Check out for photos from a recent creative shoot done outdoors. It was a super cold day, but you wouldn't be able to tell with the poise from our models! The shoot would not have been possible without the efforts and talents of the super team I'm fortunate to work with. Thanks guys - can't wait to do it again!

Model: Kat
Photography by Nadia Cheema
Hair by Fabio Persico
Styling by Cisya P
Make-up by Rhia Amio

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Congrats to Terri of Ajax, winner of's ck one contest! Terri, enjoy your prize!

Thanks to everyone that entered and is now either following me on Twitter, on Facebook or receiving blog updates via RSS feed! Stay tuned for future giveaways :)

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Check out the original post on Toronto Wedding Professionals - your e-source for all things wedding!
It’s definitely your time to shine on the Big Day, but we want to make sure it’s done right. A little strategically placed shimmer is good, but too much shine can translate into the not-so-coveted sweaty look on camera.

For the face, play it safe and use flat matte powders to set foundation and blot away shine. Pay particular attention to more oil-prone areas like the T-zone and the cheeks. It's best to avoid using face powders that have shimmer in them - camera flashes can catch you on the wrong angle and may not always be so flattering! A matte look will always photograph better.

For highlighting, avoid using glitter products; the larger light-reflecting particles can be a bit much for wedding photography. It’s definitely ok to use some shimmer eyeshadows on the eyelids, but use it sparingly. Apply shimmer atop the browbones and on the inner corner of the eyes for a fresh look that’s not overdone. To add dimension and enhance other prominent areas of the face (i.e. the bridge of the nose, atop the cheekbones and the browbone area above the eyebrow) use cream highlighters (like YSL’s Touche Eclat) or a shade of concealer that’s one to two shades lighter than your skin tone colour. Be sure to blend well for a flawless finish that’s camera and wedding day ready!!

More make-up tips to come!

Rhia Amio, Toronto Make-up Artist


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See here for details! Contest closes on March 29th at 11:00PM. Canadian residents only.

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Here are some photos from a bridal make-up trial I had with the gorgeous Jamie! The weather is finally warming up and I'm looking forward to more from this year's wedding season (including Jamie's in June!) Stay tuned!

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Being product faithful sometimes makes you miss out on other great products that are on the market. As my go-to liquid liner, I've sworn by L'oreal's Lineur Intense for as long as I can remember - even before I knew how to apply it properly! Fortunately, in my line of work as a blogging make-up artist, I come across clients that introduce me to products they love and make-up companies that also want to get the buzz going on new products they have available.

It's been out for a couple of years now, but Cover Girl's LineExact Liquid Liner only recently became a welcome addition to my personal kit. The compact-sized liquid liner makes it simple to get both thin and thick bold lines to frame the eyes; it's literally like drawing your eye make-up on with a marker! My personal fave is LineExact in Black Brown - it's a perfect colour to wear for day (not too harsh), and the smudgeproof factor of the liquid liner will easily carry your look through the night!

Great for beginners: For liquid liner virgins, Cover Girl's LineExact is a great starter liquid liner. The marker-like tip of LineExact will give you greater control over where the product goes, versus a brush-tip liquid liner. (Remember liquid liner just takes practice!)

At under $9CAD per liner (and under $7CAD at!), Cover Girl's LineExact Liquid Liner is a definite deal for the ease of application it provides. You can find it at your local drugstores, available in the following colours: Very Black, Brown, Smoke, Black Brown.

(....and you can find it in my make-up bag in Very Black and in Black Brown!)


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Q: I really appreciate your review on Vichy's Dermablend Concealer, and I'm excited I stumbled upon your blog! It looks very fun and informative. I do have a question on this concealer. I would love to purchase it, but I'm unsure which shade to get. I'm Asian, but not with pale light skin, yet not exactly considered dark. Just very typical Chinese. Would you recommend the light, or the nude? For concealers, is it safer to go lighter or darker, or are either bad? Thanks!

A: Thanks for the wonderful comments and question. Unfortunately, it's difficult for me to recommend which concealer colour you should use without seeing you in person! But with concealer, going lighter is absolutely fine, provided that it is only a couple of shades from your own skin tone. The reason people primarily choose a lighter toned concealer is to brighten dark undereye areas. With this method, you still have to be sure to blend your skin tone matching foundation atop so that the colour on the face is seamless. If you are trying to conceal blemishes, I would choose a concealer colour that matches your skin tone exactly. Using a lighter toned concealer on this area of the skin would only serve to highlight the uneven surface. Be sure to blend well around the edges for a flawless finish.

