Check out Make-up Junkie's posts on a few of our generous make-up sponsors:

I'm already a huge fan of Face Atelier and Cargo, and I can't wait to get acquainted with more Cake and Balmshell products at Hope for Haiti! Thank you to our sponsors for the support :)
More sponsor profiles to follow!! Thank you to Make-up Junkie for the above posts!

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If you're an avid reader of this blog, you'll know that finding a concealer that truly works is the equivalent of finding the make-up holy grail for me! Even the concealers with the best reviews out there are challenged by my dark circles (yes, that whole New Year's resolution to get more not happening just yet!).

I've had to adjust my concealer routine, as things that worked in my early 20s now appear too cakey once applied. What really initially appealed to me about CoverFx's ConcealerFx were the pink and peach based range of tones. Way back in make-up school, my teacher first introduced me to the wonders of orange concealer, in order to colour correct serious undereye circles (i.e. mine!). The faint orange colour worked beautifully to brighten my circles, but the challenge back then was finding that colour in a product on the commercial make-up market. Now thankfully, I can rely on concealers from Laura Mercier, YSL, Make-up Forever and of course CoverFx...all of which you'll find in my personal + client kits! (See told ya, holy grail...)

CoverFx ConcealFx in Medium...just peachy!

What I love about the concealer is how it provides opaque coverage without being cakey or looking dry on the undereye area. The built-in primer helps it stay atop those fine lines (of experience) around the eyes...and to me, that's an instant seller! Overall, the concealer has a lightweight feel and leaves a smooth finish. You need only a tiny dot per undereye area, so be careful to not squeeze too much out of the tube! ConcealFx simply does what it's supposed to do. The quest for a perfect concealer can now be put on pause...again.

Yup, Love in a Tube. Kit essential! Need I say more? :)

top image from

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It's been a whirlwind (but productive!) week as we put the Hope for Haiti Beauty Benefit together. There have been some very exciting additions to our list of make-up sponsors who will be contributing items for either our participants' swag bags, baskets for raffle...or even both! (Yes, the generosity is overwhelming as it is inspiring!)

The updated list now includes (as seen on our event's facebook page):

Mary Kay
Shoppers Drug Mart
Face Atelier
Vidal Sassoon
Cake Beauty
LIFT Beauty Boutique
Brill Communications
Vasanti Cosmetics

Thank you all the support! The countdown to next Sunday begins.... :)

Special huge thanks to Joy and Ande for helping to co-ordinate this!!

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If you've been staying in touch with recent artistrhi tweets, you would have noticed the chatter (well, twatter?) about a Beauty Benefit for relief efforts in Haiti!

I'm very excited to announce the Hope for Haiti Beauty Benefit will be taking place with the help of the gracious beauty pros and beauty bloggers that will be lending their services and talents for this fundraiser. Here's the scoop for those of you that are in the Toronto area!


...because doing good looks good on you!

Join us for a day of beauty fun while raising money towards relief efforts in Haiti!

Where: downtown Toronto (location details to follow)
When: Sunday, February 7th, 2010 11:00AM - 4:00PM
Ticket Price: $25 (Participants are asked to donate a minimum of $25, but any amount above is also welcome). We only have spots for 50 people so RSVP fast (either via the facebook invite or to rhia[at]artistrhi[dot]com).

More details:
The Hope for Haiti Benefit will feature Toronto beauty pros donating make-up and hair services to raise money for Haiti. Participants are asked for a minimum donation of $25 for an afternoon of beauty services, hors d'oeuvres and fun!

Services include the following beauty stations:
1. Eyebrow Know-How:
Have your brows professionally tweezed, and learn how to fill them in properly.

2. Mini Mani:
Polish off your look with the latest colours in nail trends.

3. Smoky Eye Make-over:
Once you're done at this beauty station, you'll be looking for somewhere to go on Sunday night! :)

4. Hair:
Learn tips and tricks on how to make-over your hair, without cutting it!

5. Before and After Photobooth:
Perfect for updating your Facebook profile photo :)

Participants will receive goodie beauty bags and there will also be beauty prizes up for raffle thanks to our generous Beauty Sponsors!

