It's so good to be working with Nadia again. We always have a blast on set, and doing a shoot just gives me more time to hang out with a friend :)

Our last shoot together was back in November for our fairy tales set so as you can imagine I was excited to finally get back into the studio with her! Here are the results of our shoot with the lovely Emily Jane (Ford)....enjoy!
For some behind the scenes photos of the day, check out Nadia's blog!

Photography: Nadia Cheema
Make-up/Hair: Rhia Amio
Model: Emily Jane (Ford)

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About a month back, I talked about make-up for headshots, and here are the results of Tina's photoshoot! She's such a gorgeous lady - totally didn't need my 'help' at all!! We did a couple of looks - one natural and one more sultry to show Tina's different sides. (A range of good shots is key to grabbing the eye of casting directors and landing those roles!)
See....she's versatile!

I love the range of shots that Tina's photographer, Ian Brown, took. Ian was a consummate pro, and an all-around great guy. From that first time meeting him and watching him work, it was easy to understand how he gets his shots. He has a real knack for putting people at ease in front of the camera, and in the end, the subject really shines through the photo...but with a beauty like Tina in front of the lens, we wouldn't expect anything less :)

Photography by Ian Brown
Make-up/Hair by Rhia Amio

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