2008 has been a truly outstanding year. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to my family, friends and clients who have been completely supportive of my endeavours and instrumental to my success. The odd time when I’m down and questioning my place in the world, your continuous support inspires me and reminds me that nothing worth fighting for is easy. Thank you for a truly wonderful 2008. (I’ll toast to that!)

Happy New Year and a Prosperous 2009 to you and yours!

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If you're stuck for New Year's looks, why not revisit (and reinvent) an Old Faithful? The smoky eye is the perfect option for any evening out. There are so many options for the look (here's just one version of the Smoky Eye I did with Sam). You'll see the method of application is consistent, but the colours and textures are totally up to you! Have fun!

I used a taupe-grey as a base with a sponge-tip applicator to build up the colour:
The crease brush, a Kit Essential, was used with Lise Watier's Magic Pearls eyeshadow in Black/Orchid to add depth (and the smoke factor!) into the crease: I layered MAC Paint Pot in Blackground in between layers of the Lise Watier eyeshadow to up the smoky intensity (and increase eyeshadow longevity!):To add a little pop of colour, I highlighted the inner corner with an intense cream shimmer eyeshadow (MAC Starflash Eyeshadow in Grand Entrance) and traced underneath the eye with a purple-blue shimmer eyeshadow (Lancome Colour Design Eyeshadow in Trendy):

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Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! I took a little break for the past two days, and I'm happy to be back on the blogging tip - just in time for looks for fast-approaching New Year's Eve outings!

Lise Watier's Holiday Collection (as I reviewed for Make-up Junkie) is a gorgeous make-up set to carry your party looks into the New Year. The signature look behind the collection is the Pink Diamonds campaign below, which makes a stunning look for when the ball drops this year! Read more and be sure to check out the many options of Lise Watier's Holiday Collection 2008!

Make-up Junkie has been featuring Lise Watier products all week for the line's stunning Holiday Collection that makes a great gift (to give or to keep!). This last installment will feature Pink Diamonds, the signature look and name of Lise Watier's 2008 Holiday Collection, as featured on the model above.

The Pink Diamonds look features two key products from the collection: the Pink Diamonds Palette ($36) for mesmerizing eyes and Pink Icing Lipstick ($18) for a stand-out pout!

The Pink Diamonds Palette has five rich and pigmented shades that are perfect for that holiday look. The gorgeous colours of pearl white, vivid fuchsia, metallic silver, black sparkle, and gold shimmer come in a fashionable mock-croc container. Each eyeshadow glides on smoothly for vibrant colours that will last you well into the evening. Use all five eyeshadows simultaneously (as on the model above) or any combination your heart desires! You'll have fun experimenting with the colours and textures of this palette, and you'll have a multitude of looks to carry you forward into the New Year!

Lise Watier's Pink Icing Lipstick is literally that - like icing on the cake! The creamy and metallic texture of this intense fuchsia looks and feels great on the lips. Use Pink Icing with Lise Watier's Black Stars Pencils or Precious (Liquid) Eyeliners for a bold lip look. Or pair it with the Pink Diamonds palette for a dramatic look that will have you set for any holiday party! Watch out for that mistletoe :)

The signature Pink Diamonds collection is perfectly named - just like diamonds, the make-up of this collection is a girl's best friend! Enjoy and Happy Holidays to all!

To see more Make-up Junkie coverage of the gorgeous products from Lise Watier, check these out:
24 Carats Gloss and Precious Eyeliners
Magic Pearls Eyeshadow and Black Stars Eyeliner Pencil

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Here are some photos of us having fun behind the scenes from a recent creative shoot with Sam (our gorgeous model) and Andrew (of ACM Photography). The pics are just a snippet of why I love what I do and why I should at all times remain behind the camera!

1. Standard three girls = Charlie's Angels shot with fan blowing à la Jennifer Lopez music video style:
2. Apparently my character is supposed to be holding a cell phone (I always thought they all held guns!). Instead, I look like I'm holding a hot dog:3. I decide that in this instance only - guns are more fun!4. Yes, too much fun!This time of the season always make me very thankful for the wonderful family and friends I'm surrounded with and for this life that I'm fortunate to lead. Thank you everyone for the support. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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...Lise Watier Holiday Collection continued! Check out the original post on Make-up Junkie!

II. 24 Carats Lip Gloss and Precious Eyeliners Liquid Liner Duo
With Lise Watier’s 24 Carats Lip Gloss and Precious Eyeliners Duo in tow, the hanging Christmas lights won’t be the only thing sparkling this season. The warm gold gloss and metallic liquid liners will help you achieve a delightfully rich holiday look!
24 Carats (pictured above) is a warm gold gloss with sparkles that brilliantly reflect the light. It has just enough stick to keep the sparkle where you apply it and feels comfortable on the lips. The gloss can be a bit gooey when coming out of the tube, but you quickly forget about that once you see the results. Usually I’m not a fan of smells when it comes to make-up, but the vanilla scent is so light that I actually find it pleasant! You can use 24 Carats on top of bare lips for a perfect pairing with a smoky eye (a la Magic Eye Pearls eyeshadow and eyeliner combination as in the previous post). Or layer it atop your favourite lipstick to kick up your lip look with some glitter. Any way you wear it, Lise Watier’s 24 Carats gloss is sure to give you a look that sparkles this holiday!