Please take a moment to look at the work of our sponsors and volunteers below. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Rhia Amio
Joy David-Tilberg
Maggie Ng

Suzie Choi Bridal Hair

Spencer Fu



Mary Kay
Shoppers Drug Mart
Face Atelier
Vidal Sassoon
Cake Beauty

For further info or to be added as a service/sponsor, please contact Rhia.

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Q: What contouring products do you recommend?

A: Before I get into what products I'd recommend, let's go through the basic principles of contouring (and its complement--highlighting) to make sure we're all on the same page! Techniques of contouring and highlighting play on principles of dark and light:

Photo by Nadia Cheema
When you want to make areas on the face appear smaller, we 'contour' by applying a darker shaded product atop the area.
i.e. to make the nose appear smaller, to add more definition to the cheeks, to slim down the face and make your decolletage pop!

When we highlight, we apply a lighter shaded product on the area we want to bring forward. Highlighting works well with contouring, as it helps to exaggerate your contour by contrasting against it.
See this post for more info on contouring + highlighting!

Some products that I would recommended:
MAC's Sculpt & Shape powders (which I think is only available via
This collection of powders are a great option for those looking to subtly contour. These powders are smooth with just the right amount of pigment that your application won't look streaky.

Make-up Forever's Sculpting Kit
Each MUFE Sculpting Kit comes complete with two shades - one shade for higlighting and a darker shade for contouring. The powders are finely-milled and not too pigmented, so no need to worry about a streaky looking finish! The kits are also available in four different colour combinations making it easier to find a pair that works with your own skin.

Being resourceful...

You don't necessarily need to use a product that's specifically marketed for 'contouring' or 'highlighting'. I've used concealers, foundations and eyeshadows as contour/highlight products in the past. Here's how to do it:

1. The real key is always blending (so that's where your finger, brushes and sponges come in handy!). Blend well to get rid of any harsh lines!

2. For contour, be sure to use matte products (i.e. no shimmer!), as any products with reflective particles will look obvious and reveal your contouring secret!

3. Don't choose a shade that's too dark for your contour (i.e. 2-3 shades darker should be sufficient!), as it can make the area you've applied it to look 'dirty' rather than a natural shadow.

4. When using eyeshadow as contour (on areas other than the eyes), lightly dip your brush in some loose translucent powder first before dipping into your eyeshadow. The initial coat of powder will ensure your pigmented eyeshadow doesn't glide on too strong! Blend, blend, blend (yup, it's my mantra!).

Hope this helps!

If you have a make-up related question you'd like to ask, drop me an email: rhia[at]artistrhi[dot]com or send me a message through the W Network. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Meet lovely Melody, one of my June 2010 brides! Similar to Caroline, Melody wanted a fresh and clean bridal make-up look.
Here are the keys to getting Melody's fresh and pretty bridal look:
1. Balance out the skin tone with foundation and concealer. Blend well and set it with powder.

2. Smile and dust a peachy-pink blush on the cheeks (i.e. NARS Orgasm, Benefit Coralista)

3. Fill in the eyebrows. (I like to use a pencil and lightly fill in the brows, and then reinforce the pencil with a light application of eyebrow matching powder).

4. Add false eyelashes + mascara.
Wearing falsies is one of those simple things you can do to give the illusion of bigger eyes, without having to overdo your eyeliner/eyeshadow (more eyeliner and eyeshadow can make it look more obvious that you're wearing make-up). It's similar to when you highlight your hair, and people suddenly notice there's something different about you, but they can't put their finger on what...or maybe it's the fact that you'll be batting those lashes more? :)

5. Finish the look with a coral lipstick topped with gloss.
The coral lipstick was actually Melody's own that she uses everyday. We did try other lip colours, but understandably Melody felt best in her coral shade. She asked that we use it during the session, as she wanted to 'look like herself' on the Big Day....and that's absolutely important!! For brides-to-be out there, if you're scheduling your bridal make-up trial and there are certain make-up items you swear by, I encourage you to bring your tried and tested products to your session. It will help you collaborate with your artist on your Big Day look and you'll get better results from the session!

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New pics added to the Beauty section of Photography by Mathew Wilson and Make-up/Hair by me!

