It was time for a make-over! the artistrhi blog has a new address:

Some of the new artistrhi blog features:
i). a neat and magazine-inspired layout
ii). a more organized way to view current and past blog posts (all 500+ of them! although I'm still working on migrating all the content to the new blog)
iii). social media integration (you can share posts easily, 'like it' via facebook and retweet it on twitter with just a couple of clicks!)

Please update your link and the RSS feed!

A huuuuge thank you to ro creative for facilitating the transition to the new blog. Rosie behind ro creative is my uber-talented sister - go see her for your web/graphic design needs!! I would certainly be lost/frustrated in code without her!

This will my final post on the blog...see you on the other side!


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Check out the Fashion section for more beautiful imagery by amazing Alice Xue and make-up by me!
We shot this at High Park in Toronto...and can you believe that in all my years of living in this area, that that was my first time there?! Next time, I'll have to go back just to enjoy the scenery :)

Photography: Alice Xue (
Make-up/Hair: Rhia Amio (
Model: Annabelle (Ford)

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Well, this post is a little delayed because Caroline + Vince are now actually married! I had a wonderful time working with Caroline last Saturday as we prepped for her Big Day. The day's intinerary didn't run tightly to plan that morning, but the amazing bride that she is planned for some buffer time...and remained calm and collected, taking in and enjoying all the Day's little moments. Awesome.

Caroline - I loved working with you! Thank you for letting me share in your Big Day. I'm truly thankful for it and for having met you! All the best to you and Vince! xoxo
More from Caroline + Vince's Wedding to come on artistrhi! :)

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Here's a preview of a beauty shoot I did recently with insanely talented Alice Xue (love her!). The model was Lauren from Elmer Olsen, and she was a perfect beauty model...I mean, c'mon look at those lips! I can't wait to show you more of these when they're ready!! :)Credits
Photography: Alice Xue (
Make-up and Hair: Rhia Amio (
Model: Lauren (Elmer Olsen)

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Hello June! I don't know where the time has gone, but I've been MIA with good reason(s) reason being the focus on the many amazingly gracious (and gorgeous!) 2010 brides I have had the pleasure of working with so far.

Jess pictured above is just one shining example - an obvious beauty and total sweetheart. For her Big Day look, she wanted something more intense with her eye make-up than we had done at her trial, so I played up the intensity of the eyeshadow using soft greys and purples. The end-result was glamourous and camera-ready, but definitely not overdone...and Jess carried it all off beautifully!

See more of Jess + her bridal party on artistrhi weddings!

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