Check out for the results of a beautiful e-shoot session with the talented editorial and wedding photographer, Claudia Hung. (Insert infinite positive adjectives about Claud's work here).

Congratulations to the wonderful couple, Stacey and Rob! You guys rocked it!

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Just a quick update on what's going on at artistrhi since I've been a little MIA from blogging (it's been an amazingly busy summer!):

1. Clients are loving airbrushing! There's been a great response to this service ever since picking it up early this summer. ( View details of service and rates here). Future post on its benefits to come in August, but it's amazing what inquiring clients already know about it! (Sephora is even set to offer a commercial airbrush kit this season. Yes, I'm curious to try it too!)

2. Gearing up for 11 weddings in August, including one in Las Vegas! (Can't wait). On a very important side note: yes, I am available for destination weddings :)

3. Hint: Stay tuned for contests/product giveaways in the next month!

4. Chugging away at creatives: check out my talented pal, Ms. Cheema - we'll be doing it up again towards the end of the month!

5. E-shoots are a hit. Well, editorial wedding photographer Claudia Hung is a hit! For brides-to-be, check out this special collaboration as posted in Toronto Wedding Professionals:
I think that's it for now. Stay tuned for more beauty tips and product reviews in August as well!

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The "no make-up" look actually takes a little effort to achieve, but the results are simple and stunning. To get Kristine's natural flawless finish, try the following tips:

1. Balance out the skin.
Great make-up always starts with a great base. When your skin is glowing, the rest of your make-up shines as well! Use a foundation to balance out the overall skin tone and a concealer to camouflage those areas that need a little more attention (i.e. undereye circles, blemishes - which in Kristine's case - I didn't have to worry about at all!)

2. For eyes, cheeks and lips, stick to pinks and neutral (close to skin tone) shades.
Pinks and neutrals are great shades for achieving the natural look. Pinks brighten the eye area, give a rosy glow to the cheeks and highlight naturally kissable lips. Neutral colours work well to subtly define the eye area and add contour without looking harsh.

ARTIST TIP: For professional photos, your make-up will stand out better if you get a little heavy-handed. In the photo above, I could have gone a couple of tones darker to really make things pop. Always try to get a sense of your photographer's style and take note of the lighting being used, so you know how intense to do the make-up.

See more:
ENGAGED | Kristine & Gino

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Here are some snaps of a wedding this summer with the lovely Dorothea (aka Thea)! I had worked with Thea previously for a wedding where she was the Maid of Honour, and I was very excited to see her turn come around! The event scenery was gorgeous (at the Liberty Grand), and made the perfect backdrop for the stunning bride and her bombshell bridal party.

Check out some of the behind the scenes pics below and see for more!

Thanks Thea! All the best!

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Check out for an awesome creative done with a super team! The shoot included a couple more music inspired looks a la Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga, so hopefully I can get a hold of those edited pics soon to share as well! Enjoy, and of course, let me know what you think!

Photography by Christine Buijs
Make-up by Rhia Amio
Hair by Dayle Doyle
Clothing by Toxic Vision

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Nataly is breathtaking. This beauty and I go back to high school - if only I had digital copies of some of our photos from when we were 16 - now those are true 'before' shots! I'm very very excited for her wedding coming up this August! Again, there's always that something extra special when you get to to work with friends on such an important day like THE Big Day. Further reason why I love what I do...

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The latest from the x e-session collaboration! I know the second pic doesn't depict the make-up at all, but I just love the image so much that I had to add it to the post! Would it be in bad taste to request a similar photo for my engagement 15 years into the future? :)

Kristine + Gino were a fun pair, and you can definitely tell it from the photos - looking at the final product had me smiling with them! Thanks everyone for an awesome day!

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See the original post on Toronto Wedding Professionals - your e-source for all things wedding!

As a make-up artist, one of the questions I am most frequently asked by clients is “How do I make my eyeliner last longer?”. Women from all walks of life (not just brides!) encounter their share of frustrations with eyeliner. The same rules apply here for bridal make-up as they would for the everyday working woman (we all want our eyeliner to last as long as possible with minimal upkeep). Check out the following tips to help keep your eyeliner in check for the Big Day (....into evening!):

Use waterproof eye make-up products.
I have yet to meet a pencil eyeliner that is universally smudgeproof (Make-up Forever's Aqua Eyes is the closest I've come from the many I've tried), so I usually opt for other products that have consistently delivered the results I need. On bridal clients, I always use either a waterproof gel liner or a liquid liner. A gel liner is used when a bride wants a softer look; the liquid liner is for a bride that's open to more of a bold make-up look. Both the gel liner and the liquid liner last all day, and are perfectly suited to the overtime day of a bride.
Recommended: Try MAC's Fluidline (gel liner) or L'oreal's Lineur Intense (liquid liner).