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Film Noir
Photography: Nadia Cheema (
Make-up: Rhia Amio (

Check out the awesome results (click the above to enlarge) of a client shoot with Nadia Cheema. Our model and client, Komal, is such a striking lady...and has a killer wardrobe to boot (the outfits we used were all her own!)!! Love!

I think pics like these would make great gifts for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day, no? One thing's for sure - femme fatale Komal's definitely breaking hearts with these pics! :)

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My inspiring pal Jenise is organizing a fundraiser for the recent situation in Haiti. If you're in the GTA area, come on out and bring a few friends to have some fun while raising money for a great cause at Bowl for Haiti.

I have my first wedding of the year that day so I won't be there in person, but artistrhi will definitely be there in spirit!! There will be a raffle at the event for an artistrhi make-up prize pack. The prize pack includes a free make-up application from myself along with the make-up goodies pictured above (that's a total value of $200!).

If you can't make it, there are easy and instant ways to donate via these aid organizations:
1. Doctors without Border / Médecins Sans Frontières
2. Red Cross
3. Unicef
4. Free the Children

It's been a week since the devastating earthquake hit Haiti, but the recovery and rebuild process will be ongoing long after Haiti disappears from news headlines. Let's do our part to contribute... :)

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2010 is off to a great start with all the bridal trials and weddings that are going on!! Caroline pictured above was such a delight to work with.

She wanted a 'fresh' and glowing look so we kept the make-up neutral around the eyes, added falsies and then highlighted the cheeks and lips with warm pink tones. The result...a beautiful, blushing bride-to-be!!

p.s. don't you just love her dimples?! Stay tuned as I help Caroline prep for her Big Day in June :)

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Rina + Joe engaged are now actually Rina + Joe married!! Oops I'm a little behind in adding these pics to the artistrhi site, but I wish them the best all the same!! I'm looking forward to e-shoots with Claud getting underway with our first one right around the corner in February... stay tuned for those cool (well, literally cold!) shots :)

Attention brides-to-be: check out this link about the ongoing Claudia Hung Weddings and artistrhi collaboration to receive a complimentary mini make-up appointment with yours truly!


Photography by Claudia Hung
Make-up by Rhia Amio

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Beautiful Sunday... :)

Rhia Amio

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The second set from our Grimms' fairy tale themed shoot is now up under the Fashion section of Rapunzel was hands down my favourite theme of that day; I loved the hair, make-up (ok slight bias!), styling and of course the finished product!! Everyone did such an amazing job while still having fun on set. I'm very excited to see what Teama Cheema comes up with for 2010! xo!

Credits to the awesome team!
Photography: Nadia Cheema
Make-up: Rhia Amio
Hair: Fabio Persico
Styling: Cisya Paramita
Model: Asha (Ford)
Furs courtesy of Pelliarts

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New photos under the Beauty section of, courtesy of Mathew Wilson!

I'm always super-impressed by the maturity and professionalism of the young models that we work with, and Jenna was no exception. She was visiting Toronto from Calgary this past weekend in order to build her book. She had plenty of shoots lined up for the two days, but you wouldn't have been able to tell she was working so much from all the positive energy she brought to the set! I'm happy to have worked with this young beauty....a few years done the line into her promising future, I'll be able to say, "I worked with her when..."

Keep an eye out for this new face, folks! Awesome.

Photography: Mathew Wilson
Make-up and Hair: Rhia Amio
Model: Jenna (Elite)

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Check out my latest Q&A about how to easily transition your make-up from a daytime to evening look on W Network! Enjoy :)

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WCH Women by Claudia Hung
Make-up by Rhia Amio

I'll be working with my friend triple threat Tina (that's a lot of T's!) tomorrow doing her make-up for a photoshoot. The photoshoot is for headshots for promotional use and for Tina's website. In preparation for tomorrow's shoot, we've been chatting back and forth on what the look should be. In that sense, make-up for headshots is very similar to bridal make-up - you want a natural and classic look, that still looks like you, but essentially your best-you. If a casting director decides to call you in, he/she will expect you to look as your headshot portrays you.

