to say, I have lots of catching up to do in terms of blogging and picture posting. In the meantime, enjoy the photos from Cathy's wedding last Sunday. Cathy's place was abuzz with the excitement of family and friends, as we dolled her up for the Big Day. Cathy and her family were so sweet - in true Filipino fashion, her Mom sent me home with some good Filipino home cooking once the make-up was all done!

Thank you Cathy for letting me take part in your special day :) Check out more from Cathy's Wedding Day here.

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Above are the before and after results with the beautiful bride-to-be, Linda! What an absolute sweetheart - I'm looking forward to getting this beauty all dolled up for her Big Day in October :)

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....and AFTER!


Mini-update to artistrhi.com!! We're continuously looking for ways to improve the site and here's what has been tweaked with the latest update:

1. Added slideshow and eliminated wordy text
I wanted something more dynamic and eye-catching rather than the previous non-changing entry page. I had some pics to show off courtesy of the talented people I've been fortunate to work with: Christine Buijs, Nadia Cheema and Claudia Hung.

2. Recently added galleries will be displayed here
Instead of the randomized photos that were previously displayed in "Portfolio Preview" (on the right-hand sidebar), this area will display the most recently added galleries/photos.

3. Streamlined and reorganized the sidebar.
Moved things around a bit and kept the necessities. Remember, calendar is frequently updated!

I'm excited about these changes, but am now thinking towards the next update! Let me know what you think and you never know what tweaks you might see in future updates! ;)

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I spoke of the refreshing properties of rosewater the other day with MAC’s Fix+Rose, but you don’t necessarily have to go to a major cosmetics counter to get the effect. This Artist Tip came courtesy of my awesome airbrushing teacher, Paulina, who herself is an experienced Professional Make-up Artist and savvy make-up consumer. Rosewater and Glycerin is one of those underestimated homemade concoctions you would probably look past in your grandmother’s make-up cabinet, but the all-natural formula is a treat for your skin! Spritz the product a couple of times on the face before applying lotion for a soothing mist that helps to revitalize and moisturize the skin. You can also spray it on the face after you apply make-up to help the make-up settle into the skin (works best when used after applying glycerin-based make-up products). You can find rosewater and glycerin at your local health food store, at a steal at under $10 per bottle! Grab a bottle – your skin will thank you.

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Check out the stunning results of the first e-session with Claudia Hung! The supersexy couple here was Trevor and Julie, and man did they worrrk it! I lost track of the amount of double-takes they were getting, as they just casually walked down Front Street and around Union Station.

I did a mini make-up session with Julie using a make-up room at the CTV/MuchMusic building. I loved how she wanted to do a glam red lip look, but then again, the lady could really pull off anything :)

Make sure to read Claud's post about the day too. I'm glad Trev told that haunted story after we were almost done - that explains why the cleaning staff were there so early!

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I'm thrilled to post that I will be collaborating with Claudia for future upcoming engagement shoots (aka e-sessions). When booking your e-session with Claudia, be treated to a complimentary mini make-up application courtesy of yours truly! Wooooo!

Here on the artistrhi blog, you'll be able to see the results of our E-sessions on a new segment of posts entitled "ENGAGED". Of course, you'll also be able to view them on Claudia's site and blog.

We had our first e-session this past Wednesday with the stunning couple, Julie and Trevor. Below is a behind the scenes shot that I snuck - the lengths that awesome photographers go to to get their shots! Here's Claud doing her thing along Front Street, in front of the Royal York. Final pics to come in a bit :)

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A few years back, when trying to master my own camera (that I use for my Beauty Shots), I quickly learned that stand-out photography is more than just good lighting and a pretty face. A breath-taking image (you know those ones that really capture your attention) has the power to freeze a moment in time and capture a sense of emotion.; it has the ability to invoke that emotion within the viewer, and inspire.

One photographer who I have been fortunate to work with who does just that (well, and then some!) is the insanely talented Claudia Hung, Toronto-based Editorial and Wedding Photographer.

Gorgeous images are one thing, but what makes it even better that is Claudia is a real down-to-earth gem to work with! I've experienced first-hand how she interacts with everyone to make sure they're comfortable, and it conveys in the final images. People aren't posed - they're in the moment and that's what makes her stuff so compelling.

If you’re in the market for a photographer for your special event, you need only look at her portfolio - the images speak for themselves.

Be warned - she books up fast!

