Thanks to all you fabulous readers who entered and shared what makes you look and feel glam! The lucky winner of the contest is...Eve of Toronto! Congratulations Eve - hope you get to put this collection to good use with the season of holiday parties upon us! Enjoy :)To see what the lucky contest winner receives, check out my review here.

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Q: How many times can I re-use false eyelashes?
A: False eyelashes can be re-used a good 2-3 times before it's definitely time to chuck them. To maximize the wear out of your falsies, be sure to clean them gently, but thoroughly, after each use. Keep the container that the false lashes come in, and store the falsies back on the rounded center to retain their curved shape. Once the applied falsies start looking too crusty or crunchy, it's time to invest in a new pair. Fortunately, many quality falsies don't cost an arm and a leg! Brands like Ardell, Revlon and Quo (available at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada) all offer great looking falsies for under $7...and $7 for such a glamorous end result is definitely a steal to me!

Q: I have trouble with applying darker eyeshadows. Do you have any tips?
A: Typically when it comes to applying eyeshadow, the make-up products and tools you're using can really make or break the look. Stick to high-pigmented shadows that glide on smooth, rather than chalky (essentially, you shouldn't have to dig too hard at the colour for it to apply with intensity!). Most eyeshadows by prestige brands are worth the investment - they blend easier, last longer and you'll end up using even less because the formula is so pigmented. Try Make-up Forever or MAC eyeshadows in particular - both lines offer an extensive selection of beautifully pigmented colours.

When it comes to darker eyeshadows, blending with the right brushes is key to achieving a professional look. I recommend at least two (I would recommend more if I could!) brushes for a smoky eye look:

1. a crease/pencil tip brush (i.e. MAC 219)
2. a blender brush (i.e. MAC 222)

Use the crease brush to precisely apply the darkest colour in the hollow of the eye down towards to the lashline. Use the blender brush to soften the look; blend atop the area you just applied eyeshadow too by using a back and forth motion. Apply more eyeshadow as desired, but always be sure to follow with blending. You want the finished look to be diffused - you don't want to see where the line starts or stops!

More smoky eye tips: Save your concealer application until the very end of your routine. When using darker colours, there's always the potential for flakes of shadow to stray from where you intended them to be. Dust some translucent powder underneath the eyes (or place a tissue beneath the eye as you apply eyeshadow) to catch any flailing bits that can lead to a smudgy mess! Once your eyeshadow application is done, then it's safe to apply your concealer as normal and top it off with powder to set it.

For more smoky eye tips, get the look here (just in time for the holidays!)

Thanks M of Australia for these questions - hope these help!! :)

If you have a make-up related question you'd like to ask, drop me an email: rhia[at]artistrhi[dot]com. I look forward to hearing from you!

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I glam my readers are!
With this latest Marcelle Ultra Glam contest I've been gaining some insight into the lives of my totally glamorous readers. I'm also ecstatic to hear how tips and reviews on the artistrhi blog help to keep you looking and feeling fab. Thanks guys and good luck!

Have you entered yet? Contest closes this Friday! See more details here and the review of what you'll get here.

I like...Nadia Cheema Photography's new site!
Nadia Cheema is a talented fashion and portrait photographer I frequently work with, and also a dear friend. She recently re-launched her website to include a new format, where the pics can be viewed in super high resolution. It makes my jaw drop to see pretty pictures that big! Check out her new site...and you'll see some familiar pics! :) (Yes, slightly biased I know!)

I like...Claudia Hung, Editorial and Wedding Photographer!
Claudia Hung is a talented editorial and wedding photographer that I'm fortunate to work with and call a friend as well! Claud helped awkward me take the shots at left for a very exciting gig I have coming up! More details to come soon :)

Ok, so maybe it's more like "I love" all of the above.... :)

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artistrhi weddings update! It's been an absolutely beautiful November for Toronto weddings and gorgeous brides! I had the honour of working with the lovely Maricar for her wedding during the first week of this month. Here's a recap of some of my fave behind the scenes shots with the bride and her party:

Adding the finishing touches to the bride-to-be

Such gorgeous lips!

I could play with make-up on eyelids like these all day :)

Setting the base with some translucent powder

Workin' away!

