Check out my final write-up for Make-up Junkie!!Fabulous Feel Liquid Colour glides on smoothly to give opaque colour with high shine. The formula is non-sticky and just like the name - feels quite fabulous on the lips! I test ran Amaretto, a pretty neutral pink-brown colour that works well on different skin tones. The colour stayed true for the most part, but I found a touch-up was required after about 3 hours. The one thing that took me a bit to get used to was the strong fragrance of the gloss. I like subtle scents to my glosses, but found this one initially overpowering. A minor setback, but the look and feel of this gloss is still a steal for $12 USD (approximately)!

Double Lush Mascara Plus Primer I'm not a usual fan of 2-step primer and mascara products, but I was pleasantly surprised by American Beauty's version. I found the formula gave my lashes much needed volume, versus other 2-step mascaras I've tried in the past. I tried out the mascara in Black, but Double Lush is also available in Brown and Midnight, which is a first that I've seen for primer plus mascara products (usually they're only available in Black). I love what Double Lush does for my lashes, and I'd definitely be willing to shell out the $12 US that this mascara retails for.

Ultra-Easy Automatic Eyeliner (Auburn) The simple twist-up and no-sharpen action of this eyeliner definitely makes it ultra-easy. I had the chance to try out Auburn, a gorgeous maroon brown with faint shimmer that looks particularly lovely on blue-eyed ladies. The creamy eyeliner glided on smoothly and lasted well throughout the day to keep my eyes defined (minor midday touch-up was required though!). This eyeliner is perfect for the no-fuss make-up junkie – no need for sharpening – just roll up and apply as desired!

Pretty Bronze Bronzing Powder (High Summer) Get that coveted bronze goddess look with American Beauty’s Bronzer months ahead of the summer season! The sheer tan brown powder accentuated with flecks of gold sparkle. With just a couple of swipes, you can instantly revive that glow and say goodbye to blah winter-skin (all my Canadians are saying amen right now!). The sheer consistency of the powder makes it very user-friendly to work with – it builds and blends well for a more of a natural appearing non-streaky glow. Dust some of the powder along the collarbones or atop the d├ęcolletage for the piece de resistance!

Be sure to check out Make-up Junkie for all the latest, greatest (and not so great) in beauty products!

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Along with blogging, I've been keeping busy organizing the upcoming wedding season (begins February 21st!) and doing trials with my lovely brides. Here are the results of a bridal make-up trial I had with the beautiful, Dorothea, who was a complete joy to work with this past weekend! I'm definitely looking forward to her Big Day in June!

To inquire about make-up services for your Big Day, be sure to check out or drop an email to Some dates are still available!

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True-to-Dame-Edna form, the eye-catching and mauve-packaged limited edition collection hit MAC stores late December. Inspired by the beauty routine of the Great Dame, the collection is for the glamour girl that likes to make a bold statement with her look. In Dame Edna's own words: "We all need a MAC-over, possum." I couldn't have put it better myself - read up on my review of Gladiola Matte Lipstick and Possum Nose Pink Lipglass from the Dame Edna collection!

Dame Edna MAC Collection - Gladiola Matte Lipstick
The inspiration behind this bright and bold lipstick was clearly Dame Edna's coif (all natural, by the way!). The matte mid-tone blue pink is a super trendy look when paired with cat-eyed liner and false lashes . Dare to wear this colour only if you know how to rock it like the Great Dame (i.e. this colour is not for the subtle)! Pair it with the collection's Hot Frost lipgloss for some added dimension and shine.

Dame Edna MAC Collection - Possum Nose Pink Lipglass

Possum Nose Pink Lipglass is a gorgeous coral gloss that is more of a universally wearable colour than Gladiola above. The sheer bright colour gloss has multidimensional sparkle built-in. I love wearing this gloss for daytime, but find it very similar to a colour already in my kit (as in my earlier review here). You can never have too much of a good thing though and since this colour works for me, it's a welcome addition to my personal touch-up kit!

Photography and Make-up by Rhia Amio

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Check out original post on Toronto Wedding Professionals, your e-source for all things wedding!