Here are some make-up tips to help get you picture perfect for that headshot (or even just as an easy everyday look!):

1. Groomed brows.
The power of a good brow should never be underestimated! A well-defined and well-kept brow frames the face, makes it look slimmer and also means you don't have to wear as much eyeliner! Eyebrows that are too thin can make you look aged, while brows that are too thick can be distracting from your best features. Finding that happy medium? See this post for some brow-know-how.

2. Even out skin tone with foundation and concealer.
A photograph can tend to highlight and saturate any uneven tones in the skin (i.e. undereye circles, redness, etc.). For undereye circles, use a peach or a pink based concealer to lift the dark tone and then top it off with your skin tone matching concealer to blend it with the skin.

3. Set with powder and touch-up.
Set your foundation and concealer with powder to help keep it in place. Be prepared to powder the T-zone in case it gets shiny under hot studio lights.

4. Contour the cheekbones with a darker shaded powder and apply a peachy-pink blush for a healthy glow.
Use a contouring powder (or a shade of matte powder that's 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone) and apply it just under the cheekbone to define the face. Blend well. Finish the cheeks off with some blush: a little blush adds contrast and helps to make sure you don't look washed out in the finished photo. With blush, avoid shimmer textures and also blend well (blending...that's key!).

5. Avoid heavy eyeliner and eyeshadow.
Heavy eye make-up can look dated, but ultimately it draws attention away from the overall picture and what should be the focus of the shot (you!). With heavy eye make-up, suddenly your photo can become 'look at this nice make-up' rather than 'look at this pretty face'. To avoid being overpowered by eyeliner, keep any eyeliner thin and tight to the eye. You can even skip lining altogether, and instead simply push the eyeliner into the base of the lashes to define the lashline and make the lashes appear fuller. Use eyeshadow colours that closely match your skin tone and definitely avoid shimmery/frosty textures. Curl your eyelashes and apply two coats of mascara.

6. Keep the lips neutral and avoid colours that are too 'unnatural' looking.
A safe shade is always no more than 2 shades darker than your own colour. Apply your lip colour and add a hint of lip gloss to add dimension and a healthy shine to the lips.

Now, all you have to do is smile...because that's always gorgeous! :)

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I first came across CoverFx BritePrep while doing wedding make-up for the mom of a bride-to-be. The mom had beautiful skin for a mature (50 years old+) lady, but also had slight hyperpigmentation that was of concern to her, especially since she felt it had recently become darker and more noticeable. She asked me to use CoverFX Brite Prep that she had in her own make-up bag, as she said it was the "only" thing she's tried over the years that has helped to brighten the hyperpigmentation.

BritePrep Fx has a serum-like consistency that quickly absorbs into the skin, without being greasy or oily. What I love about the primer is its shimmer appeal - it leaves the skin with a radiant glow that isn't too sparkly. I love using it for clients that need a pick-up from dull, sallow skin (and whose skin doesn't need a little pick-up during the cold winter?) The shimmer finish also works well to brighten dark circles under the eyes - just apply BritePrep Fx first and then finish with your usual undereye concealer.

BritePrep Fx also does the usual helping foundation to glide on and look better, but it doesn't extend the wear of my foundation any longer than other quality primers I've tried. (I typically still have to powder at my 4-hr check-in to look 'fresh' and non-shiny again). The primer boasts advanced anti-aging properties plus an SPF 50. From my own experience, the high SPF does not reflect white with flash photography (making the skin tone appear lighter on the face) as many foundations with SPF do. Mind you, I have yet to try the primer on darker skin tones than on my own (...and just to be safe, I would ask for a sample before fully investing in the product!)

Speaking of price, here we come to the product's main downfall for me -a 30 mL tube of BritePrep Fx retails for approximately $40! In all honesty, the hefty price would likely prevent me from purchasing it again for the personal vs. client kit. Yet given the testimonial of my client and how it worked for her hyperpigmentation along with it's multiple uses (priming, anti-aging and SPF!), BritePrep Fx may prove worth it for some.

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With the dry and cold winter upon us, lately my mane seems to have a mind of its own! The extreme dryness in the air often leads to the odd morning where my hair mimics that of a kid at the Science Centre, discovering first-hand the wonders of static electricity. Cool back then, but definitely not pretty when you have 30 minutes to tame the hair (and still get the rest of the body ready) for work, right?