In addition to a smoky eye, another great pairing for 24 Carats is the liquid liner duo of Precious Eyeliners (see pic above). The liner comes with classic black on one end, and either metallic gold or silver on the other end. For a precious metals inspired look, apply the metallic eyeliner first keeping it tight to the lashline and drawing it slightly thicker. Use the black liquid liner next and again keep it tight to the lash line, but this time using a lighter hand to draw a thinner line. You can even smudge the metallic liquid liner to get a long-lasting intense eyeshadow effect. Just be sure to work quick, as lliquid iner generally tends to dry up fairly quickly. The two-in-one action of the liner duo is fab - just pop that baby in your purse, and you’re set for when need to take your daytime look into night!

24 Carats Gloss and Precious Eyeliners Duo make a killer combination, but both of these products can be mixed with the other fabulous products of Lise Watier's collection. See more from Lise Watier here!

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Check out the original post on Make-up Junkie!
We’re closing in on those last few days of shopping for the Christmas season! For any last minute shoppers out there and any Junkies looking to spruce up their holiday looks – we have you covered! There are plenty of options to choose from with Lise Watier’s gorgeous limited edition Holiday Collection. Combine the products as below or mix and match as you prefer – the products and colours of this collection suit a host of skin tones and Christmas wish lists!

I. Lise Watier’s Magic Pearls Eyeshadow & Black Stars Eyeliner Pencil
Lise Watier’s Magic Pearls Eyeshadows ($20) are dome-baked in an eye-catching swirl of colour. Choose from one of three swirl combinations: Gold, Orchid or Teal. The pigmented eyeshadows glide on smoothly in a colour that first appears to be black - but as you tilt your head in the light, you notice a hint of either gold, orchid or teal. When paired with one of the matching eyeliner pencils [in Black Gold, Black Orchid & Black Teal ($16)], the result is absolutely eye-catching.

I sampled Magic Pearls Eyeshadow in Orchid, and the results were stunning. I paired the eyeshadow with the matching Black Stars Pencil eyeliner in Black Orchid, a deep violet colour with small light-reflecting sparkles. The result was a sultry smoky eye effect that's perfect for an evening out. I love that the eyeliner is waterproof and long-wearing, which means you can party without worrying about exaggerated raccoon eyes!

ARTIST TIP: Use Magic Pearls Eye Pearls eyeshadow with some water or Lise Watier Magnifix (an eyeshadow mixing medium) to produce a more intense liquid liner like effect.

Believe me, once you take a look at these products – you’ll be thinking that they’re just too pretty to give away! So much for being done your Christmas shopping, but hey at least you'll look fab for all that partying!

Stay tuned for more from Lise Watier!!

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Check out the original post on Make-up Junkie! I was excited to test out the BECCA Stick Foundation (approximately $40 USD), as I’m always looking for the next kit essential to simplify my beauty routine. A foundation stick is a perfect go-to product, particularly when you’re hurried for time. It makes foundation application easy - no need for brushes and sponges - just apply, blend and go! The sample of stick foundation I had was a couple of shades too dark for my own skin tone, so instead I improvised and used it as a contouring stick. I loved how the BECCA foundation stick glided on creamy, but blended into the skin without feeling "thick".

Aside from applying well, the BECCA stick foundation is well-designed for skin care and protection. It offers a 30 SPF protecting against 97% of UVA and UVB rays. BECCA stick foundations are also infused with anti-oxidant vitamins A, D, and E that help promote collagen renewal and keep the skin youthful! Gotta love it.

BECCA Cosmetics was founded by Rebecca Morrice Wilson, a former make-up artist who decided to create her own beauty line after her search for the perfect foundation left something to be desired. The line now offers 34 foundation colours in a wide range of skin tones and in delectable names like Latte, Praline, Truffle and Butterscotch. Wilson's aim was to "make it possible for ALL women to experience the pleasure of a flawless and radiant complexion." The BECCA cosmetics line achieves beyond that with products that are both practical and delightful! Enjoy!

For us Canadian Make-up Junkies, BECCA is currently only available online at www.beccacosmetics.com.

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Dame Edna has come to MAC! If you're not familiar with the great Dame, the world-famous talk show host character is the invention of Australian comedian, Barry Humphries. Dame Edna rose to fame in the 1970s, but has been in showbiz for more than 50 years. No stranger to modesty, Dame Edna describes herself as"as the most popular and most gifted" person alive today. Her signature lilac hair and cat-eye sparkle accented glasses are as over-the-top as her personality! The colours and textures of this latest MAC collection are well-suited to the Great Dame.

