Face charts and photos courtesy of MAC

I'm always inspired by the artistry at MAC, and their Hallowe'en looks are no exception! There's no better time than Hallowe'en to get creative with make-up. MAC has a huge range of products (from eyeshadows to cream colour bases) to help you perfect your Hallowe'en outfit, but you can easily achieve some of these looks with products you already have at home! Check out MAC's Facebook page and YouTube page for more inspiration and ideas :) So many good ideas - too bad Hallowe'en is only one night!

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I'm excited about Ellen's wedding this weekend! There's something quite beautiful about fall weddings...yes, the weather is way cooler than the summer, but the colours of fall are such a beautiful backdrop to a bride in her white dress. I can see more and more why many brides are opting for fall rather than summer weddings.

For Ellen's bridal look, I did airbrush foundation as she wanted her make-up to be as long-lasting as possible. Following our initial bridal trial, she told me how she actually slept with the make-up on to see how long it would last. The next day all she had to do was tidy up a 'tiny bit underneath the eyes' - the rest of the make-up was still in tact!! Not that I condone sleeping with make-up on, but isn't that an awesome testimonial to the benefits of airbrushing?! Think about it...you can wake up looking perfect...just like those soap opera stars!!

Stay tuned for more pics from Ellen's wedding day prep. For now, it's time to pack the kit and get a good night's rest in preparation for tomorrow ;)

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Hye-Rim + James
Photographer: Geehae Jeong
Assistant Photographer: Chris Luk
Hair: Suzie Choi
Make-up: Rhia Amio

I was excited to meet the lovely Geehae Jeong, as I've seen her talent for photography before via our mutual friend, (the amazing) Claudia Hung (who Geehae frequently works with as well). This time around, Geehae was calling (and taking!) the shots, and what a breathtaking job she did at Hye-Rim's wedding!!

You've already caught a peek of Hye-Rim's wedding with the wonderful photos courtesy of Geehae's assistant for the day, Chris Luk...now take a look at Geehae's awesome perspective of the Big Day!

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