Glossin' it up!

See more from the Big Day on!

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Check out the Fashion section of for a shoot with photography by Denny Lee and styling by Ashley Storm. I had a great time on set with these folks and with our striking models! I hope you enjoy the pics, as I definitely enjoyed helping to make them! :)

Photography: Denny Lee (
Make-up/Hair: Rhia Amio (
Styling: Ashley Storm

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I love doing shoots with Nadia Cheema aka Nads - the creative juices get to flow and we just understand each other! She's a truly talented photographer, and I'm happy to call her a friend as well.
Ok, getting back to our latest collabo! The theme behind this shoot was Grimm's Fairy Tales. Now I don't know if you've ever read the original Grimm's tales, but the stories are quite the opposite of the Disney-everyone-lives-happily-ever-after versions. Just saying - something to think about....and now, here's something to look at - check out the Snow White set in the Fashion section of! :)

side note:
We did 2 other Grimm's inspired looks that long, but awesome, day with Teama Cheema. I think my favourite look of the day was Rapunzel. I'll be posting the rest as soon as I get them...stay tuned! :)

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Rhia Amio

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Pro photos from Linda's wedding have now been added to! The stunning images are courtesy of Chris Luk Photography - be sure to check out his site too for tons more wedding inspiration and images from Linda and Shane's Big Day!

See more of Linda here.

Photo credit:

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So now that 2009 wedding season is pretty much wrapped up (still have about 3 more weddings to post!), it's time to get acquainted with lovely 2010 brides!! Mary is one of the brides I'm excited to be working with next year...what an absolutely gorgeous and sweet lady! Here's her before and after as we prepped for her engagement shoot. As you can see, I just added the finishing touches - the rest is all Mary!

See you in March, Mary! wahoooo :)

On a side note, 2010 is 50% booked for brides. If you're still looking for a make-up artist, feel free to send an email to rhia[at]artistrhi[dot]com to discuss!

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Q: hi Rhia,
Hoping you can help...the tip of my nose and the skin right below it are really prone to turning red, and the cold weather (and cold/flu season) isn't helping! Are there any products you can recommend to help hide the redness? I have heard that using green concealer works?

A: Tell me about it - I get a case of "Rudolph" nose during this colder time of the year too! Fortunately, we have make-up on our side to help us camouflage the redness we get from irritation. :)

First off, with all the nose wiping and blowing, make sure you moisturize the tips of your nose well. Treat yourself to at least 2-ply tissue...and hey spoil yourself with 3-ply if you're blowing your nose constantly! Softer tissue will help to reduce the irritation that comes from the constant friction of you rubbing your nose.

Now in terms of using green concealer, I always advise clients to use a light hand, as it's one of those tricky colours to work with. The use of green concealer is based on colour wheel theory: green is the opposite colour of red so once applied, green helps to neutralize and reduce redness. In the past, I have used green concealer to combat redness whether it be around the nose, for a rash or for a pimple! You do have to be careful to blend it properly....otherwise the green concealer can leave a pale white-green cast on the area applied...and you may end up drawing unwanted attention to that same area you're trying to hide! An easier and more user-friendly colour to work with is a creamy yellow concealer. Apply the yellow in the same manner as you would with the green concealer (start off light because it's always easier to add more!).

How to apply:
1. Distribute the colour correcting concealer over the redness and blend.
2. Apply your skin-tone matching concealer and/or foundation atop.
3. Set the application with a dusting of powder.
4. Pack the concealer in your make-up kit, as you may need to touch up the area once you blow your nose again.

Colour Correctors to try:
Benefit You're Bluffing Concealer Wand (approx $22)
The tube applicator makes it easy to lightly apply the concealer where needed. The formula glides and disguises redness well.

Physicians Formula Gentle Cover Concealer Stick (approx $8)
Physicians Formula concealer comes in Green, Yellow or Pale Yellow. The formula glides on smooth, is non-drying and blends easily into the skin.

Marcelle Universal Concealer Palette ($16)
Use the yellow of this palette to colour correct and then blend with one (or a mix of the skin tone colours). I love this palette - see my review here (oh yeah, and enter the contest to win one!)