With plenty of flash photography going on, you want to be absolutely sure that your make-up is in check on the Big Day! A handy item to pack in your bridal purse is a package of blotting tissues. To use, simply press the blotting paper against any areas where you notice shine (pay particular attention to the T-zone area). Use a gentle patting motion (rather than a wiping motion) as you don’t want to shift the make-up that’s already been carefully placed on! The blotting tissue will pick up excess oil from these areas of the face and prevent a shiny t-zone from stealing your spotlight. Follow with up with a layer of pressed powder to keep your skin camera-ready.

: Using blotting tissues prior to powder touch-ups helps to limit that cakey look you sometime get when applying more powder. Once the blotting tissue has worked its magic to absorb excess oil, the powder will glide on better on a more uniform surface.

Recommended products:
Quo blotting tissues (approximately $6)
vailable through Shoppers Drug Mart

Body Shop blotting tissues (2 packages for $10)
assorted types including tea tree oil infused blotting tissues. Available through The Body Shop
More make-up tips to come!

Rhia Amio, Toronto Make-up Artist

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Some of the professional photos of Cheryl's wedding from April 2008 have been posted on The photos come courtesy of the inspiring and talented photographer, Claudia Hung. Here are some of the latest additions (check out the site to view the rest!):CREDITS:
Make-up by Rhia Amio
Photography by Claudia Hung

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Q: Ok rhi, so where is the apple of your cheeks, and would doing so make a round shaped face look even rounder?

A: Great question! The apples of the cheeks are the rounded, fleshy areas that become more visible when you smile. Using a blush here can actually give the illusion of less surface area on the cheeks, and add dimension to a round shaped face. The trick is to keep the blush application higher on the apples and not blend too far downward. Smile as you're applying your blush for a better view of the apples.

Here are some pointers:
For a subtle, dewy look use your two fingers (index and middle) to blend cream blush in circular motions atop the apples of the cheeks. Or for a brighter matte look, try a powder blush and brush. Apply the blush in circular motions atop the apples, and blend so the look is soft and diffused.

ARTIST TIP: If you feel like you've applied too much, dust a bit of translucent powder atop the cheeks to tone the blush down.

Recommended products:
MAC 129 Blush Brush ($41 CAD)

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BEAUTY 101 | All About Face

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The crease brush is an indispensable tool for applying your eyeshadow. The crease brush completely transformed the method I used to apply eyeshadow both on myself and on clients. The tip of the crease brush tapers towards the centre to form a pointed shape and allow for precise application of eyeshadow. The brush is particularly handy for building colour into the crease of the eye and for advanced make-up looks (like the smoky eye). It doubles as a great smudger brush, working well to blend eyeshadow and eyeliner for a subtle smoky effect.

ARTIST TIP: To get your best smoky eye yet, dip the brush in eyeshadow and tap twice to get rid of any excess eyeshadow. Push the brush back and forth into the crease (the fold of the eyelid). Keep the darkest part of the eyeshadow in the crease of the eye, and blend slightly upward for a smoky effect and to get rid of any distinct edges. Repeat the process to build to your desired intensity.

TIPS FOR ASIAN EYES: If you have gorgeous Asian eyes, the crease brush is a definite must-have for your own daily routine. The smaller surface area of the tapered brush point gives you better control over where eyeshadow colour is applied. This works especially well when trying to do a smoky eye, as part of the trick to making this look work is knowing when to stop! Using too much of a dark coloured eyeshadow can make eyes look smaller, but the trusty crease brush does all the work for you and keeps that colour in the crease! Blend away!

Recommended brushes:
MAC Cosmetics 219 Pencil Brush $27.50
Elegant Faces Pencil Tip ($11)

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Check out the The Body Shop's blog for some helpful tips on how to wear shimmery make-up. Today's blog article features one of my posts on how to rock age-appropriate shimmer make-up!

Thanks to The Body Shop for the blog love!

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Check out the original post on Make-up Junkie!I love the all-encompassing 360-degree approach that Eyes by Design takes towards getting your best eyes yet! The Eyes by Design Ultimate Set aims to simplify the beauty process by including both the eye make-up and treatment products you need - all in one package. The user-friendly set also includes a manual that details how to use each of the set's components and achieve different eye make-up looks with the palette. Check out our review of the Ultimate Set!

