I know Tricia through volunteering with Look Good Feel Better and aside from being a beautiful person inside and out, Tricia is also a talented and professional hair artist. I had the chance to work alongside her this past Saturday at Irene's wedding. There are many details that need to come together on the big day, and it's always great, when you get the opportunity to work with a professional who knows what they're doing. Check out some of Tricia's creations posted below to gain a different perspective of the behind the scenes of the big day!

To see more, view the slideshow here or see the make-up here.
If you would like to contact Trish for your big day, please email me at rhia@artistrhi.com and I'll be pleased to pass on her info.

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A toothpick is one of the most basic beauty tools around. We all know the esthetically pleasing benefits of a toothpick post-meal...and we also all know the horror when we realize we've just been talking to someone with a giant chunk of food wedged between our front teeth! Where's a toothpick when we need one?!

Well, the benefits of toothpicks don't stop there - I find toothpicks great for separating lashes and for getting rid of stubborn clumps of mascara. Use one end of the toothpick to pull through any tangled lashes. Make sure to start the movement of the toothpick outward from the root of the lash to the clumped end. You always want to be delicate around the eyes.

p.s. Just don't use the same toothpick you used for your mouth for the separating!

p.p.s. If you have too many clumps, it's probably time to replace your mascara. Toothpicks can only do so much! Check out some recommended mascaras to try!

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