Thanks for the great question - especially at this time of the year!

If you have a make-up related question you'd like to ask, drop me an email: rhia[at]artistrhi[dot]com. I look forward to hearing from you!

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You may remember Linda from our trial way back in May (just as wedding season was really getting underway). It's hard to believe her beautiful Big Day has already come and gone!! We started Linda's make-up prep early on a Saturday morning (we're talking 6:30 AM!) so you'll have to pardon the quality of the shots. The sun wasn't up as yet and the flash slightly washed out the colour of the shots. Despite the early morning start, Linda and her gorgeous bridesmaids were such troopers! Thanks for the fun morning ladies and congratulations Linda! :)

Check out the rest of the pics here or by clicking the pic above!

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Oh Old Man Winter! Ok, I know we're not officially into winter just yet, but we might as well be with the colder weather AND the summer tan long gone by now!! If your skin is feeling a little lacklustre and you're in need of a little make-up pick-me-up, a cream highlighter is a great make-up product to insert into your routine! Here's my take on some tried and tested highlighters:

Laura Mercier Secret Brightener ($30 US)

Love this multi-purpose highlighter that has a slight touch of shimmer. Use it to highlight atop the browbone, blend down the temple and atop the cheekbone for shimmer kissed look. Secret Brightener blends with ease and leaves a smooth finish - use it underneath the eyes to instantly brighten the darkest of undereye circles (yes, even mine) and top off with your concealer.

Yves St. Laurent ($40 USD)
photo: YSL

Industry celebrated and award winning Yves St. Laurent's Touche Eclat is a staple in the bags of make-up artists, beauty editors and models! This creamy highlighter gives smooth beautiful coverage in 4 different shades. Touche Eclat is marked at a hefty pricepoint of $40 USD, but the tube goes a long way (you only need to use a small amount per application!) Besides for a product touted as "8 hours sleep in a pen", the benefits of having it far outweight the costs! What I love about this cream highlighter is that it doesn't have any shimmer to it. I even like to swipe a stripe of it down the middle of the nose and blend it for a streamlined look!

Face Atelier
I swear by Face Atelier's foundations. The silicone-based formula is universally flattering to all skin types, but particularly a great choice for those with dry skin (and we all know with winter, everyone's skin is feeling a bit tighter/drier!). FACE Atelier's Ultra Sheer Pro highlighters are equally as lovable. The silicone-based formula glides on lightweight and blends easily into the skin. You can easily incorporate it into your routine by applying it overtop your foundation or adding it to either your foundation or moisturizer! Mix it with your foundation (ideally also silicone-based) for an instant dewy finish...or add a bit to your moisturizer and apply all over for a healthy and luminous skin glow! Ultra Sheer Pro comes in several tones including Opal (a pearl highlighter), Champagne (a pinky tone that can double as a blush), Peach (can also double as a blush) and Bronze (for a bronzed glow! self-explanatory!). Endless options, but always gorgeous looking skin!!

Benefit's Moon Beam
photo: Sephora

Ok as much as I try to be objective...or at least highlight the positive points about a product, I don't know what all the hype is about with Benefit's Moon Beam highlighter! (Moon Beam is always a feature product in beauty mags, and was even garnered the coveted Allure's Editor Choice Award). It takes a good amount of practice to get the hang of Moon Beam's consistency. Mind you, I do like the nail polish applicator that makes the product easy to apply...and the formula is potent - we're talking high-shine (I'll give Benefit props on that!) But in terms of overall usability, this product is not for the beauty novice, nor for the slow-fingered. Best technique of application: use the nail-polish like applicator to apply a series of tiny dots along the area you want to highlight, and then blend thoroughly (and immediately!). Moon Beam can be great for photoshoots because of the stark and concentrated highlighting contrast, but for an everyday routine, a little goes a long way!!