I'm of Asian background myself and I mix #20 Nude and #30 Medium to get the right shade for covering up the prominent circles under my eyes. I use the #30 Medium on its own to cover up blemishes. Yes, it's a bit more pricey buying two concealers versus one, but investing in quality foundations and concealers is definitely worth the splurge! Think of it this way: you'll have twice as much product to work with and it will last you that much longer!

Oh the ways I rationalize my love for make-up! Hope this helps!

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Check out for a recent creative with the gorgeous April that couldn't have been done without the help of these talented folks:
Photography by Jeff Hui
Hair by Dayle Doyle
Make-up by Rhia Amio

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If you’re having visions of your mom wearing her Sunday’s best on Easter when I say the word ‘pastels’ – never fear – pastels can be modern too!! Shades like wasabi green and pale pink are the latest shades making waves for spring 2009.

How to Apply:

Working with pastels is super easy, the lightly shaded range of colours are a breeze to blend and not as obvious (as darker eyeshadows) if they start to crease. I like to always begin eyeshadow application by first layering on a neutral-toned cream eyeshadow as a base (see here for more info on cream eyeshadows). Use a brush or a sponge-tip applicator to deposit the majority of the pastel eyeshadow atop the eyelid, and soften the edges by blending into the crease. Apply eyeliner as desired (try a cat eye look to really be in tune with the season’s trends). Curl your lashes and apply two coats of mascara.

Complete the Look:

For the runway look, the rest of the face was kept quite neutral - even the lips were downplayed with concealer applied atop. To interpret the look for the realway, we want to avoid looking washed out and add some definition. Dust on a contouring powder or neutral coloured blush, and top the lips off with a pale pink gloss…and voila - pretty in pastel!

Artist Tip:
One of my fave pastel palettes is by Dior in Mystic Jade (as pictured above). The great thing about going pastel is that you don't necessarily have to purchase it from a department store; you can easily score some deals on products in your local drugmart!

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One lucky artistrhi reader will have the chance to win a limited edition bottle from the ck one relaunch (approximate retail value of $50CAD). See further details below.

The iconic and unisex fragrance, ck One, relaunches this week!

ck one is inspired by a social movement of people coming together across geography, gender and culture.

ck one always has and continues now, to inspire confidence and encourage a connection with others, being part of a group.

ck one is accessible, universal and easy to wear.
The limited edition bottle is decorated with the words "we are one" in numerous languages. The packaging is complete with a set of MP3 speakers to reinforce the idea of coming together, through the common and universal language of music.

I remember ck One from way back in high school, when it was the fragrance that everyone was wearing or the one that everyone wanted to wear! It's like a trip down memory lane looking at this re-launch!

Contest Details
To be eligible to win the limited edition ck One bottle, all participants must complete the following steps:
1. Get connected.
Become ONE with artistrhi by doing at least one of the following:
a). Join artistrhi on facebook.
b). Follow artistrhi on twitter.
c). Subscribe to artistrhi by RSS feed or by email.

2. Email me.

Drop an email to with the subject line "ck One Relaunch Contest" and indicate which of step 1 you did!
Contest open to Canadian residents only. Contest closes on March 29th at 11:00PM EST. Winner will be chosen by random draw and contacted via email on March 30th .

Contest giveaway courtesy of COTY and

See more on ck One:
ck One on Facebook
ck One on YouTube

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I know we’re all our own worst critics, but I have serious undereye circles that long for make-up attention. Needless to say, I’ve spent the equivalent to what most people would spend on make-up in total on buying and trying out different concealers. You name it, I’ve probably tried it – at the department store and drugstore level! After much experimentation, here are the concealers that have become staples in my kit (…and yes, I use more than just one!)

Vichy Dermablend ConcealerThe smooth cream concealer offers opaque coverage - you only need a tiny drop to cover up the entire undereye area. As the formula is a bit thicker, women with fine lines should not overdo the amount of application. Cakey undereye make-up can actually defeat the purpose of our concealer application, serving to actually highlight our problem area. The cream formula does double duty, working well to cover up blemishes all day long.