My sample kit included the Possum Nose Pink Lipglass - a bright coral gloss with sparkle. Once applied on my lips, the gloss looked like a gorgeous candy pink colour. I actually found the colour very similar to a current staple in my own kit, MAC's Lipglass in Lychee Luxe (a coral shimmer gloss). The two colours were nearly identical, with Dame Edna's Possum Nose having more of a multidimensional sparkle. I love Possum Nose for evenings when I still want to maintain the coral colour of Lychee Luxe, but give an added punch!

Packaged in lilac containers, the Dame Edna collection is as fun as the personality that inspired it. The limited edition collection includes lipsticks, nail polishes, highlight powders and eyeshadow trios (that have the blues of the season!). In the words of the Great Dame: "Follow my beauty regime possums, and you'll never be cosmetically challenged!" Enjoy!

Available December 26th in MAC stores and counters.

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On your Big Day, you want to put your best face forward and foundation is key to achieving this finished look. Even if you don’t use foundation on a regular basis, wearing some on the Big Day can make all the difference! Foundation works wonders – it brings an even tone to skin and hides minor imperfections. The camera reads foundation well giving the skin a soft and milky texture in photos. Foundation also helps give skin a more vibrant and youthful appearance, but to make it work, we have to make sure it gets applied properly!

How to use it:
Apply primer and give it a few minutes to set. Have a sponge, foundation brush or your clean fingers prepared to evenly distribute colour on the face. Use about a quarter sized drop (or less) to cover the entire face and place a dot on the forehead, left cheek, right cheek and chin. Apply and blend the foundation downward so that the tiny hairs on the face remain flat. (If you apply upwards, the tiny hairs become more visible and you could be at risk for a “peach fuzz” effect). Blend well and into the jawline.

With foundation, I find it’s better to start off with less product and then apply more to build coverage as desired. You still want to be able to see the skin underneath - just smooth and improved! Skip yesteryear’s “cakeface” and don’t overdo foundation, which can make the skin look flat and dull in photos. Remember to set with a light dusting of loose powder to seal in that coveted milky finished look to the skin!

Favourite bridal foundations:
MAC Face & Body
FACE atelier Ultra Foundation

More make-up tips to come!

Check out my blog at: www.artistrhi.com

Rhia Amio, Toronto Make-up Artist

web: www.artistrhi.com
email: rhia@artistrhi.com

Check out the original post on your resource for all things wedding - Toronto Wedding Professionals.

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I am always a fan of continuous learning, particularly when it comes to make-up. There’s so much interesting information out there to know in the constantly evolving world of beauty and beauty products. One of the latest books on the market, Bobbi Brown Make-up Manual, by the make-up artist herself helps to make sense of it all.

For the make-up novice, the book breaks down the basics of the generally overwhelming amount of products and tools out there. Beginners will find the thorough step-by-step photos and explanations on how to get Brown's signature clean beauty looks very useful. What I especially love about Make-up Manual is that for most of the featured make-up looks, there is an accompanying section on how to cater the look for Asian eyes - a topic that is lacking in many make-up books out there!

For the make-up pro and aspiring artist, Make-up Manual features a whole second section called "Artistry". This second section guides you through the steps required to break into the industry as a make-up artist. Bobbi shares everything from pro make-up artist tips for pro photography to the business side of being a make-up artist. There are tips on how to build a portfolio, what you need in your kit, the importance of proper bedside manner--and of course--hard work.

I picked up this book the last week of November and literally couldn't put it down. I found it inspiring not only for the great make-up tips, but for the passion you could see that Bobbi Brown has for what she does. Who doesn't love that?!! Make-up Manual makes a great read for make-up beginner and make-up pro alike. Pick up a copy today - it makes the perfect gift for the holiday season!

(...or you could just keep it for yourself too! Enjoy!)

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Looking at the ad for MAC’s latest Chill collection takes me back to where MAC first started with its make-up artist roots. I love the creative energy of this collection! Yes, the look featured on the model is not an everyday look, but most looks on models aren’t meant to be wearable for us non-model people! Overall, the look is definitely eye-catching, as are the products within the collection.

I received a sample of Icescape, one the of the signature lip glasses of the collection. Icescape is a gorgeous baby pink colour with flecks of pearl. It makes a perfect combo when paired with a bold eye look. Try it with dramatic eyeliner or with a smoky eye, which is always a favourite look this time of the season.

Another goodie in the sample bag was Glitter Reflects Transparent Teal. Transparent Teal looks fabulous worn on its own or layered atop eyeshadow. When used with eyeshadow, it adds an instant pop to the area it's applied. It can be used atop your highlighting eyeshadow, on the inner corner of the eye or on the eyelid below the crease. Be sure to concentrate the glitter in one area - otherwise you may go from chill to ice princess! On its own, Transparent Teal creates a gorgeous highlighting effect with a subtle light blue sheen. I love adding a bit of it to my moisturizer and using it on the tops of the shoulders, the collarbone and the décolletage for an alluring effect. All you need is a tiny amount (the stuff is concentrated!) and voila - instant glam!