Important note:
Remember, a highlighting product will only work well on hydrated and healthy skin - it's not meant to replace a good moisturizer! :)

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Lazy sunday... ;)

Rhia Amio

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Just another glamorous Saturday night! :)
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Enter to win a beauty prize package courtesy of Marcelle Cosmetics!! You could win your own Marcelle Ultra Glam look (value of $70 CAD) which includes the following products:
Concealer Palette in Universal Beige
Wet & Dry Eye Shadow Quad in Blue Moon
Khol Eyeliner in Soft Black
Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Very Black
Volume Precision Mascara in Black
Vita-Lip Plumping Gloss in Nude

See here for my review and Ultra Glam look! ;)

All you have to do is:

  1. email rhia[at]artistrhi[dot]com with the words "Marcelle Contest" in the subject line. In the body of the email tell me what makes you feel ultra glam.
    It doesn't necessarily have to be a make-up product, it can be an item of clothing, a certain way you wear your hair, etc. You can keep it short and sweet...I just like learning about my readers! :)


  2. you must be an artistrhi reader! or rhi-der (get it!). If you aren't already, subscribe either
    i). as a fan on facebook OR
    ii). as a follower on twitter
    If you're already a fan on facebook or twitter, then all you have to do is submit part 1 above!
Important notes:
Contest closes on November 27th, 2009 at 10PM EST. Winner will be chosen by random draw, but the above criteria must be met to be eligible for entry. Contest is open to legal Canadian residents only. I will announce the winner here on the blog on Monday, November 30th.

Good luck everyone!! :)

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It's always a pleasure working with the incredibly talented and kind Claudia Hung and not to mention her super cool clients!! With the weather getting colder and the days getting shorter, I thought Claud and I were done with e-shoots for the year! :( ...but thankfully we managed to sneak another in with Katherine + fact, all the stars aligned and even the weather this past weekend agreed with us for the shoot! :)

As you can see, Katherine (aka Kippy) is a natural beauty...she was also an absolute delight to work with! From our quick make-up session to prep her for the e-shoot, we learned what a small world it was...we both went to school at Waterloo and turns out we have some common friends!! Go figure!

See more from Katherine + Andrew on Claudia's blog. (Thanks for the shout-out, Claud!!) :)

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CONTEST ALERT!Marcelle Cosmetics is offering one very lucky artistrhi reader the chance to literally GET THE LOOK with their Fall 2009 Ultra Glam collection! Stay tuned for contest details!

In the meantime, I've been test running the items myself (don't'll get your own brand new Ultra Glam kit!). Here's what the lucky winner will have to look forward to :)

Concealer Palette in Universal BeigeThis (aptly named) universally flattering palette contains four pans of creamy concealer, including a yellow colour correcting shade. I mixed the pink tone (see top left of the pan above) with the yellow (see bottom) to achieve the perfect shade of camouflage for my dark undereye circles. The texture of the concealer was smooth and creamy without being too thick. I was able to build up coverage without the concealer creasing into the fine lines around my eyes. Love!

ARTIST TIP: Apply some of the concealer atop the eyelid to act as a base for your eyeshadow application. This helps to prevent creasing throughout the day, and also helps the eyeshadow appear more intense and truer to its actual colour.

Wet & Dry Eye Shadow Quad in Blue Moon
This palette of blue-greys is a knock-out choice for blue-eyed gals (as in the Marcelle ad above)! Even though in my own smoky eye routine I normally reach for greys, browns and blacks, I really liked the overall look of the palette on my brown eyes. The blues of the palette are neutral enough that they work well with nearly any skin tone. I did have to dig at the navy eyeshadow a bit to get it to appear more intense. The pigment quality of the shadows is decent, but the shadows leave more of a blended and natural finish overall. The palette is a great option for anyone that wants to incorporate a little colour without going overboard!

ARTIST TIP: The beautiful thing about navy is that it makes the whites of the eyes seem brighter (anything that makes me look brighter and more alert scores high in my book!) Use a little water with the navy eyeshadow and it doubles as a brightening coloured eyeliner!

Khol Eyeliner in Soft Black & Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Very Black
A soft, khol eyeliner is essential when doing a smoky eye and Marcelle's doesn't disappoint: it smudges how you want it to but also holds in place making it a perfect choice for a gorgeous smoky eye. Everything stayed put and didn't require a touch-up until my usual check-in of 4 hours. I have very oily lids so I tend to lean towards using liquid eyeliner, as it's less check-up fuss. Thankfully, Marcelle sent over a liquid eyeliner too - see next!

