The 2nd annual Canadian Make-up Show is making it's way to the Better Living Centre in Toronto this weekend. The CMS promises to be bigger and better this year with a slew of vendors, professional artist demonstrations and seminars. I'll be there throughout the weekend checking things out and reporting back along with the contributors to Make-up Junkie...and of course, I'll also be doing some damage to the credit card!

I've been anticipating the CMS to get a chance to stock up on Crown brushes, that are typically only available south of the border. Yes, serious damage. See you there!

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Get more bang for your buck by scooping up products that have multiple functions. Among some of the most versatile make-up products out there are pigments. Pigments can be used pretty much all over the face and are great for their shimmer factor that we have been discussing this week. Use it on the eyes, cheeks, body, and even on the lips! Here’s how to apply:

Apply an eyeshadow base first to help pigment adhere to skin and last longer. Build up the pigment to your desired intensity by layering it on with an eyeshadow applicator. Use a stippling motion to build up the colour. See post here.

Use a dense and clean blush brush or powder brush. Tap a bit of pigment into a separate container that’s at least wide enough to fit the span of all the brush’s bristles (or use a piece of tissue). Tapping a bit out rather than directly dipping your brush in the product has double the advantages:

1. gives you control over how much product you’re applying. Remember, especially with shimmer and the highly concentrated pigments, less is more
2. minimizes cross-contamination between your products
Use a light hand to apply it and blend it atop the cheekbones to add dimension to bone structure. For highlighting the cheeks, choose colours that have a subtle hint of colour that is enhancing to your skin tone:
fair tones - try an off-white to a light pink highlighter
medium tones - try a pale gold to a peach highlighter
dark tones - try a gold highlighter
Take the gloss wand out of the tube and swipe a bit on the back of your hand (distribute enough for one application of gloss). Take a make-up spatula and mix in your desired pigment. Again abide by the less is more principle: start with a small amount and mix before deciding if you need to add more. Apply away with your lip brush.

Make your own shimmer lotion by adding pigment to your moisturizer. Use all over the body or place strategically on collarbone and colletage.

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