I know, I know - my dehydrated locks can partially be blamed on my inner blow-out hairdrying enthusiast, and I'll admit I am rather heat styling dependent! But usually there's not enough time to let my hair air or towel dry! grrr.

Enter my beloved Moroccan Oil.

I first heard of Moroccan Oil through my pal and talented hairstylist Fabio (who is responsible for a bulk of the gorgeous hairstyling you see in my portfolio). They sell Moroccan Oil at the salon where Fabio works, and he has been an adamant supporter of the product from the day I met him ...and with good reason!

I use a generous drop (somewhere between the size of a dime and a quarter) and I smooth in into the hair before just before the usual morning blow-out. I keep the application towards the mid-shaft and downwards, as I don't want the roots to get too greasy and weighed down later in the day (once those natural oils kick in).

What I love about Morrocan oil is how it brings life back to my overly heat processed hair. It leaves an instant shine and soft texture, without being greasy nor looking like a kid at the Science Centre. Frizz be gone! Apparently, Moroccan oil also reduces hair drying time (...but I'll have to pay more attention to that during the morning-get-ready-frenzy!)

The main ingredient in Moroccan Oil is argan oil, which comes from the fruit of argan trees that grow almost exclusively in southwest Morrocco. Other ingredients in the product are silicones that help to restore that smooth and silky feel to the hair...again, all without feeling greasy!

Moroccan Oil retails for approximately $40 for a 100 mL bottle...but really can you put a price on a product that makes dry, damaged hair look like salon hair?! This one's a definite essential for both the personal and client kits!

Image courtesy of Moroccan Oil

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Congrats to Claudia for being featured on (the official site for WeddingBells mag!) as one of Canada's Top 25 Inspiring Wedding Photogs! That's maaajor and truly well-deserved!

Can't wait to start the e-shoots up again with Claud! (In fact, can't wait for the warmer weather that accompanies it!!!) The main pic of Claud's above is one of our e-shoots from summer 2009 with Flora + Daniel, where I did the make-up for the engagement shoot from the trunk of a car! True story :)

If you haven't checked out Claudia's site, what are you waiting for?! Click here or on the logo at right.

For any brides-to-be that are in the midst of planning right now, read up on more details of the ongoing artistrhi make-up x claudia hung collaboration and how to get a complimentary mini make-up session, courtesy of yours truly!! Be sure to book early with Claudia...if you haven't already!! :)

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Aside from the usual resolutions that have resurfaced (i.e. losing 15 lbs with all the holiday over-eating - no joke!), this New Year I vow to:

Be less brand snobby.
Can you really blame a girl for sticking with what works? I’ve learned from the various samples I’ve received and from different bloggers’ reviews that there are a wealth of quality products out there. Time to expand my beauty horizons! In all honestly, it’s a good back-up plan – when that daily go-to product gets discontinued, at least I’ll have a plan b. Niice!

Wash my face thoroughly before I go to sleep.
I’ll admit this is one area where I should practice more what I preach. I have no excuse as my medicine cabinet is armed with an artillery of cleansers and make-up removers. One thing that I recently started using regularly on myself (although they’ve been around forever) is Shiseido Facial Cotton. The cotton pads feel like a dream (which is always welcome - especially on super-delicate areas like the eyes), but leave no cotton residue behind. Essentially, anything that facilitates the make-up removal process is a winner with me!

Stop picking my zits! I know, what am I...13?!
I tell myself each time I pick a budding zit (and make it 10x worse), but I never learn! It never fails, after poking and prodding a minor (but stubborn) spot of acne, it soon erupts into a full-blown acne vortex. Mind you, the only good thing about picking zits is that it has forced me to learn how to cover them (plus any resulting scars) up properly!

Get more sleep!
In the past, I've been known to sacrifice sleep in the name of waking up for my usual beauty routine. (My friends always make fun of the times I would wake up bright and early to do make-up, even while we were camping! Unfortunately, I kid you not!). Lately, with late nights of blogging/admin and early 5AM mornings of getting ready for work, there's only so much make-up can do. I don't know if it's an age thing, but I find even the best concealer can't compensate for a good night's rest!

It's the New Year...what are your resolutions? Maybe you're contemplating a new look? Check out this post to prep yourself for change: ARTIST TIP | New Year, New Look.