Along with Icescape and Transparent Teal, the new Chill collection offers a liquid liner, false lashes co-ordinating eyeshadows, more lip glosses and more glitter! Unfortunately, the products are limited edition, so grab it before it’s gone. MAC's Chill collection is definitely on my hot list this season!

All photos in this post courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

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I’m pleased to announce a new segment of posts entitled “Product Preview” here on artistrhi the blog. In the past, most of the reviews have either been products purchased by (the serious make-up lover)in me or items that I've written about as a blogger for Make-up Junkie. Going forward, whenever you see the “Product Preview” title, you’ll get a sneak peek of new products that are soon to arrive on the market and that I’ve directly received advanced samples of!!! Oh the joys of blogging!

If you have a product submission for review, please feel free to contact me here.

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Check out the original post Make-up Junkie:
It’s been a while since I’ve used L’oreal eyeshadows, but I’ve always loved L’oreal products and still swear by their Lineur Intense! I was excited to give the palette of Aishwarya Rai's Greens a test run - who wouldn't want even just a little bit of Aishwarya's glamour in their own make-up routine? It certainly can't hurt!

The colours of Aishwarya's eyeshadow quad are pictured at right. The first colour is a faint wasabi matte green that acts as a base for the application. (I thought this colour might make me look too sallow, but it actually turned out to be brightening and fairly neutral). The second shade is a matte cream to highlight underneath the eyebrow. The third shade is a shimmery moss colour to be used for definition in the crease. The fourth shade is a burnt brown to define the lashline.

The individual shadows of the quad were well-pigmented and smooth, blending with ease. The effect was actually very subtle; the burnt brown didn't appear as dark on my skin as expected (likely because of the shimmer texture to it). A cute thing I liked about the packaging was that it was very user friendly; it detailed on the back what eyeshadow went where on the eye, making it a great choice for novice eyeshadow users. The palette also works great for both day and night looks - just add eyeliner and deeper eyeshadow in the crease to translate this look into a smoky evening eye.

I did find that the long-lasting formula didn't last as long as I would have hoped, but I do tend to have slightly oily lids. The problem was alleviated when I applied a cream eyeshadow base before applying the eyeshadow. Despite that, Aishwarya's Greens quad is still a great deal for 4 eyeshadows that let you be your own star! Add some glamour to your routine today!

Available now at your local drugstores!

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Q: I have dark brown lashes, but I never wear mascara. My lashes don't curl either - they just point straight out. What would be the best brand and colour of mascara to use on my wedding day?

A: With all the mascaras out there, it's quite easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of choice. Hopefully these tips help you narrow it down, as there are a couple of things you want to look out for in your wedding day mascara:

1. Choose a volumizing mascara.
For lashes in photographs, I prefer a mascara that adds volume rather than lengthens. You'll notice that the brush of a volumizing mascara has larger and wider spanned bristles to help pump up the volume of the lashes. I prefer the fullness that a volumizing mascara adds and the definition that it gives to the lash line. Lengthening mascara looks fantastic from a side profile view, but from a straight-on view it can make the lash line look more sparse and less defined.

2. Opt for a black or black-brown, rather than a brown mascara.
Especially for lashes that are naturally lighter in colour, dark mascara will add impact to your eyes in photographs. Your eyes will appear bigger and the whites of your eyes will appear brighter with a darker mascara.

3. Use a waterproof mascara.
This one's a no-brainer! Your big day is one filled with emotions, a stacked schedule and often minimal sleep the night before. To prepare for those tears of joy, be sure to opt for a waterproof mascara as the last thing you would want is for it to start running! Black mascara isn't the easiest to clean off the face once it smears, so be pro-active and choose waterproof!

Before you actually apply your mascara, use an eyelash curler for an eye-opening effect. Shu Uemura, Japonesque, and Tweezerman all offer great and easy-to-use eyelash curlers. For the mascara, try to use a brand new one for the Big Day (or one that is less than 1 month old) to help ensure the mascara remains fresh and glides on smoothly to coat each lash. Some of my fave mascaras include:

drugstore level -Cover Girl's Lash Blast and Lash Exact, L'oreal's Voluminous, and Maybelline's Full'n' Soft

department store level - Lancome's Hypnose, Dior's award-winning Diorshow and MAC Plush Lash

The great thing about mascara is that you can easily try different types without breaking the bank. There are some great ones out there in between the $8-$10 price range. Just be sure to stick to something that's black, volumizing and waterproof and you'll be wedding day set!