Laura Mercier Secret Concealer #3Renowned make-up Laura Mercier is known worldwide for her “flawless face” approach to make-up. Mercier knows that great make-up starts with a great base...and once the skin is in check, the rest of the face is icing on the cake! Laura Mercier’s Secret Concealer has become part of my daily routine. The putty-like texture of the concealer glides on smoothly to help brighten up my undereye area, giving great coverage without looking cakey. I adore the "slip" of this concealer – you have some time to work with it before it sets in. I find application works best with my most accessible tool – my fingers! The warmth of the fingers helps to you mold the concealer as you desire and blend it seamlessly into the skin. The aptly named concealer helps me keep my secret indeed!

Stila Perfecting ConcealerStila concealers are slightly more liquid in texture, but can still give the heavier coverage that is characteristic of a cream concealer. Stila’s liquid concealer is perfect for under the eyes and concealing prominent dark circles. This concealer also has just the right amount of “slip”, melting into the skin easily but still providing extensive coverage. Stila's Perfecting Concealer comes in a broad range of concealer to suit a variety of skin tones.

YSL Touche EclatThe cult classic and industry favourite, YSL Touche Eclat, is celebrated by beauty editors, models, make-up artists and make-up enthusiasts alike! The sleek gold encased packaging of the concealer pump pen is a prelude of the luxury product within. Just press the bottom pump to release the concealer product on the brush end. The synthetic fibre brush is super-soft on the skin, and perfect for applying to the delicate eye area. The concealer formula itself is lightweight and blends well on undereyes of all ages. Touche Eclat doubles as a highlighter pen: dab it on the tops of the brows, the bridge of the nose, and atop the cheekbones to further soften the focus away from those undereye circles.

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Hope everyone is recovering well from St. Patty's Day - the festive day where anything green goes! Shamrocks, green beer, green-adorned patrons, and even some green make-up looks were to be found all around Toronto yesterday. As festive as it is, true green coloured make-up is hardly flattering...on anyone! Check out the products below and learn how to make green make-up more than just a St. Patty's Day fling:

MAC Eyeshadow in Sumptuous Olive
This neutral green coloured eyeshadow is a perfect shade for both day and night looks, and suits a wide variety of skin tones. For a light daytime look, sweep the colour all over the lid up to the browbone and blend softly into the crease. For a sultry evening look, replace your usual black eyeshadow with Sumptuous Olive for a fresh take on the classic smoky eye look.
MAC eyeshadows are consistenly well-pigmented, gliding on the skin true to the colour in the packaging. The formula is also long-lasting, but to increase its longevity, I always like to start the application with an eyeshadow base. Applying the base not only helps it to last longer, but also helps to bring out the true colour of the eyeshadow.

Tarte Eyeliner Birth of Venus
Tarte's eyeliners are well-pigmented and glide on easily without tugging or dragging the delicate eye area. Tarte's signature liners are also infused with "skinvigorating" ingredients which means not does this product make you look good, the ingredients of it are also good for you!
Birth of Venus is a gorgeous neutral green with depth. Apply it just to the top lashline for an easy green daytime look...or fully rim the top and bottom lashline for a smoky eye that will have others green with envy!

(Sorry, I just had to...)

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Q: Hi Rhia, Thanks for all your travel tips on your blog! They are very helpful as I pack for my Spring Break trip! One question I do have though is how do I keep my eyeshadow from melting away in the heat?

A: Great question! Believe me, you’re not the only one with these gripes – this question is right up there in the top ten list of what I get asked the most! So it’s worth driving the message home that eyeshadow can be low-fuss when the right products are used! I have oily lids myself, so wearing darker eyeshadows used to be tricky as it never failed – the product would gravitate towards the crease. Enter cream eyeshadows. From personal experience and from working with brides (who need their make-up to last all day), I find the combination of layering cream and eyeshadow lasts longer together, rather than wearing either product on its own.

How to Apply
Choose a neutral shade and use it as a base for your powder eyeshadow application. With your ring finger, layer on the cream eyeshadow all over the eyelid. Proceed with application of your powder eyeshadow.

Recommended Products
Some cream eyeshadows just don't make the cut. Here are some of my favourite tried and tested cream eyeshadows:
1. MAC Paints and MAC Paint Pots
2. Laura Mercier Creme Eye Colour

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Last Friday was a gorgeous day here in Toronto, with unseasonably warm temperatures giving us our first hint of spring! In the world of make-up, spring signals a movement towards lighter and brighter trends in beauty products: the smoky eye gets reinterpreted with fresh spring colours, while sheer glosses take the place of matte lipsticks. The upcoming season is all about being playful with make-up, so give those winter blues the official goodbye and add a little colour to your routine - just in time for spring!