I swear by liquid liner because of its long-lasting abilities, even through sweat and tears! Yes, liquid liner does take a little practice in order to achieve a steady and clean look...but often the choice of product also makes a difference in application. Marcelle's liquid liner is a great choice for both beginner and pro liquid liner users. For the beginner, the full-size of the liquid liner gives your hand steady balance and control over where the line will be applied. For the pro, the super precise felt tip (see pic above - it's as fine as a sharpened pencil!) allows you to achieve a very thin and fine line with ease. It's as simple as using a marker to line your lashes. Easily one of my favourite liquid liners ever!!

ARTIST TIP: For added balance when using a liquid liner, rest your drawing hand on your cheek to counteract any shakinesss.

Volume Precision Mascara - Black
An ultra glam look would never be complete without a glammed up mascara! Mascara is like icing on the cake - everything is just better with it :) Marcelle must have heard about my lash gripes, because they sent over a volume precision mascara to help me achieve a full lush lash. I love the tiny stiff bristles of this mascara brush - I was able to get at all my tiny little lash hairs too! Check it out...another instant fave!
ARTIST TIP: Enhance the ultra glam look with a pair of falsies!! Apply false eyelashes and curl to blend with your natural lashes before applying Marcelle's Volume Precision Mascara.

Vita-Lip Plumping Gloss - NudeA nude gloss is a great choice to balance out a strong eye look. I was weary to try this lip gloss out, because although my lashes need plumping, my lips do not! In fact, usually I try to de-emphasize the size of my lips. I've also had bad past instances with lip plumping formulas - from awful smelling formulas to irritated lip reactions - I usually shy away from a product if it has the word 'plumping' in it. I felt a very slight cooling sensation (like a mild Blistex sensation) when I first applied the gloss, but no overall discomfort nor negative skin reaction. In terms of 'plumping', although it defeats the intended purpose, the effect was (thankfully) not noticeable!

From the looks of the gloss in the tube, the colour appeared to be quite 'bronze' (and probably not a gloss colour I would usually buy). Once applied though, the colour neutralized the naturally red-pink colour of my lips to appear more of peachy nude colour. Overall, this Nude lip gloss makes a great choice of colour - it warms up the face and balances the cool tones of the Blue Moon smoky eye.

So, plenty of information here...stay tuned for the contest details on how to win your own Marcelle Ultra Glam look!!!!!!!! Here's me after having fun with all the products:


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This week's Q&A post is a slight departure from the usual make-up related questions. Throughout the emails and inquiries I receive, there tend to be a few repeated questions about me and my background so I thought it would be useful to post the answers here. Whether you're an aspiring make-up artist or just looking to get acquainted, here are the top 5 questions I get asked!1. How long have you been doing make-up?
Make-up is one of those things that has just come naturally, so it’s hard to say when it all really started. I would say I’ve been doing it since my teens, but that doesn’t mean I was doing it ‘well’ back then! I technically did my first make-up for a bride when I was 14 years old, and I would give make-overs to friends and pretty much anyone who would volunteer to be my guinea pig. My kit and experience were more limited at the time, so my very first ‘clients’ were probably subjected to the heavy wing-tipped liquid liner that I liked to do on myself! With experience, I have come to realize and appreciate the vast individuality of each person I work with...and the beauty in not making everyone look the same, but enhancing individual features.

Throughout university, I worked for different make-up brands (like Shiseido, Estee Lauder and Lancome) and continued to do make-up on any willing subjects (mainly girlfriends as we got ready for a night out!). Once I received my BA in Psychology, I actually started working my first full-time real world job in the financial industry. I could never suppress my love for make-up so simultaneously I took on a part-time job as a Make-up Artist with Inglot Cosmetics and continued to freelance. It has been about 3 years since that time, and I continue to freelance with a focus on make-up for bridal, fashion and commercial photoshoots.

2. Do you do this full-time?
Yes, and well no depending on your definition of "full-time". I have appointments mainly on weekends and some throughout the week, but I do work a full-time office job from 8:30 to 5, Monday to Friday. If I’m not working on a wedding or a photoshoot, I devote the spare minutes I have to blogging, picture editing, and using social media (Twitter, Facebook) all in the name of artistrhi. In terms of how many hours per week I spend doing make-up (or make-up related things), I lose count...mainly because it doesn't feel like work!