Transforming Eye Cream
A light moisturizer that aims to diminish the look of dark undereye circles and fine lines. The eye cream has a light serum consistency, and I only needed two pea-sized drops to cover each eye area. I have to admit I was quite surprised by the size of the 15 mL Eye Cream; it's quite a generous sized jar to be part of a package like this (no complaints, here!). Yet, two weeks later after using it twice per day, there wasn't a noticeable difference in the darkness of my undereye circles. But it did help my trusty concealer to glide on smoothly and give better coverage!

Retouching Cream (Eye Primer)
The eye primer is also formulated to eliminate the look of fine lines and dark circles. It has more of a gummy texture than the Transforming Eye Cream, but really smoothes out the surface of the skin it is applied to. I used it on the undereye area, but also on the eyelid to smoothe out the surface for eyeshadow application. It definitely kept my oily eyelids in check!

Transforming Eye Palette (Blue Eyes - Peach Shimmer, Taupe, Plum Brown, Bronze)
The four pan eyeshadow palette comes in shades that are designed to flatter each colour of the eye. I test ran the Blue Eyes set, and found it worked just as well for brown-eyed beauties! The overall pigment of the eyeshadows was good, but I would have preferred if the three of four shadows weren't shimmer based. The peach shimmer makes for a beautiful highlighter, but may be a bit dark for fair-skinned blue-eyed beauties.

Lining Brush & Blending Brush
The kit also includes two soft-bristled and ergonomically friendly brushes. The brushes are fashioned with a "Design Grip", which allows for easier control of the brush and aids in precise application. The Lining Brush can be used to define the eyebrows or as a subtle eyeliner tool when paired with one of the eyeshadows. The Blending Brush is great for building colour into the crease. I love that the brushes are full-sized and the fact that you can actually use them! How many times do we all buy products where we find the included brush useless?!

Eyes by Design also offers mascaras, brow and eyeliner pencils. You can purchase the sets online through the Home Shopping Network ( The products are available individually, but scoop up one of the well-priced sets for a better deal! Enjoy!

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Here are the photographer's pics from our shoot with the talented and stunning Miss Shalli - be sure to check out her Myspace page and listen up!

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Q: Do I apply blush on the apples of my cheeks or do I contour?

A: The answer to this one is really a matter of personal preference. I would recommend the apples of the cheeks method, as it’s the area where a natural flush would occur on the face. Blush applied on the apples gives the face a youthful glow and can instantly make a tired face look more awake.

A classic make-up artist trick is to actually use two shades of blush – one deeper and one brighter. Use a blush brush to contour with the deeper blush right under the cheekbone. Then, smile and apply the brighter shade on the apples of the cheeks. Blend the brighter shade upwards along the cheekbone and towards the ear. Be sure to blend well so that the two blushes fuse together to give the illusion of higher cheekbones.

ARTIST TIP: Be sure to apply a dusting of loose powder all over the face before applying blush. The loose powder will smooth the surface of the skin and absorb excess oil so that you can apply your blush smoothly and streak-free!

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During the Canadian Make-up Show back in November 2008, I scooped up FACE atelier’s set of foundations and they quickly moved to the top of my fave foundations list. I’ve always wanted to try FACE atelier ever since finding out they were the sponsor for Madonna’s Confessions tours. But ever the aspiring practical consumer and only being able to view their products online, I was ecstatic to finally get the chance to try before I buy! I wasn't disappointed. The silicone-based formula glides on like a dream and most importantly, makes skin look amazing – smooth and youthful! A little goes a long way with this product. You only need a tiny amount to cover the entire face, and heavier coverage is easy to build without being cakey.

I had one of those moments when I looked in the mirror the other day (well, month) and thought I can’t do my make-up the same way I was doing it in my teens (bye bye powdered foundation). Thankfully, with its smooth consistency (oh the joys of silicone!), FACE atelier Ultra Foundation Pro has taken years off of my skin. In terms of staying power, other than the usual lunchtime oil blot and powder touch-up, coverage stayed fresh-looking throughout the day.