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Location: Fiorio Salon (Yonge/St. Clair)

Model: Katie B
MUA: Rhia Amio
Hair Stylist: Fabio Persico
Styling Assistant: Keith Sam
Styling/Photography/PP: Nadia Cheema

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Where to buy: MAC counters/stores
Price: $20 CAD

I've always been a fan of cream eyeshadows and from the ones that I've tried, MAC is definitely on top of the game. I've spoken of my love for Paint and Paint Pots before for their colour intensity, ease of blendability and ability to extend eyeshadow life. Enter the Metal Urge collection (November 2008) and MAC's latest release of cream eyeshadows. MAC's Brushed Metal-X cream eyeshadows are available in a gorgeous array of metal-inspired colours. The colour pigment is potent and glides on the skin true to how it appears in the packaging. You have to be quick working with these, as I find they tend to set faster than MAC Paints. But once the cream eyeshadows are on, you're set for the day (no touch-ups required with the long-lasting formula!). My current faves are Metalblu (a lovely shimmery navy that's perfect for achieving the trendy blue eye make-up look) and Verdigris (an evergreen colour with silver pearl that makes a great option for that evening smoky eye look!).

For an amplified metallic effect, use Brushed Metal-X cream eyeshadows with the complementary glitters, pigments and liquid liners of the Metal Urge collection. If you're after a high-voltage look, MAC's Metal Urge is the perfect way to get your shine on this season! Enjoy!

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For the next few posts, we’ll be focusing on festive looks to get you dolled up for your holiday parties. So while you’re focusing on prepping for the parties you’ll be hosting and shopping for the people on your list, we’ve got your make-up tips covered here:
Smoky eyes are a gorgeous and effective way to prep for the office holiday party or for a night out. The application doesn’t have to be complicated – the look is meant to be messy so don’t worry about making it too perfect!! The intensity of the application is totally up to you. You can opt for a softer look and use brown eyeshadows (as in the example here), or go for a more dramatic look with grays and blacks. Once you have the smoky eye technique mastered, you can use any colour (even purples, blues and greens!) and even add texture (shimmer, glitter) to get the look. Try these application tips for a smoldering look that will get you noticed!

What you’ll need:
1. neutral cream eyeshadow (for use as a base)
2. black eyeliner
3. base (neutral/medium coloured) eyeshadow
4. contour (darkest coloured) eyeshadow (i.e. gray, chocolate brown)
5. highlight (lightest coloured) eyeshadow
6. black eyeshadow
7. black mascara
8. black cream eyeshadow (*optional)

Medium dome eyeshadow brush
Crease eyeshadow brush
Blender eyeshadow brush
Eyelash curler

How to apply:

1. Use a base to prevent creasing.
Grab your base coloured cream eyeshadow and apply all over eyelid up to the eyebrow. Using a base is an integral component of the smoky eye – you want to make sure the shadow stays where you initially apply it and not travel south to give you a raccoon eye! A base will help to keep everything in check and prevent your eyeshadow from creasing.
2. Take the neutral coloured base eyeshadow and apply all over the eyelid (see area "a" above).
This part of the application doesn’t have to be too neat. Once the cream eyeshadow layer has set, take the medium dome brush and apply the neutral eyeshadow colour all over area "a". This will smooth out the eyelid for application making other eyeshadows applied atop of it easier to blend.
3. Use the crease brush with the dark coloured eyeshadow and push the brush into the crease of the eye, swiping back and forth to deepen the hollow of the eye (see area "b" above).
Concentrate the bulk of the dark colour on the outside corner of the eye and blend gently inward towards the centre of the eye. For added drama, build up the intensity of the dark eyeshadow by applying a couple of layers. Blend well and keep this dark colour concentrated in and below the crease.
4. To up the smoke factor, take the crease brush and dip it in some black eyeshadow and build up the shadow in area b.
Tap the brush to get rid of any excess flakes and apply it close to the lashline and blend it upwards into the crease.
*optional: For a super-smoky effect, layer on black cream eyeshadow atop and blend. Creams eyeshadows appear more vivid than powder eyeshadows and are perfect for those after a strong smoky look.
5. Use your tapered blending brush to soften the dark colour into the crease blending so there are no harsh lines.
6. Highlight atop the browbone to create the illusion of more depth.
Using a highlighting eyeshadow plays up the light and dark areas of the eye. It brings the most prominent part of the eyelid forward (the area just atop the browbone), while making the hollow of the eye seem deeper by contrast. You can also use the highlighter on the inner corner of the eye for a gorgeous light-catching effect.
7. Apply your liner keeping it tight to the lashline. Line the bottom keeping the line thicker on the outer corner and gradually tapering it off as it approaches the inner corner.
You can line the inside rim of the eyes for a full-on smoky effect, but as this area of the eye is wet, be prepared to check your eyes throughout the night to make sure the eyeliner hasn’t shifted downward.
6. Curl your eyelashes and add two coats of mascara.
Balance the look:
Complete the look with a neutral coloured lipliner and some high-shine gloss. If you prefer to go deeper on the lips, try a coloured lip gloss or a lip stain. Avoid lip colours that are too dark and too matte, as pairing them with a dark eye will have a tendency to make you look aged. Add a bit of blush/bronzer to ensure the cheeks aren’t washed out and voila - you're ready to party and get noticed!
Artist tips:
I prefer using a gel liner or liquid liner for a smoky eye, as they have greater staying power. A pencil works well and is super easy to work with, but unfortunately does not last as long.

