Check out the article on Canada Post CEO, Moya Greene, in the latest issue of Report on Business Magazine. Photos by Claudia Hung and make-up by me!

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Photos of the gorgeous bride, Agata, have now been added to! Other than being blessed with obviously amazing genes, a couple of products that were key in achieving Agata's natural beauty bridal look were:

1. L'oreal Liquid Eyeliner
Longlasting and waterproof - this liquid liner is a bride's best friend! Keep the line tight (rather than thick) to the lashes for more of a naturally enhanced look that will still make your eyes pop.

2. Quo lashes (available at Shoppers Drug Mart)
Agata's look was all about lashes - we used Quo lashes in #801 for a full-on fringe to frame her beautiful eyes. I'm a huge fan of Quo lashes (good quality, amazing pricepoint of $6 CDN!). I opt for the ones that are more of a natural length when it comes to my bridal clients.

3. Duo Lash Glue
Your lashes will stay put day into night with this super eyelash adhesive. I've tried other brands, but the consistent performance of Duo's Lash Glue puts it at the top of my list!

ARTIST TIP: Liquid liner works well to conceal the false eyelash band. Apply the liquid liner before the false lashes are on so you can access all the tiny gaps in the lashline. (Once the lashes are on, it becomes more difficult to fill in the tiny gaps along the eyelash line). After the false eyelashes have been applied, add more liquid liner to conceal the band and perfect the line (see photo above).

See more of the lovely Bride here!

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To achieve Jackie's smoldering look, try these key products:
1. MAC Paint Pot in Blackground - I layered this black cream eyeshadow atop black powder eyeshadow on the outer corners of the eye to increase longevity of the eye make-up application. Dark colours become more obvious (than light colours) when they crease, so be sure to apply a base of neutral cream eyeshadow or your concealer atop the eyelids to help the application last longer.

2. Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown - I've preached about the kit essential factor of this pencil before, but with more intense eye make-up, a well-polished brow is necessary. For Jackie's brows, the pencil was used to refine the shape and add balance to the face. Read more on Rimmel's Eyebrow Pencil here.

3. Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara - Curl those eyelashes for an eye-opening effect, and add a couple of coats of Lash Stiletto to take your lashes to new heights. I'm a big fan of switching up my mascara and trying out new all the new ones that hit the market, but Lash Stiletto has been a staple for a few months now. See the Product Review on Lash Stiletto here.

Finish the look by adding a bit of blush and a neutral pink coloured lipstick and/or gloss. The aim here is to keep the rest of the look light, so as not to detract attention away from those smoky eyes!

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I added a couple of photos to the Julie + Trevor e-session set that allow a closer view of the make-up (and Julie's stunning features!)

Claudia Hung E-Session + artistrhi Collaboration
For any engaged couples out there (well, particularly brides-to-be!), receive a complimentary mini make-up session for your engagement shoot, when booking wedding photography services with Claudia Hung. Mind you, Claudia's images always look amazing, even without my brush work! Enough babble from me. Go check it out - the images speak for themselves!

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Sometimes we have to go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate our make-up routine, as changes in our skin or in our trusted go-to products result in the product not working in the same way we remember. I haven’t noticed a changed in my skin recently, but for whatever reason unbeknownst to me (maybe it’s a seasonal change), lately it doesn’t seem to react well to my kit essential Smashbox Primer. I tried converting to the lighter Oil-Free version, but still no such luck – my T-zone looks a lot shinier by the lunchtime mark (usually I was touch-up free until that afternoon break)!

I decided to give Cargo’s HD Primer a shot after reading great reviews about it by other bloggers. The result? Cargo’s Primer has become my go-to primer. The primer seems to be tinted when it initially comes out of the tube, but blends into the skin seamlessly, regardless of skin tone. It leaves the skin with a smooth, silky feel - all without being greasy. The formula itself is light (think of an almost whipped consistency) and non-scented. My foundation has reverted to the normal staying power, and my touch-up comes later in the day!

For my client applications, I’ve found that Cargo’s Primer works better on normal to oily skin types. For dry skin types, I still find Smashbox’s Primer to be the better choice.

ARTIST TIP: I’ve noticed in recent months that there’s alot of these primer samples being offered at either Shoppers Drug Mart or Sephora. Never hesitate to ask the sales associate if they have a sample of any product you’re interested in - it never hurts to try before you buy!

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Here's a sneak peek at some of the pics from Minh's wedding in May. It was a beautiful day for her wedding, making a perfect backdrop for the stunning bride and her gorgeous bridal party. Congratulations, Minh - thank you for letting me share in your Big Day!

See more here!

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A creative shot a couple weeks back with Teama Cheema is finally up on! Check out the set to see how Nadia worked her magic behind the lens once again!