I bought the set of foundations that includes the make-up artist friendly foundations, Zero+ (a dark toned foundation) and Zero- (a white foundation). Having the two of these on hand is perfect for any make-up artist, as it makes any colour combination possible. Zero+ and Zero- are also great for the everyday woman, as skin tone tends to vary between seasons (and often skin tones even vary on different areas of the face i.e. darker forehead)! Just add a drop of either Zero+ or Zero- to darken/lighten as desired, and voila – an instant customized shade that’s a perfect match! Katie at right has gorgeous fair skin, and the lightest foundation will still a tad too dark. I mixed in Zero- to lighten it and match her skin tone exactly.

If you haven’t heard of FACE atelier, it was founded by Calgary's own Debbie Bondar, who started the line after her own quest to find a great foundation left her something to be desired. The foundation that eventually developed is an industry favourite amongst make-up artists, including celebrity make-up artist Billy B. I never thought I would be one for silicone, but luckily using this product doesn’t involve surgery! Thanks to Debbie Bondar and FACE atelier, my own quest for the perfect everyday foundation has thankfully come to a stand still (well, for the time being)!

ARTIST TIP: When was the last time you evaluated your make-up routine? Don’t get stuck in a rut. Make-up is the perfect inexpensive way to update your look and try something new! Whether it be a foundation or a lipstick, it’s a new year - maybe it’s time you try something a little something different?

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More of the professional photos with Sam are now up at, courtesy of ACM Photography! I had a blast working with these two, and look forward to much more :)

Check out for more make-overs and creatives!

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It's been up for about a week now officially, and already there's been 1,500 views of the site - thank you all for the incredible support! Thanks as well for the feedback from users who are using IE 6.0. We're working on fixing the bugs, but for now the site is optimized for IE 7.0 and up, Mozilla and Safari (sorry about that!).

We're well into 2009 and approaching that wonderful time of the year again - no not Christmas just yet, but wedding season! For any brides-to-be out there sorting out the fine details of the Big Day, be sure to check out Toronto Wedding Professionals for resources on everything wedding!

Thanks as well to Toronto Wedding Professionals for the love!!

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See the original post on Toronto Wedding Professionals, your resource for everything weddings!
There are several different foundation textures out there to help put your best face forward on the Big Day. Whether you're looking for lighter or heavier face coverage, rest assured there is a foundation type out there for you. Yet with so much selection between all the brands and textures, the amount to choose from can be overwhelming! Check out these foundation types to find your perfect match:

Tinted Moisturizer

  • gives slight colour and moisturizes in one
  • provides minimal coverage of all foundation types
  • best-suited for women with clear skin
Mineral Make-up
  • light to medium coverage
  • use with a kabuki brush to build up product
  • best for women with clear skin
  • very popular foundation texture for bridal make-up
  • light to medium buildable coverage
  • suitable for all skin types
  • a light layer of liquid foundation was used in the pictures here, as we wanted to ensure the bride's gorgeous freckles remained visible!
  • similar to liquid foundation, but with air whipped into it creating a lighter, whipped formula
  • light to medium buildable coverage
  • great product for mature women, as the light formula is not as prone to setting into fine lines
Powdered Foundation
  • leaves a powdery finish, but with more coverage due to the built-in foundation
  • light to medium coverage
  • great for oily skin, but suitable for all skin types
Stick/Cream Foundation
  • offers maximum amount of coverage
  • best for normal to dry skin types, but can look too slick on oily skin
To see more:
BEAUTY 101 | Which Foundation Type is Right for Me?

More make-up tips to come!

Rhia Amio, Toronto Make-up Artist

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AFTER:Here's a before and after pic of the lovely Sam, from a shoot we did with Andrew back in December. All I have to say is watch out for this face - this gorgeous young lady has a very bright future ahead of her!

Get Sam's Smoky Eyes
More with Sam and Andrew

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MAC's latest Brunette, Blonde and Redhead collection is designed to simplify the colour co-ordination process and complement one of the most coveted female features - hair! The personalized colour palettes offer a range of products for eyes, lips and cheeks that are specifically "formulated to be coiffure-friendly".