Smoky TealThe spring smoky eye was redefined on the runway at the Gucci Spring 2009 show. Models strutted down the runway with smoky eyes in modern shades of teal under the direction of legendary make-up maven and Key Artist, Pat McGrath. To keep the look 2009 rather than dated, use a pale shade of teal (and avoid white shimmer) when highlighting the brownbone. Add dramatic black eyeliner to define the eyes and smudge away!

How to Wear It: Teal smoky eyes can be a questionable make-up option for places like the corporate office. (Insert visions of Mimi from the Drew Carey Show). Save your efforts for the evening and try this look for a fun night out on the town.

Purple PoutPurple lips were the beauty focus on the runway at Zac Posen. The look was the spring derivative of the dark, black (yes, black) lips that were all the high-fashion rage last fall. To balance the strong lip look, the rest of the make-up was kept soft and subtle.

How to Wear It: Hello newsflash! Runway looks aren’t necessarily intended to look good on us non-model people. But heck, even models have problems pulling off true purple lips (i.e. see above)! From runway to realway, purple isn’t the most flattering colour for the pouts of real women. Instead, try a softer interpretation of the look in stain and gloss formulas with purple-inspired shades of plum and mauve.

Natural BeautyNatural beauty was also a staple look for Spring 2009, as featured on the runways of Tommy Hilfiger and Chloe. Despite appearances, the natural look does require a bit of work to achieve that polished natural look. When done right, you'll have that effortless "I just woke up and I look this good" kind of look.

How to Wear It: Wear this look anywhere - it's as easy as five quick steps!
1. Even out the skin tone with foundation and concealer.
2. Set the application with a light dusting of loose powder
3. Brush brows into place (use clear mascara to keep unruly brows in check).
4. Add a bit of blush to the apples of the cheeks for a wide-awake look.
5. Lastlly, dab a balm on the lips to give some moisturizing shine to the lips!

All photos courtesy of

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I’ve been using Studio Scuplt Foundation for over a month now since its release and the verdict? I’m loving it! The cream foundation glides on smooth and blends well without much effort. Coverage is easily buildable and produces a finish that’s medium to heavy with the more layers you apply. You literally only need a pea-sized drop from the tube to give the face moderate coverage, which is a nice quick fix when putting on my “out-in-public” face on in the morning! When layered on, I prefer the look Studio Scuplt provides over the other staple heavier coverage MAC foundations in my kit (Full Coverage and Studio Fix). With Studio Sculpt, the buildable coverage doesn’t give the face the undesirable flat, matte look – just flawless skin! For those light days when you prefer a sheer and dewy look to your foundation, the formula can easily be thinned out by mixing in a tiny bit of moisturizer.

As for Studio Sculpt Concealer, I found the formula to be too tacky for my liking. The product lasted well on blemishes, but was difficult to work with when applying to the undereye area (my main area of concern when evaluating to see if a concealer "works" for me). Studio Sculpt likely just wasn’t the best concealer for me, as the skin under my eyes has changed from my teens and early 20s (with age, sun exposure, lack of sleep, etc., etc.). The sticky paste formula would blend best on someone with a smooth undereye surface, but I definitely need more “slip” from my concealer. Nonetheless, Studio Sculpt is a great concealer product hiding imperfections well - I just need a little more work!

ARTIST TIP: If your undereyes are similar to mine and are more crepey (ugh, that sounds terrible. Let’s say “have more character”), stick to a concealer formula that has more “slip” (i.e. liquid-based) to help prevent the product from creasing into fine lines around the eye. Yes, character indeed.

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Posted by Rhia Amio, Make-up Artist | 11:30 PM | , , , , , , , | 0 comments » photo update! Check out a creative shoot from this past weekend with Erin and Ian. Most of the shoot was actually outdoors on a typically freezing day in February (if you can remember last Saturday in Toronto, it was a balmy -25 degrees Celsius!), but you can't tell it from looking at these awesome shots (thanks to everyone that participated--you were all such good sports!).