Don't forget the importance of polished brows and concealed under-eyes for a completely polished look!

Pack a mini-touch up kit with q-tips, concealer, powder and eyeliner just in case you need to touch up the look.

Remember the diagram above is just a rough guideline of where colours should be placed on the eyelid. As long as you keep the darker eyeshadow colours in areas that recede, the lighter coloured eyeshadows in areas that come forward and blend in between, you'll be fine. So experiment and have fun with it to find your hottest smoky eye yet!

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For the next few posts, we’ll be focusing on festive looks to get you dolled up for your holiday parties. So while you’re focusing on prepping for the parties you’ll be hosting and shopping for the people on your list, we’ve got your make-up tips covered here:

If you’re donning that little black dress for your holiday party, a pair of red lips is the perfect make-up match to complete the look. Red lips make a bold statement and can be an intimidating colour to buy (and wear!). But rest assured, there is a red out there for everyone!

How to apply:
Trace the desired shape of your lips with a matching red lipliner. Lipliner will help prevent lipstick from feathering into the fine lines around the mouth. Fill the lip in completely with lipliner to act as a base for the lipstick. Blot. For a sharp finish, use a lipbrush with your red lipstick and trace around the edges of the mouth. Then apply the lipstick directly to the mouth from the tube, swiping back and forth a couple of times on the top and bottom lip.

How to make it go the distance:
Once lipstick has been applied, blot with a one-ply tissue and reapply one more coat of lipstick. You can also take a large clean powder brush and while holding a tissue to cover your mouth, dust some translucent powder atop the mouth area using a brush. These methods will help stain the lips with some colour so if you end up caught under the mistletoe, you’ll still have some colour on the lips post-kiss!

Complete the look:
Keep the look balanced by going light on the eye make-up – a stroke of black liquid liner and neutral eyeshadow on the lids looks gorgeous with red lips. Red lips also have the tendency to make the face look washed out. Add blush/bronzer for colour and definition after applying lipstick, but use just a small amount so that the lips remain the strongest element of the make-up look.

Artist tips:
If red is still too bold, blot the colour slightly and apply a clear gloss atop to soften the look. If you're not a lipstick kind of girl, there are plenty of red lip stains or cherry coloured glosses to help you achieve that festive red look!

To avoid the dreaded lipstick-on-the-teeth look, take your index finger, place it in your mouth and pull it straight out. This technique will help remove any excess lipstick and keep your pearly whites in check!

It's best to first try on a red you plan on buying and looking at it outside of department store lighting. Use this as a guideline to narrow in on reds that will work best for you:
For pale skin tones, try a cool and bright cherry red. (Think Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera).
For medium yellow and olive skin tones, give a warm-toned fire-engine red a go.
For dark skin tones, try a berry colour or crimson red.

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For the next few posts, we’ll be focusing on festive looks to get you dolled up for your holiday parties. So while you’re focusing on prepping for the parties you’ll be hosting and shopping for the people on your list--don't worry--we’ve got your make-up tips covered here!

GET THE LOOK | ‘Tis the Season for Glitter

It’s the season for tinsel so why not add a little glittery glam to your evening look? Try out these products to add a little bit of sparkle and a whole lotta glam this holiday season:

Annabelle Silverstar Glitter Mascara
As part of their recent Space Baby collection, Annabelle released a glitter silver mascara, aptly dubbed Silverstar. I initially was a bit taken aback by the idea of glitter mascara. Whenever I hear the word "glitter", I have flashbacks to the '80s and memories of dancing to Fame & Flashdance soundtracks and rocking the ever popular legwarmer look! Needless to say, glitter has come a long way. Glitter is no longer the chunky bits that churn up my memories of the 80s. Today's glitter is finely milled with more of a subtle, but still eye-catching, sparkle.

In a mascara though? Whodathunkit?! But after giving Silverstar a test run, it turned out I was pleasantly surprised and an immediate convert!! Once applied, Annabelle's Silverstar mascara made my lashes look like they had been kissed by diamonds! The effect is actually very subtle, but catches the light brilliantly as you blink and bat away those lashes (and believe me, you'll be batting them even more!!).

I tried the mascara on its own a few times and then tried it again with a black mascara as a base. I preferred the look with the black base coat of mascara first. The black base coat helped give my lashes the necessary oomph factor to stand out (they need all the help they can get!). From there, applying the glitter mascara was like the icing on the cake!

Be warned that this mascara is highly reflective, so it takes a little bit to get used to seeing sparkles in the corner of your eye (think of when a snowflake catches your eyelash - similar to that feeling!). Either way, more excuse to flutter your sparkling lashes!