It appears as though I'm a Brunette, Blonde and a Redhead, as I'm loving items from all three hair colours of the collection! Check back soon as I'll be posting my reviews of some of the gorgeous products that fall under this collection.

Available January 8th, 2009 at MAC stores and counters nationwide.

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Much to my excitement, I recently learned (it's been on the wire for a few months now) that MAC's gorgeous Mineralize Collection is now a permanent staple at MAC counters and stores! The Mineralize Collection offers foundations, powders, eyeshadows and blushes infused with rich minerals that add dimension and luminosity.

What I love about the Mineralize collection:
Mineralize Skinfinish Powder
$30.00 CAD

Mineralize Skinfinish Powder has a gorgeous subtle shimmer texture. Use the lighter shades of this powder to highlight atop the browbone and cheekbone. Use the darker shades as a contour for the cheekbones and around the eyes. Mineralize Skinfinish Powder also works great as an all-over powder for light and multi-dimensional coverage.

Mineralize Skinfinish/Natural
$30.00 CAD

Similar to Skinfinish Powder, Skinfinish Natural also provides lightweight multi-dimensional coverage, but with a matte (rather than shimmer) finish. This powder is a staple in my personal make-up bag for touch-ups throughout the day, and a favourite go-to product for bridal appointments. I love using it as a subtle highlighting and contouring powder, without the shimmer! The darker shades also work well as bronzers.

Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo
$21.00 CAD

Mineralize Eye Shadow Duos contain two complementary or contrasting shades of eyeshadow with a shimmer finish. The eyeshadows give a subtle sheen when applied dry, and an intense, heavy metal look when used wet. You'll find Mineralize duos in Engaging and Earthly Riches in my own kit.

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Q: I have creaseless Asian eyes and I’ve practically given up on eyeliner, because it never seems to stay in place! Any tips for us crease-less gals?

A: Great question! I know part of the frustration is that after accomplishing the feat of applying the eyeliner perfectly, you blink and an imprint of the eyeliner appears on the eyelid! And for whatever reason, now the eyeliner seems tougher to remove without ruining the eyeshadow you just carefully applied as well.

To apply eyeliner on gorgeous Asian lids, it’s best to use a 2-step approach:

1. Minimize oily lids by first applying a cream concealer or a smudgeproof cream eyeshadow.

Apply a layer of skin-tone matching concealer all over your eyelid (from lashline to eyebrow). Blend well so that you don’t see any visible streaks of the product. Set the concealer with a dusting of loose powder to help it last longer and smooth out the eyelid.


Apply the cream eyeshadow in a neutral base colour all over eyelid in the same manner. Blend well. Try MAC Paints or Paint Pots.
Using one of the above products will help act as an absorbing agent for oily lids, reduce the chance of unwanted eyeliner transfer!

2. Use either a waterproof pencil liner, gel liner or liquid liner. “Waterproof” and “smudgeproof” are keywords when looking for your liner of choice here.

When applying, keep the line very tight to the lashline. If you take the eyeliner too far up, it’s more prone to imprinting where you don’t want it to. Instead of drawing a thick line, use a black cream eyeshadow (make sure it's smudgeproof) to add height to the line. The eyeshadow will blend out smoothly and will be less messy looking when you blink and look down.

ARTIST TIP: If you’re using pencil to line the eyes, set the look by tracing over it with black eyeshadow. I love liquid liner for its incontestable staying power. If you want something that doesn’t budge, use liquid. The line is more ‘harsh-looking’, but if you keep the line tight to the lashes, you don’t have to worry about looking vampy!

Hope this helps!

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I was contacted a few weeks back by the marketing masters at Matchstick to review the newly released L’oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara. Beauty Tubes Mascara is a 2-in-1 primer plus mascara formula that aims to take your lashes to new heights! You’ve probably seen some commercials (featuring the gorgeous Linda Evangelista) for the new mascara. I've been noticing it more in local drugstores recently since its release date in December 2008 (throughout Canadian stores).