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Check out the gorgeous before and after results of a recent bridal trial with Keri. I've known Keri since high school, and it's always a neat feeling when you get to work with someone you've known on a day as big as a Wedding Day!

Key components to achieving Keri's make-up look here are:
1. Kett Airbrush Foundation - This water-based medium coverage foundation left Keri's skin with a beautiful and consistent coverage, helping to balance out her skin tone without feeling cakey! Bonus of airbrush foundation - it will last you through the entire day and requires minimal touch-ups! My brides so far are absolutely loving it!

2. Laura Mercier Secret Concealer #2 - Use the tiniest amount of this peach-coloured concealer to brighten darker undereye circles.

3. Rimmel eyebrow pencil - this inexpensive Kit Essential is a personal favourite of mine and many clients I work with. The waxy texture helps you achieve those light, feathery strokes that produce a more natural looking, but full, brow!

Keri's wedding is this Saturday so stay tuned as I'll be sure to show off the photos of this beauty shortly!

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What a fun day this shoot was! I inhaled so many feather dustballs (is there such a thing? you know what I mean!) in preparation for this shoot that I was beginning to think I wouldn't be able to pull the concept off. The make-up here was pretty involved, and I thank everyone that worked on this shoot for their patience. (My end took the most time even though I tried to do some prep beforehand!) Coming up with awesome images is one thing, but the opportunity to work with talented and fun professionals is always a real treat!

Here are some behind the scenes pics that didn't make the final portfolio cut (thanks Nads and Cisya for these pics! I think!):

feathers. it seemed like a good idea at the time!

Cisya and Nads makin' it worrrk!

Teama Cheema!

Besides...what's the point if it's not fun?

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Here are a few shots of Kieu's bridal make-up from a couple of weekends back (yes sorry, I'm still catching up on a bunch of pics!). Kieu has such perfect skin (literally just like a doll's) and gorgeous features...which means my 'work' here was pretty much effortless. We kept the look to soft pink tones to brighten the skin and produce a healthy glow.

For a clean and classic bridal look like Kieu's, try incorporating these key products we used:
1. FACE atelier: This silicone-based foundation sits atop the skin and gives it a soft, dewy finish. Just one layer produces medium coverage and you're camera ready! (NOTE: If your skin is more oil-prone, opt for another foundation. The silicone base will have too much slip to carry you through the day).

2. NARS Orgasm - The name says it all: get that natural flush with a swish of a brush and NARS Orgasm blush (ok, I was trying too hard to rhyme there. That's why my career as a rap artist never flew). Orgasm is a universally flattering colour that works well on many skin tones. Just smile, dust on the apples of the cheeks and blend well!

3. MAC Twig Lipstick and Pink Lemonade Lipglass - Stick to a neutral (rather than fluorescent!) pink and top with gloss for a pucker-ready pout!

Congratulations, Kieu! All the best and thanks for letting me take part! :)

See more of Kieu.

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Check out for updates in the creative section! The inspiration for this look was my eyebrows circa 1990. (Umm, can you say drag queen?! I love the pencil thin eyebrow look - part of me kind of wishes it would come back!) Ok but really, the inspiration behind this shoot was derived from the 1930s and the fabulous flapper era. I love the movement that Nadia captured and Katie conveyed in the photo above - yay Teama Cheema!! See more from the Behind the Scenes here.

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MAC's latest Style Warrior collection (available May 20th, 2009) is not a collection for the faint of heart. The diverse colour combinations and animal print packaging call out to the bold make-up connoisseur. African themes are hot this summer (think Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2009, where bold colours, chunky jewellery and animal prints were staple elements on the runway); the colours of the Style Warrior collection are an easy (and relatively economical) way to incorporate the bright trends of summer into your look!

Some products I love from this collection are Purple Rite, an orchid lipstick with a frost finish and Violet Fire, a bright magenta purple nail polish. Consider yourself warned: the collection may be Savannah inspired, but camouflage you it will not!

Check out the limited edition collection and add a little pop of colour (and in-trend packaging!) to your everyday beauty routine.

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Check out the latest camera phone behind-the-scenes snaps of a Teama Cheema photoshoot! The inspiration behind this creative was the runway look from Dior Spring/Summer 2008. Yes, I know feathers have been done many a time, but I thought it would be an interesting challenge for myself and a neat addition to the portfolio. My sincere thanks to the wonderful team that made this all happen - this could not have been accomplished without everyone's talent and patience!

Miranda - makin' it worrk!

Rashel - always on point!

some of my prep work for the shoot! I was up to my elbows in feathers these past few weeks!

Stay tuned for the finished product! I'll post them as soon as I can :)

Models: Rashel, Miranda, Tyleen (not pictured)
Photographer: Nadia Cheema
Hair: Sandro of Pop Hair
Stylist: Cisya P
Make-up/Feather Quality Control: Rhia Amio

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