Glitter mascara is definitely a fun and super easy way to add sparkle to your evening out. So pop in it that purse, add a coat or two and bat those lashes (and the night) away!!

MAC Reflects Glitter
Similar to MAC Pigment (an artistrhi favourite!), MAC Glitter has the same staying power and potent shine, but with a larger sparkle finish. You can use this versatile product around the eyes, on the lips and on the body! Add it atop your eyeshadow, apply it over your gloss or mix in a tiny bit with your body lotion for a simply dazzling effect.

I was lucky enough to scoop up a container of Reflects Transparent Teal Glitter, which looks amazing when you add a tiny bit to your lotion for use as a highlighter. Teal Glitter also looks great atop blue eyeshadows (like we talked about yesterday), so layer it on for an extra pop!

Here are some more options for glitter around the eyes. (Note: Try only one glitter look on the face at a time…otherwise you may risk glitter overkill!):

1. Use glitter to highlight the inner corner of the eye. Layer it atop a highlighting eyeshadow for a stand-out look that makes the highlighting eyeshadow more visible from afar.
2. Use a tiny amount of glitter and place it on a tissue (you can control the amount better this way). Use the tip of your ring finger or a sponge tip eyeshadow applicator and lightly pat on the centre of the eyelid (where the eye is the most prominent). This gives a nice highlighting effect that truly makes the eye come forward.

Disclaimer: Glitter has its limits, so be sure to consult here on how to make glitter work for you!

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There’s no way to better way to beat the winter blues than by adding a little pop of colour to your make-up routine. Update your look by taking a cue from the fall/winter 2008 runways where blue eye make-up was all the rage!! Now, to make sure you carry off this look without looking dated (i.e. not like mom’s baby blue make-up of yesteryear!), try one of these artist tips to get a modern version of the blue-adorned lid:

Use navy eyeliner instead of black.
Navy is still a great neutral coloured eyeliner for anytime of the day wear. It works best on brown and green eyed people and adds brightness to the eyes (versus using a black). Navy is a great way to wear blue for daytime, and yes, it’s suitable for office environments too! Just be sure to keep the application simple at work and add some drama at night by making it thicker or adding a wingtip!

Add a peep of blue eyeshadow to the outer corners.
Use black eyeliner as usual. Use blue eyeshadow just on the top and bottom outer corner of the lid (or alternate between the two corners) and smudge it into the eyeliner, not straying too far from the lashline. This technique adds depth and a nice brightening effect to the eye rather than when using just a black or gray eyeshadow.

Use light blue as a highlight and blending eyeshadow for a smoky eye.
Do your smoky eye as usual, and use a subtle blue/blue-gray colour to soften the effect and apply it to the inner corner of the eye as a highlighter.

Opt for a medley of blues, rather than black, for your evening smoky eye.
There are numerous palettes out there to help you achieve a blue evening smoky eye. Christian Dior’s five pan palettes in Myriad and in Blue Croisette have beautiful combinations of blues that make it easy to get the smoky blue look.

There’s a blue look out there for everybody. If you’re a beginner, try a navy eyeliner or some blue mascara. If you’re more advanced, try a navy liquid liner or a blue smoky eye. If blue eyeshadow freaks you out, you can still incorporate the trend into everyday wear by trying on a blue mascara (Benefit’s BADgal mascara in Blue is gorgeous) or polishing up with blue nails! The options are endless - so have fun with it - and look great while beating the winter blues!

See www.style.com for more inspiration!

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Glitter is definitely a fun way to get dolled up for a night out, but it does have its limits. Most people can wear glitter, but I would recommend that methods of application adjust with age. Remember, we always want the make-up to draw in attention to the person wearing it rather than to the make-up itself. You are wearing the make-up rather than the make-up is wearing you! Follow these guidelines for some strategically placed glitter that will make sure you are the focus of the evening:


At this age, you can get away with just about anything when it comes to glitter. But you still don’t want to overdo it (glitter is one of those cases where you can have too much of a good thing)! Choose one area of the face to highlight with glitter. If you spread glitter all over the place, people won’t know where to look! To keep it fun and classy, add a little bit of glitter on the eyes and then some gloss to your lips. Now, you’re party-ready!

20s – 30s
Glitter is great for that evening holiday party, but pass on using it for daytime and at the office. For a night out, use a tiny bit and dust it atop your finished eyeshadow look. Move your head at different angles and see how the light picks up the gorgeous glimmer. Remember, less is more so keep the glitter to one area as well for a sophisticated glam look.

30s – 40s
Depending on your skin’s condition, women in this age range should be more weary of glitter, particularly when using it around the eyes. Glitter can make fine lines stand out and highlight uneven surfaces on the face. For lids that are more crepey, I would stray away from glitter completely. For smoother eyelids, use your discretion and apply glitter sparingly.