Apply a base on the eyelids.

Use either a long-lasting neutral cream eyeshadow or a combination of concealer and powder as the base. Applying a base will help to form a barrier between the natural oils that eventually surface on the lids and the other make-up you apply, such as your eyeliner. Once you start using a base, you'll notice minimal (to zero) creasing, and most importantly, that your eyeliner is still intact! (ARTIST TIP: A base on the lids will also help to increase the lifespan of your eyeshadow application).
Recommended: MAC Paints, MAC Paint Pots

Pack some q-tips.

Just in case your eyeliner of choice migrates away from where you initially applied it, have some q-tips handy to refresh your look. It never hurts to be prepared, especially on a day like the Big Day!
Recommended: q-tips from the dollar store (these q-tips have minimal cotton on them, so you can wipe away without leaving cotton residue on the face)

To see more on eyeliner:
Q & A | Smudging Liquid Liner
PRODUCT REVIEW | L'oreal Lineur Intense

More make-up tips to come!

Rhia Amio, Toronto Make-up Artist


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The stunning Miss Colleen and I go way back to the university days, a time when I was usually experimenting with make-up in the wee hours of the morning, rather than studying (Sorry, Mom!). Now, Colleen is off to be a 'Mrs.' and I'm absolutely thrilled for her...and of course, I'm excited to do her bridal make-up! Again, I've been fortunate to work with the many brides that have crossed my path this season, but there's always that something extra special to the day when it's an application for a dear friend. Coll, I hope I don't disappoint! ;)

Stay tuned for her wedding pics in late August!

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Q: I have really oily eyelids so anything I use seems to disappear or smudge in only a few hours. Based on your recommendation, I tried using one of L'oreal's liquid liners, but find that it's not working for me either. By the end of the day, my eyelids are still oily and the oils (I think) break down the liquid liner, making it smudge. I've almost given up on it, but are there any make-up artist tricks you can advise of? Thanks for the help!!

A: Great question! I used to have this issue when first starting to use liquid liner. In the early days, I experimented with using some concealer and powder on the eyelids to help act as a barrier between the natural oils on the lids and the liquid liner.

But once I discovered MAC Paints and MAC Paint Pots, I never turned back. Just choose a neutral colour that matches (or is slightly lighter) than the skin on your own eyelid for a natural effect. From the Paints, try Sublime Nature, Bare Canvas and Paint Pots in Soft Ochre and Bare Study to see which one best suits your own skin tone. Either apply the product all over the lid from lashline up to the eyebrow or focus the application simply atop the eyelid. You may see some slight creasing later the day (especially if your eyelids are oily like mine!), but the liquid liner will definitely remain intact!

ARTIST TIP: MAC Paints and Paint Pots also double as a great base for eyeshadow application.

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Here's a glimpse of a wedding I did in June (almost up to speed with wedding pics!) with the beautiful Mary and her gorgeous bridal party. I have to thank these ladies again and again for waking up at 5:30AM so that I could get them all dolled up in time! Despite the lack of sleep and extremely early morning, everyone was in such great spirits!

On the lovely bride-to-be, Mary (pictured below), we kept the look classy and used airbrush foundation to last her throughout the day (and throughout any potential tears!).
Congratulations, Mary - thank you for letting me share in your Big Day!!

To see the full set along with before-and-after pics, go to

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Ok, so I'll be the first to admit that I probably do a better than average job taking care of my skin when it comes to my face...but when it comes to the rest of my body, let's just say that when winter rolls around my maintenance techniques for the rest of my skin that isn't visible also go into hibernation!

So of course on an annual basis, the warmer weather of summer comes around and it's time to fast track my once-covered skin into an acceptable level for public viewing. My usual trusted go-to product is cocoa butter, but ever the fan of trying something new, I opted to use a sample received of MAC's Naked Honey Skin Salve.

Now a month later, my skin is back to a presentable condition with the help of Skin Salve! I especially love using it on rougher areas of the body like the elbows, knees and feet. The product is derived from beeswax, sunflower oil and other organic ingredients that instantly moisturize skin (especially my dry, neglected winter skin). I'd love to see how this product would work in the winter, but of course, it's limited edition!