Talent behind the lens for the set is the lovely Jennifer Mong. I'm looking forward to working with these guys again! (...but let's wait until May...right, guys?) :)

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Check out the wedding portfolio at, for a recently updated view of Emily’s wedding in September. I absolutely love the creative and unique touch of Emily’s wedding photographers, LifeImages (so many great shots, amazing photography style). The bridal portraits are some of my favourites; they have an aesthetic and artful quality that not only make a great photo, but truly showcase Emily’s beauty. I could go on and on about how essential having an awesome wedding day photographer (like LifeImages) is, but check out Emily’s album to let the photography speak for itself! Be sure to visit LifeImages for more inspiration!

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Q: hi Rhia, I saw your post about Crown Brushes and was wondering what's your opinion of Crown brushes now that you've had the chance to use them for a while? I'm hoping to build a brush collection for my own everyday use, so I was wondering if I should buy Crown or maybe get brushes from Sephora or MAC? What do you think?

A: Thanks for the question! I still like the brushes for the original purpose I had bought them – to build my make-up artist kit and have back-up brushes for consecutive appointments. After getting the chance to work with them, it turns out my favourites from what I purchased are the foundation brush, large powder brush and kabuki brush. The brushes apply and blend product well, and feel smooth against the skin. One thing I did note when washing the large-sized brushes (blush brush, powder brush) was that the dye bleeds slightly once wet. Small price to pay for such an affordable line of brushes!

For your own personal use, it doesn't hurt to invest in a really good set of quality brushes. They feel better on your skin (and your skin deserves to be pampered!). As long as you properly take care of the brushes, they will last you a long time. You can find great quality brushes through Crown, Sephora, MAC and other department store brands. My first two professional brushes ever are by MAC and were given as a gift to me back in high school. The brushes are still in good condition to this day, and I’ve obviously gotten great use out of them as high school was a long time ago! For the larger sized brushes especially (i.e. powder, blush brushes), you'll feel and see the difference in how the make-up is applied. For that reason alone, quality brushes are definitely worth the investment!

Be sure to check out these sites/stores:
MAC Cosmetics
Industry Cosmetics (for Crown Brushes)

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Up here in the Great North, we're just getting past our (hopefully) last taste of winter. But worldwide, fashion houses are setting the scene for what looks we'll be after come Fall 2009! We go backstage with MAC Cosmetics for this sneak preview Fall 2009 beauty trends:
RUNWAY BEAUTY TREND: Gray LipsGray-toned lips (Doo-Ri, Rodarte) were the answer to the goth-hot black lips that dominated runways last year. At Doo.ri, MAC Pro Artist Tom Pecheux mixed Black Lipmix with concealer to achieve a gray colour for the lips. (An actual gray lipstick? That remains to be seen!)

From Runway to Realway:
Now, runway looks aren't necessarily intended to look great on the everyday woman, but in this case, even a supermodel hardly makes a gray colour "work". Wear gray on the nails and on the eyes (like at Badgley Mischka), but please let's reserve this look for the runway.

photo on right:

At Ruffian, face make-up was clean in order to set the focus on stand-out red lips.

From Runway to Realway:
To me, red lips are a look that never go out of style. Pair it with a stroke of liquid liner on the top lash line and defined lashes for a classic glam look.

photo on right:

RUNWAY TREND: Brown Eyeshadow and Clean Skin
Donna Karan is known for her New Yorker practical chic approach to fashion, and the same modus operandi reflected in the runway make-up for her Fall 2009 collection. The focus of the runway make-up look was flawless skin, highlighted with neutral eyes and lips. MAC Pro Artist Charlotte Tilbury used Copper Walnut Pro Gloss mixed with a Bit of Reflects Gold for a fresh look on the eyes.

From Runway to Realway:
DK's runway make-up look is easily achievable - you can likely get the look with products that you already have at home. Use a cream eyeshadow (try MAC Paints) as a base before applying neutral eyeshadow all across the lid. The cream eyeshadow will reduce the chance of your eyeshadow creasing by day's end!

photo on right:

RUNWAY TREND: Flashback 80s
Kohl-rimmed eyes are always a great look for the fall season. For Fall 2009, the eyes at Nicole Miller made a bold statement with electric blue eyeshadow. MAC Pro Artist James Kaliardo achieved the look by using MAC Pro Marine Blue Ultra Paint Stick as a base, and then blending MAC Freshwater and Atlantic eyeshadows over the lids.