40s plus
On the face, stick to luminescent products and add just a hint of shimmer to the skin. Glitter can have an aging effect and give the impression that the wearer is trying to pull off dated looks from the past. No one wants to be labeled as having a look that's stuck in the 70s! Instead, modernize the glitter look and use luminescent products. These products are much more forgiving as they distract away from fine lines, but still attract attention towards the main focus—you!

Moral of the story - glitter is fun, but it's not meant to be overdone (unless disco goddess is your intended look!). A little goes a long way.

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Check out my latest product review post on Make-up Junkie:

I wasn’t one to jump on the mineral make-up bandwagon (I love me my make-up and really don’t mind a full make-up routine of foundation, concealer and powder!). But for lighter days and times when you’re rushed, mineral make-up definitely makes sense...and it doesn't hurt that the ingredients are made to be better for your skin! For a mineral make-up product, I initially found L'Oréal's Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Powder to be quite heavy and even cakey in appearance. I thought it might be the flat brush that came with the product or the fact that it was a pressed (rather than a loose) powder that made the application seem to apply thicker than usual. Not one to give up on a product after only one try, I did manage to have better results on the second day by using a dome powder brush and a lighter hand in application. Using this type of brush helped to better distribute the powder over a larger area of the face - I didn’t have to keep dipping my brush to grab more powder for application, which also meant less risk of using too much product (likely the cause of the initial cake effect). Instead with the dome brush, it only took a couple of swipes and I was good to go!

In terms of coverage, the product was good without being too thick and cakey once I adjusted for the brush and technique. I did like the fact that when I checked the mirror at lunchtime, there wasn’t as much shine in the T-zone as other powders I’ve tested out. I tried to tweak the application technique for the remainder of the week, still using the dome powder brush and a lighter hand in application. I tried the powder with foundation on one day (I know...defeats the purpose of mineral make-up, but I had to try!) and without foundation on another day. With foundation, it worked as a good setting powder. Without foundation, it went on smoothly, but I had to ensure I thoroughly moisturized to avoid any drier areas of my face from standing out. Throughout the week, the results were the same: decent coverage that didn’t require much touch-up after a half day’s wear. I found L’oreal’s Bare Naturale to be an ok powder, but it lacked the wow-factor that made me think I have to scoop up several of these right now!! Also, since I had to use a separate brush not included in the orginal packaging, I think I will save the $12 that you’d pay for this and put that money towards a mineral powder that has that ‘it’ factor!

Have you tried L'oréal's Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Powder? Did you have better results? Leave a comment and let Make-up Junkie know!

ARTIST TIP: If you feel like you’ve applied too much powder, use a clean buffer brush and use circular motions in the areas of concern to buff off any excess product.

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The days are definitely getting chilly out there! We’re all pretty good about maintaining a moisturizing routine, but don’t forget to protect the lips before heading out into the winter cold. To keep your lips supple during the freezing temperatures, make sure you pack a lip balm and spread some on the lips before heading out the door! Here are a couple of tried and tested lip balms that will help you battle any wind chill factor:

Kiehl's Lip Balm #1
Where to find it: Kiehl's stores
Price: approx. $10
I have Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 in my client kit and another one for personal use in my purse! I love how it leaves a subtle shine while keeping the lips soft. I apply some on the lips in the morning and at night when I apply moisturizer. You'll also find me applying it throughout the day (balm addict, much?!) The packaging is great - you pump out a little at a time as you need, rather than dipping your finger in the product which can promote bacteria growth. I prefer the original non-scented version (why mess with a good thing?), but the product also comes in fun scented versions of Pear, Cranberry and Mint (which I believe are limited edition).

MAC Tendertone Lip Balm
Where to find it: MAC stores & counters, online at www.maccosmetics.com
Price: $17.50
Yes, the price is a bit up there for a lip balm, but I've been using Tendertone for several months now and it still doesn't look like I've put a major dent in it! I'm a chronic lip gloss applier too; you'll find me putting some on every couple of hours. The balm leaves a nice hint of colour (well, considering it's a balm and not a gloss!) while leaving your lips supple. The packaging is in a sturdy container with a screw-off cap (yes, it's withstood the test of me dropping it a couple of times - not on purpose!), but just make sure your hands are clean before dipping in for some product. Tendertone could be found earlier this year at MAC, but is currently in limited availability. If you're lucky enough to scoop one of these up, you won't be disappointed!

More Tips
Adding some balm to the lips keeps the lips soft and smooth for lipstick (and lip gloss) application. Remember to avoid licking your lips - it only provides fleeting relief and actually ends up zapping the lips of moisture. Whatever your lip balm of choice, wearing just a little something (even some Vaseline) is better than facing the cold weather with bare and exposed lips!

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Here are a couple more pics from the shoot with Nadia this past weekend. I love the aesthetic behind this second look and our muse, Katie, is absolutely stunning. It's definitely not a look recommended for everybody, but Katie stands out from the crowd and pulls the dark eyes and dark lips look off effortlessly.

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