3. Are you affiliated with a make-up brand, a blog network, etc? Do you get paid to blog?
I am not affiliated with a make-up brand nor blog network, and nor do I get paid to blog on I get samples here and there from companies that would like their products reviewed. So other than that swag, I do not receive direct payment. I even avoid having advertisements on the site just because I don’t like the look (I find them too distracting and irrelevant!) The pay-off for me is having people read what I hope is useful information. I simply have too much information in my head about make-up to not share with others! When I talk about make-up, it's weird to explain - it just kind of flows out of me (most people that know me will testify that once you get me started about make-up, it’s hard to get me to shut up!).

4. Do you take your own pictures? What kind of camera and settings do you use?
Yes, unless otherwise credited, the pictures are taken by either my wonderfully supportive cast (of my boyfriend or sister) or myself. You will see credits assigned if the photo used is from a photographer or from a web source. To take the pics, I have a Canon Rebel xti with a portrait lens. I rely on natural light (when possible) to take accurate pictures of the make-up. If you're just starting out as a make-up artist and looking to build your portfolio, it helps to invest in a decent camera and tote it around with you to any jobs you may have to start documenting your work.

5. Do you work with a team or on your own?
Simply put, my work wouldn’t be possible without the help of a supportive cast. In terms of doing make-up, I do all of the actual application, but have someone on hand to assist with washing brushes. In terms of back-office stuff, I handle the emails, the scheduling, the blogging, taking pictures of and reviewing products for the blog, editing pictures, adding graphics, twittering, updating the facebook fan page, accounting, marketing, etc, etc! My sister is also my webmaster and graphic design consultant. There are so many others...I'm also fortunate to work with talented photographers, like Claudia and Nadia, who inspire me and make my ‘work’ look good! Also, a look isn't complete without polished which I refer talented hair artists like Trisha, CJ and Isabel. Artistrhi just wouldn't 'work' without the combined talent and efforts of all these people (and then some!)!

Hope that helps to answer some of your questions about me + artistrhi! I'm seriously flattered by the inquiries and I hope the answers were helpful....but really at the end of the day, I'm just like everyone else: an ordinary person looking to connect, working to pursue my dream and figuring out my place in the world! Thanks everyone for the love and support :)

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I adjusted the look of to include a template that's way more intuitive, simple and easier-to-navigate! Smoooth. Thank goodness for Dripbook.

You may have noticed in past weeks that I'm changing up the look and feel of the artistrhi site/blog in an attempt to move towards simplicity and uniform branding. I'm excited about more back-end and navigational changes to come soon! Yup, I'm a geek.

Well, hope you like! :)

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artistrhi weddings update: photos from gorgeous bride Ellen's Big Day are now up on the site! For Ellen's bridal look, I airbrushed her foundation on to give her skin natural and flawless coverage. The eyes were enhanced with a subtle glam look using a combo of grey eyeshadows (like MAC's current 4-pan palette in "Grey") plus the always reliable go-to liquid liner. I opted for shimmer products, rather than frosty eyeshadows for subtle shine. The final results = a smashing bride!

Congrats Ellen - thanks for letting me share in your wedding day! :)

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THE show for make-up artists is making its way to Toronto in a couple of weeks. IMATS (International Make-up Artist Trade Show) will be setting up shop at the Direct Energy Centre on the weekend of November 21st-22nd.

A slew of vendors will be available for both make-up artists and make-up enthusiasts. I'm looking forward to picking up some more tried and tested kit fact, my list just keeps on growing:
FACE atelier - foundations
Crown Brush - brushes and disposables
Kett & Temptu - airbrush supplies
Make-up Forever - everything!
Nurturing Force - airbrush cleanser
Yaby - maxi-minimalist kit

Also looking forward to trying out some of the products by Eve Pearl - I've heard plenty of great things about the line from many a blogger, but ever the weary shopper, I always do like to try before I buy :)

Besides the awesome shopping, there's a full two days of great speakers, seminars and workshops available!!! Some presentations to definitely check out will be Hung Vanngo (celebrity fashion & beauty make-up artist), Kevin-James Barnett (industry expert and Emmy award winning artist extraordinaire), along with the bloggers/Youtube beauty gurus behind Pursebuzz and Enkore Make-up!