Here’s how to use Beauty Tubes:

BEFORE: Sparse eyelashes

Step 1: After curling the eyelashes, use the nourishing micro-fibre primer on the one end of the tube to build up and extend the lashes. (You can see the lengthening magic working already!)
ARTIST TIP: I find using one base coat best so as not to weigh down the lashes.

Step 2: Use the mascara end of the tube to apply two coats of black mascara. Make sure the white primer coat is completely concealed.

The Result: Instant lash extensions!
ARTIST TIP: Have a lash fan handy to keep lashes separated.

The mascara does as it promises, giving great length to the lashes without smudging and flaking. My own lashes are pretty sparse, so the product unfortunately doesn't provide what I look for in a mascara (i.e. volume!!). On a positive note, what I did love about Beauty Tubes is how super easy it was to remove - despite not budging all day! With some warm water, the mascara simply slid off and still in tube form!

The mascara reminds me of a long-time favourite Kiss Me Mascara, but at half the pricepoint. I have to admit that Kiss Me gives my lashes better volume though, so I'd likely skip the Beauty Tubes and save my money towards that. Overall, I would recommend L'oreal's Beauty Tubes more for (those lucky) women with already full lashes that long for lengthening power in their mascara.

L’oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes retails for approximately $15 CAD and are currently available in local drug and grocery stores.

Are you loving L'oreal's latest mascara? Let Matchstick and L'oreal know what you think!

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I am pleased to announce that is officially live!

For a couple of years now, the domain has temporarily been pointing to my blog here at, as we have been working hard behind the scenes to build the content and get the official site up and running! This blog first started out as a way to document my work as a make-up artist, but has since turned into a full-time hobby (and hopefully useful information resource) with posts on everything beauty!

I will continue to blog frequently here on and post make-up tips, product reviews, answers to your make-up questions along with updates on what's new at artistrhi.

I'd love to hear what you think. Check out the new site and drop me an email to let me know!

A very special thanks to my awesome webmeister Rosie of Design in Rotation for her creative eye and technical expertise!! Many thanks for all the support!

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Nearly five litres of coffee and countless clicks of a mouse later, we're getting closer and closer to launching the official site! Stay tuned as we go live tomorrow morning (Monday, January 5th , 2009).

One of my favourite features of the site is the easy-to-navigate portfolio that will feature bridal, make-over and commercial photo galleries. Until the official launch tomorrow, here's a sneak peak at one of the photo entries that will be featured on the site. (Model Erin and Photography by Paul B.)

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With the New Year, I'm sure we've all made a slew of resolutions to help us look better on the outside with the subconscious hope that it will make us feel better on the inside. Yet, one of the best make-overs I think we can treat ourselves to is a "mind make-over" to rethink what we consider to be "beautiful".

Carmindy's latest book release, Get Positively Beautiful, is filled both with helpful make-up tips and self-esteem building thoughts to get you on track to the best you (physically and mentally)! The book includes a comprehensive breakdown of the overwhelming amount of make-up tools and product, along with make-up artist tips for perfecting the features of the face. Carmindy details what products she recommends at the higher end and lower end cost range, so you can make an informed consumer choice about what product to buy.

What I love about Get Positively Beautiful is the focus on the make-overs and beauty journies of "real women". Women of all ages (from teens to 60+) and diverse backgrounds are the muses, as Carmindy explains how to play up your best features rather than focus on how to change what we find negative.

The book makes a great read for people of all ages, and especially for teens just learning about make-up. Carmindy's philosophy of "celebrating uniqueness" in beauty is a mantra we should all abide by. Start the New Year off right and learn more about Carmindy's Get Positively Beautiful movement!

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Speaking of the New Year and new looks, it's been in the works for months now and we're closing in on finishing up the final details of! The domain has been pointing to my blog in the meantime, but as of Monday, January 5th , 2009 the official artistrhi site will be up and running!

Some of the features we wanted to incorporate into the site:
Accessibility - Users with special needs will be able to navigate the site.

Comprehensiveness - Intuitive user interface and ease of navigation throughout the site.

Cross-browser compatibility - Testing to ensure the user experience in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari is consistent.

Calendar - Ability to view upcoming events and current bookings.

Interactivity - Ability to submit comments, encouraging feedback and discussion.

Stay tuned!

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