To contact Claudia and to see more of her talent in action, check out:
Wedding Blog

photos courtesy of claudiahungweddings.com

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Check out the before and after results of a make-up session I had with Prea. I used airbrush foundation for Prea and the benefits of airbrush make-up are definitely visible (or maybe I should say invisible!). The coverage from airbrush foundation is a lot more smooth and consistent without being cakey, and gives Prea's skin an amazing finish. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Prea was a gorgeous subject to begin with! Thanks for a fun session, Prea :)

More on Airbrush
I'll do a later post to outline the benefits of airbrush and demystify all the talk about it. Hopefully, I'll get some closer-up shots of the before and after make-ups when using airbrush foundation too. I would have shown these photos of Prea closer up, but we took these photos in a rush and without a tripod - my hand was a bit shaky so the resolution quality isn't an accurate depiction of how the airbrush makes the skin actually look! I'll have to work on steadying my hands or bring along a tripod the next time! (Note to self.)

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Q: I work full-time, but make-up has always been something that I loved to do. I would like to go to school for it, but I have commitments to work and to my family. I’m looking at part-time programs at different make-up schools, but there are just so many to choose from! Can you provide any recommendations or speak of your experience?

A: Thanks for the question! I can only speak from personal experience and about the classes and programs that I have taken, but I do remember being just as anxious researching a quality make-up school in Toronto. Fortunately, I really lucked out as all my choices exceeded my expectations! I'm a firm believer that you get what you put into something, and being that I've been passionate about doing make-up all my life, I wanted to ensure I maximized what I was learning from the classes.

In order to get a better feel for a school or program, I would recommend calling around to your school of choice to set up a visit. While you're at it, you can ask to sit in on one of the classes briefly - just to get a proper sense of the environment and the instructors. Pay attention to the facilities and even the other students (are they engaged in what they're learning? Do they look like they're having fun?) Your final choice in school will centre around a number of variables (quality of teaching, reputation, convenience, cost, certificate or course program, location, etc).

I answered a similar question like this in a previous post, and hopefully you'll find the info there useful as well:
Q & A | Choosing a Make-up School in Toronto

Hope this helps!

Make-up Learning and Upgrading at Wink
Speaking more on personal experience, I just completed an airbrush make-up class at Wink Make-up Academy, and would absolutely recommend for anyone to go there! Wink offers introductory make-up classes for beginners and specialized classes (for airbrushing, special effects, portfolio building, etc) for more seasoned make-up artists who are looking to expand their repertoire. The individual class size cap is eight students, so the instructors have the time to ensure you feel confident in what you've learned before you move on (and that sometimes gets lost in larger class sizes). The classes are offered at different times to accommodate day, evening and weekend schedule, and the instructors are knowledgeable, friendly, enthusiastic (insert numerous positive adjectives here)... seriously, what is there not to love?! I'll also be starting a hair class to update my skills in a couple of weeks - maybe I'll see you there! ;)

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This past April was another lovely month for new MAC Collections. The aptly named Dazzleglass collection is a brilliantly sparkling set of glosses and mascaras. Both the glosses and mascara have finely-milled specks of glitter that catch the light beautifully and give that perfect lighter touch for spring make-up. The sheer glosses can be worn on their own for a glossy sparkle, or can be layered over your favourite lipstick for a different look [try Moth to a Flame (a sparkling pearly pink) or Goldylocks (a high voltage gold shimmer gloss)] pictured below . I love that the Dazzleglass formula isn’t overly sticky, as past MAC glosses. Stock up on these while they are available, as they are limited edition!The ad campaign for a second collection, Rose Romance, completely drew me; I just had to see what the collection was about from looking at the promo items! The collection features a few limited edition items and permanent staples to the MAC line-up. The colours of the collection are more subtle (think romantic), which are perfectly in tune with the lighter make-up routines we turn to for the warmer seasons ahead.

Fix+ Rose!
Delightfully, the Rose Romance colllection also comes with a new variation on my beloved Fix+ (a post-make-up moisturizer and setter that adds the perfect glisten to your application. I’m a huge fan!). Fix+ Rose is infused with all the good-for-your-skin stuff as the original formula, but also comes with the refreshing scent of rosewater. The rosewater scent has calming effects on the psyche and on your skin. It’s the perfect finishing touch and treat to your own make-up application or that of your client!

top photos courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

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Here's part two of a creative I did with the aspiring talent, Jennifer Mong. Jenn's gorgeous friend Dorothy was our model this time around, as we played around with the theme of colour. Dorothy has that look where she can pull off anything, and she definitely rocked the make-up here! Thanks ladies for a fun day (and for the McD's)!

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Q: I took a look at the MAC Zuca case the other day in store and it seemed to look smaller then I thought, can it really hold a lot? I have a ton of stuff and really need to update my kit to something thats plane friendly, organizes and holds alot. Does the ZUCA pro seem like a better case? I'm debating whether or not to buy the MAC sport zuca at the store or the online ZUCA Pro.