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I have much to be grateful for after an amazing 2009. I wouldn't be here without the family, friends and clients that continue to support and inspire me along this journey. The above is a summary of the amazing year for artistrhi in pictures. My heartfelt thanks again to everyone :)

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Ok, so there's really more than a top '9', but these are some of the amazing things that stood out from this past year (in no particular order!):

Working on 40 weddings, including 11 in August and 1 in Vegas!!
Thank you to all the gracious brides who allowed me to be a part of their Big Day.

For any bridal make-up artists just starting out there, I remember in my first year how I did 2 weddings and wondered how I could get the word to other brides out there. With bridal make-up, word of mouth has been one of my best friends. I know it's easier said than done but for aspiring bridal make-up artists: believe in yourself, continue to work hard and improve your craft...and the weddings will come. The artistrhi site is testimony to that.

Becoming a W Network Expert.
I never realized the path that doing this blog would take me on. I've had the opportunity to review cool products (I likely otherwise would not have tried) and interact with readers from around the world.

The posts on this blog led to becoming a Beauty and Style Expert for W Network's website. W Network is the leading specialty network for women in Canada, and it's a huge and wonderful opportunity to be associated with such an established brand.

Portfolio growth.
One need only look at the first additions to my portfolio to current ones to see the growth along the way. Working on different projects has also allowed me to work with different photographers, leading to my next highlight :)

Finding photographers I click with. (Ok, bad pun).
Along the way, I've learned that it's not just what you do and how well you do it - a huge part of what affects your end product is who you work with. I'm thankful for the opportunity to work with photographers who's work I really admire and respect like Claudia Hung (editorial/wedding photographer) and Nadia Cheema (editorial/fashion photographer). They're obviously talented artists, but also just awesome people that I'm happy to call friends!

Launching the official in January 2009, and evolving with several updates to the recent relaunch in September 2009 of the site.
The picture at left (click to enlarge) was the first version of the site launched in January of this year, and with several re-designs later (or 'make-overs' in the tradition that is artistrhi), we arrive at today's current version, that was relaunched in December 2009.

I like the most recent version of the site for its simplicity and user-friendliness, but I'm sure my mind will change sooner or later about something lol!

(Although the site has gone through many make-overs, we're still always looking to improve - you can always email your suggestions to rhia[at]artistrhi[dot]com).

226 posts on the blog for 2009 vs. 167 for 2008 and 29 in 2007
It's not just the increase in blog posts, but it's the increase in material and hopefully meaningful content! The growth of the blog (and its readers) is directly proportional to the growth of my freelance work. I am hoping that this is a pattern from year to year, and I'm looking forward to bigger and better things to come :)

Continuing to volunteer with Look Good, Feel Better
I volunteer regularly with the organization Look Good Feel Better, but I know I can give and should give back more. Hopefully 2010 will lead to participating and even hosting more charitable initiatives.

Learning airbrushing.
The world of make-up is constantly changing so updating skills as an artist to stay current in today's market is a must. I took classes from Wink Make-up Academy earlier this year to learn all about airbrushing. Aside from the knowledgable and awesome staff at Wink, the great thing about the academy is the low teacher-student ratio and the schedule flexibility.

I work an office job full-time, and do freelance work (weddings, photoshoots, client appointments and trials) on the weekends so the days of the week are all usually spoken for. Wink offered classes during the day, evening and weekend on a part-time and full-time basis, so I was able to accommodate it into the schedule. It was a busy and sleep-deprived few weeks, but well worth it! The feedback from clients on airbrushing is unanimous - bridal clients particularly love airbrushing for its low-fuss approach and its ability to look naturally flawless while lasting long. I'm hoping to keep updating my skill set in 2010, particularly in my basic hair skills! (That sounds like a New Year's resolution!)

Learning more in Photoshop, Wordpress and Blogger.
I still have tons and tons to learn (and real gurus in Photoshop and Wordpress would probably shudder at my current technique), but my photo and graphic editing has come a long way to make the site and blog more aesthetically pleasing. It's amazing what you can learn and accomplish when you just keep at it :)

Here's to anticipating another exciting year for artistrhi! :) Thanks to all my family, friends and clients for the support along the way!

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