From Runway to Realway:
Yes, you can wear blue eyeshadow. Save it for a fun night out or opt for a subtle blue eyeliner look for daytime. Pair the look with neutral pink lips to keep the look balanced.

photo on right:

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NOTE | Beauty Deals


I'm a frequent Shoppers Drug Mart visitor (and avid Optimum Points collector) so it's easy to keep on top of when my favourite items go on sale. Today, I picked up (two of) my latest fave mascara - Maybelline Lash Stiletto on sale for $9 (well, before taxes).

A great shopping resource for drugstore make-up products where you can buy without having to leave the house is There are plenty of great deals on some of my kit essentials. For instance, Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencils retail for $5.99 while L'oreal Lineur Intense goes for $9.99 - and these are the site's "regular" prices. (Yes, I watch for them to go on sale!) also offers free delivery with no minimum amount required to buy. Yes, all the more reason to shop!

If you're interested in trying out L'oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes, go to and in the top right-hand side, enter the code below to save $5!
Coupon courtesy of Matchstick and L'oreal

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Since mascara should be replaced every 3 months (or as soon as it starts smelling funky!), I always like to use this time as an opportunity to try something new. I'm always a sucker for mascara ads (even though they're usually false eyelash and computer "enhanced"). Over the past year, I've caved to lash blasting images of Cover Girls Drew Barrymore and Rihanna. I never hurts to try, right?! My lashes definitely need it. With some of the drugstore mascaras I try, I'm pleasantly surprised with the outcome while others...leave something to be desired. Read on for reviews...and just maybe you'll score a drugstore mascara find that's right for you (or save the $10 that you would have otherwise spent on it!).

Cover Girl Lash Blast
Lash Blast has been a personal favourite in my make-up stash since its release last year. The stiff comb-like super wand helps me distribute the mascara to all my lashes—even those tiny baby eyelashes--and these lashes especially need all the help they can get! I’m convinced the large comb-like brush coupled with the over-sized tube actually works better than the usual fibre wand to maximize product distribution from the tube to my lashes. At only about $10CDN ($8 when on sale!), this mascara is a great deal and definitely comparable to higher end (and higher priced) mascaras.

Cover Girl Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Mascara
I love the idea, but I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to mascaras that are supposed to be ‘highlighting’, so of course I had to try it out for myself. I wanted to believe the marketing hype with this mascara, but found that it fell short of what it promised. I scooped up Eyelighting in Black Sapphire, the recommended choice for brown eyes. Once applied, I found the Eyelighting mascara to be no different than any other black mascara. The wand is similar to the one found in Lash Blast, which works well with my lashes and saves this mascara from being a total waste! Overall, it’s a decent mascara, but I doubt I’d see a noticeable difference if I were to use the black mascara for blue eyes, the one for green eyes, etc.!

Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express
I love when my lashes are big and bold, so Colossal? Bring it on! The cross-over multiple fibres of the brush worked well to build up product on my lashes, but actually distributed too much for my liking - weighing my lashes down and undoing the usual eyelash curler lift. The colossal-sized brush also made it difficult to get at the inner and outer corners of the lash line, without the mascara smudging on my skin. As I do prefer the look of volumized lashes, I found it tough to build up coats without looking clumpy (I blame the wand!). The final result were lashes with length, but I would hardly give them the attribute “ colossal”. All in all, a decent mascara, but I likely wouldn’t purchase it again for my own personal use.

Maybelline Lash Stiletto
Lash Stiletto claims to do what for your lashes what it does for your legs – and who doesn’t know the power of the tall heel? Lengthening usually isn’t what I look for in a mascara, but I was pleasantly surprised with the results from Lash Stiletto. The tapered brush (shaped like a tall heel) works brilliantly to build up mascara on the lashes, without being clumpy. The finished result lengthens and adds volume to the lashes. The skinnier end of the brush helps you really define the inner and outer corners of the lash line, where the hairs tend to be short and fine. I love the sleek packaging! Relative to the two ‘big’ mascaras mentioned previously, the Lash Stiletto tube is more compact in size allowing me to squeeze more items into the daily make-up kit I throw into my purse.

L’oreal Beauty Tubes Mascara
Back in early December, I was given a sneak preview of the then soon-to-be released Beauty Tubes Mascara. L’oreal’s latest mascara aims to take your lashes to new heights with a microfibre primer plus mascara product, all in one tube. Once applied, I did notice my lashes were longer with the microfibre extensions at the tips. The mascara works great as a lengthening mascara; I’d recommend it for those (blessed) beauties with already full lashes that just need eparating and lengthening power in their mascara. See the original review here.

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