Just in case you go a little overboard with the alcohol consumption this evening (it is New Year's after all!), here are a few quick make-up tips to help you nurse (and conceal) tomorrow's hang-over!

1. Moisturize!
If you didn't get the chance to do so the night (or early morning!) before, make sure you thoroughly cleanse the skin and remove any leftover make-up. Hydrate the skin by applying moisturizer, as alcohol dehydrates the body. Don't forget the lips - apply some lip balm to soften them for your lip application later.

2. Say bye to post-party eyes.

Use some eye drops to lessen any redness in the eyes, and an eye cream to help tone down any under-eye puffiness.

Concealer will make all the difference for telltale signs of a late party night (i.e. darkened undereye circles!). Use a peachy-pink concealer to brighten any dark undereye circles, and follow with your skin tone matching concealer to blend it all in.

Avoid eyeshadow colours that are red-based (like purple, mahogany and certain browns). Red-based tones tend to enhance any redness in sleep-deprived eyes. Instead, opt for a black or even a dark blue eyeliner to contrast the whites of the eyes, making them appear brighter. Top the eyes off by curling the lashes and adding 2 coats of mascara for a wide-eyed look.

3. Get (well,
fake) glowing skin!
Apply bronzer in this prescribed 3-shape motion to build-up an even glow and bring life back to post-party dull and dehydrated skin. Smile and add some blush to the cheeks - this will help you look awake...even though you may not feel so awake right away!

4. Shine on with gloss.
As the finishing touch, apply a moisturizing gloss in a peachy-pink colour and you'll be ready for a new day...AND a new year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!! See you in 2010 :) -Rhia

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New photos by Mathew Wilson are now up on the Fashion section of rhiaamio.com! Check out some pics from behind the scenes here.

I'm itching to get creative and do more creatives...can't wait to see what 2010 will bring!

Creative Team
Photography: Mat Wilson
Make-up/Hair: Rhia Amio
Stylist: Emily Harris-Brandts
Model: Tara Elizabeth

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