Get your tickets in advance here and save a few bucks that you can put towards some very important purchases!! See you there :)

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t.o. style showcase! Out of all the make-up tips in the world, one of the most important things I tell clients is that with make-up, you have to do what works for you...and what fits into your lifestyle. Fashion is just like make-up - trends come and go, but style cannot be bought/taught! Check out Joe is the New Black - a site where the featured fashionistas have a style all their own! :)

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Who doesn't love that lush lash look that a pair of good falsies provides?! I'm fairly certain that (unless you're endowed with full lashes a la Brooke Shields) you wouldn't think twice about wearing falsies...if they weren't such a hassle to put on! Fortunately for me, the generous folks at Revlon felt sympathy for my skimpy lashes and sent five pairs of their Fantasy Lengths lashes my way to sample! :)

I'll be the first to admit that I'm great at applying them when it comes to other people (the vantage point and overall control are just better when your viewing from above someone else!), but when it comes to applying falsies on myself...well, patience is the key. So yes, I know your frustrations all too well - there's too many variables that can make things go a shaky hand, a glue that doesn't stick, your carefully applied eyeliner/eyeshadow being smudged by the glue...

Revlon Fantasy Lengths Eyelashes (Self-Adhesive)
Enter Revlon's Fantasy Lengths Self-Adhesive eyelashes. Now in theory, these self-adhesive lashes seem like a godsend! But how do they measure up?

I love the idea of the false eyelashes already having a built-in adhesive so that you don't have to fuss with the glue. With Revlon's self-adhesive falsies, I find you get one chance to get the application right. For instance, say you've applied the lashes and try to remove them to readjust its position, the adhesive tends to lose its stick and it just never feels as secure as when you first put them on. Thankfully, the package comes with a second adhesive so you can either try again, or save your efforts for another day!

I would recommend these lashes to a lash pro - as long as you can apply it directly at the base of the lashes on the first shot, then these babies are meant for you. For those of us (like me) that usually like (or need) to tweak the lashes around a bit more, looks like it's still the good old-fashioned method of add glue and then apply the false lash! In terms of how long the built-in adhesive lasts, it withstood my usual 16 hour day of errand running without falling off...and for a person with typically oily lids, lashes that stay in place for that long always score high in my books! Overall, I do like this product and the idea of it, but I just wish the box came with a person/robot to help me apply the lashes to myself! :)

Last word of warning - be careful when trying to curl your eyelashes after the self-adhesive falsies are on...the adhesive is still quite sticky so be careful not to use the eyelash curler too close to the base of the lash. (I know this sounds like common sense in hindsight, right? ...believe me, it's just better to learn from my example than to experience this one first-hand!)

Here are a couple of product shots of the different self-adhesive Revlon eyelashes I tried out. My favourite of the two was #99500 in "Intensifying" - my skimpy lashes need all the love they can get! :)

Revlon Fantasy Lengths Eyelashes (Regular)

Revlon also generously sent over some of their regular Fantasy Length falsies (without adhesive). My favourite of the non-adhesives was #91128 in "Lush" pictured directly below - again my lashes need all the volume boosting attention they can get! :)
#503 is also a beautiful set if you're looking for full, lush lashes:
#91127 is a good option for natural volume - just adds enough filler that people will think you're wearing a new mascara :)
The mini-glue included with these Fantasy Lengths falsies lasted well throughout the day and the lashes still felt secure once the day was done. Again, that's bonus points for any product that's able to contend with the challenge that are these oily lids of mine! I always like the idea of the mini-glue as a "just-in-case" - you can easily pop the mini-glue in your purse and tote it around with you, in case you need a lash touch-up. Lush lashes with a back-up plan. Love it. :)

Where to get your hands/lashes on these? So far, I haven't seen the non-adhesive here in the Toronto area (do share if you know!), but the adhesive falsies are available on for a super deal! All you do is point, click and select - ships to you free of charge (Canadian residents only!). Check out the site for more beauty deals!

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