A: For the ZUCA bag, the dimensions are the same. It's the same bag re-branded for MAC, and comes with clear-topped containers that really help with organization and accessibility to your make-up items. I do carry an extra set bag when I use the ZUCA bag, but it pretty much fits all the make-up I need. The containers can be filled to the brim and then zipped shut, which you can't always do with the trays of some other kits. To be plane friendly, a bag also has to fit certain dimensions, and the internal organization of the ZUCA bag is a great way to maximize its space.

If you decide to go with the ZUCA Pro off the site, it does come with plush containers as well, but from what I understand the tops aren’t transparent. It's totally up to you which one you go with but I believe the ZUCA Pro is on back-order right now, and the one through MAC immediately sold out on the MAC Pro site from what I hear from other bloggers. Keep in mind the duty taxes you'll have to pay if you're ordering online from zuca.com since we're in Canada. That played a huge factor in the ZUCA case I got as I've been researching since November. I'm glad I held out - the ZUCA MAC bag totally fits my needs!

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For all the lovely brides-to-be out there, you can now also find artistrhi Wedding Make-up Tips on Toronto photographer Cliff Spicer's site (see below for a screen cap)! I actually have yet to work with Cliff, so it's really quite an honour that he is featuring some of my stuff on his own site/blog. Cliff is a talent behind the lens AND he also goes that extra step of acting as a source of knowledge for inquiring couples that are prepping for the Big Day. Awesome.

Thanks Cliff for letting me share the tips with your readers! Hope we catch each other this wedding season :)

screen cap courtesy of www.cliffspicer.com

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You can never go wrong doing pretty make-up on gorgeous models, but with "creatives", it's always fun to push your own boundaries and step outside conventional beauty looks. I had a great opportunity to do just that during a creative this past weekend with the talented Jennifer Mong behind the lens and our gorgeous model Fizza as the subject. Yes, it's difficult to make Fizza look bad, but I absolutely loved how she worked the make-up, even though a couple of the looks were outside her own comfort zone. We did a set of three looks each with a darker theme. My fave by far is the second photo where I covered up the tips of the brows; I can't wait to play around more with this technique in upcoming creatives (it must be the indirect influence of RuPaul's Drag Race!). This covered brow look was actually the final look of the day and Fizza-- ever the good sport--wore it home! I wonder what her husband said... ;)

Welcome to the Dark Side...enjoy!

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Check out the gorgeous results from a recent creative done with the talented Miss Cheema and her beautiful friend, Jess. Good laughs and great photos with these ladies! Thankfully no one had a camera to catch me behind the scenes with my delayed reaction, as I dropped the fan (that we were using for a wind-blown hair look) and then watched in horror as it danced across the floor. Yeah, you had to be there, but my sides were aching so much from all the laughing that was going on that day! Thanks ladies for letting me take part!

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See the original post on Toronto Wedding Professionals - your e-source for all things wedding!

Aside from applying foundation on your Wedding Day, an important part of putting your best face forward actually involves a little concealing. Using a quality concealer can help to eliminate the appearance of those little “problem” areas (like blemishes and undereye circles) that tend to stand out on camera. Foundation helps to balance out the skin overall, but if you’re like me, you need something a little more heavy duty to address the areas of concern! Enter concealer.

Just to make it easy on us, concealer (just like foundation) comes in different forms. The most common are a liquid concealer and a thicker concealer with a putty-like consistency. The best concealer texture for you will depend on the area you’re trying to cover up.

Covering up Under the Eyes
For underye circles, a creamy liquid concealer works best; it covers up the area without producing a cakey finish. Use concealer sparingly underneath the eye - too much concealer on this area of the face can draw negative attention to the undereye area, which completely defeats the purpose of the product you’re applying! If you have darker undereye circles, I would recommend first applying a pink or peach toned concealer to initially brighten the undereye area. Follow with your skin tone matching concealer for a flawless even-toned finish.

Camouflaging Blemishes
A liquid-based concealer will have too much “slip” to adhere to the oily surface of a blemish; a thicker cream-based concealer will have the right amount of stick to build up coverage that lasts. To conceal blemishes, choose a colour that matches your skin tone exactlly or one that is just a shade darker than your own tone. A darker shaded concealer helps create the illusion that the raised area of a blemish is receding – just be sure to blend into your foundation well so that the effect is seamless!

Powder And Go
Set your concealer application with powder. Under the eyes, use only a light veil of powder to avoid a cakey build-up. On concealed blemishes, you can apply powder more liberally, but blend edges well so that it diffuses into the skin. Once the skin is perfected, remember the rest of the make-up is like icing on the cake - great make-up always starts with this clean canvas!

To see more on concealer:
BEAUTY 101 | Basics of Concealer
PRODUCT REVIEW | Concealer is a Girl's Best Friend

More make-up tips to come!

Rhia Amio, Toronto Make-up Artist

web: http://www.artistrhi.com
blog: http://artistrhi.blogspot.com
email: rhia@artistrhi.com

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