MAC's Naked Honey Skin Salve retails for $22.50 CAD, and is available at MAC counters and stores for a limited time only.

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To get the gorgeous bride-to-be Christine's subtle smoky eye, try these easy steps:
1. Apply your medium shade as the base atop the eyelid. Keep this colour just below the hollow of the eye.

2. Deposit the darkest colour eyeshadow in the outer corner of the eyelid and blend well towards the inner corner and towards the hollow of the eye. Avoid blending the colour too far up above the hollow of the eye, as this can make the eyes look smaller.

3. Finish with eyeliner by drawing the line thinner on the inner corner that gradually gets thicker as it approaches the outer corner of the eye.

When using pencil eyeliner, sharpen it first but dull the sharpened edge slightly before applying it directly to the eye. Using the pencil, start with the inner corner first, as the sharpened edge will allow more precision.

When using liquid liner, usually too much product comes out on the applicator brush. Versus the pencil method, start applying liquid liner at the outer corner of the lid to deposit some of that excess product...or if you prefer to start from the inner corner, swipe the liquid liner brush a couple of times against a tissue to rid it of any excess. Remember the less product on the brush, the more control you have. Once the make-up is applied, it's much easier and less messy to add layers rather than remove them! A little goes a long way...

The subtle smoky eye pictured on Christine can work well for a daytime wedding - just be sure to blend well and avoid using black eyeshadow.

Lastly, to add some drama for the evening reception, line the bottom lashline with your eyeliner. Va-va-vooom!

Photos by Claudia Hung

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Check out for the latest e-shoot with the ridiculously talented Claudia Hung. Claudia always has such fun (and hot!) clients to work with , and Christine and JP were no exception! I love the life to Claud's photos -seeing the final results of these pics definitely had me smiling!

On a related note, I'm really fortunate to work with the talented and gracious people that cross my path. Doing what you love is one thing, but working with such amazing people is a super bonus. So thank you, thank you... :)

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We’ve all been patiently waiting for summer weather, and now that the warmer days have arrived, it’s a good time to re-evaluate our make-up routine. When summer rolls around, it usually means playing up the bronzer, while lightening up on the other products in our daily routine. After all, we should be spending less time indoors getting ready, and more time outdoors enjoying the weather! That being said, we still want to look fab all year round! Try these quick and easy tips to keep you looking and feeling fresh all summer long:

1. Switch to a lighter moisturizer.
Increased temperatures are directly proportional to increased oiliness! Increased oil production means you can either use less moisturizer on the face (just address the areas that are dry) or switch to a lighter moisturizer altogether. If you’re using a light moisturizer, switch to a serum whereas if you’re using a thicker cream, opt for a light moisturizer instead!

2. Don’t skip out on the sunblock.
You may not see the effects immediately, but sun exposure overtime can do a number on your skin. Use a moisturizer with a sunblock in it to help protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays. If your moisturizer is separate from your sunblock, skip on using the moisturizer to avoid a grease-fest on the face. Ideally, let the sunblock absorb into the skin for at least 30 minutes before applying any make-up.

3. Use a mattifier instead of (or before applying) foundation.
For those of us blessed with great skin, a mattifier works well to absorb and reduce excess shine throughout the day. When layered underneath foundation, a mattifier also helps make-up last longer and minimize the need for touch-ups! Use tried and tested Cargo's Blu-Ray HD Mattifier or MAC's Matte on the areas of the face that are most prone to shine.

4. Keep a pack of blotting tissues handy.
Rather than doing a repetitive routine of constantly applying powder whenever oil appears, use blotting tissues to combat shine. To keep your make-up looking fresh, absorb the excess oil with the blotting tissue first and then lightly pat with your powder to polish it off. This method also works best for helping to reduce the chance of break-outs!

5. Don’t overdo it on the powder.
When you pack on too much powder, especially atop an oily surface, it can approach a cakey look. Blot with an absorbing tissue first, and then use a puff or even a brush to lightly pat the powder on oil-prone areas (pay particular attention to the T-zone area). Avoid packing on the powder as your face will only get slicker (and quicker) before the next anticipated touch-up!

6. Don’t sweat it!
During the summer, the look is all about healthy, glistening skin and the bottom line is that it’s tough to keep up a routine of a matte face when the weather is warm. Instead play up the look by adding a spritz of MAC’s Fix+ for an instant dewy glow. Fix+ is also infused with vitamins and minerals that are a real treat for your skin!

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June was an amazingly busy month, filled with wonderful brides-to-be! I have lots of pics to work on and upload in the next few weeks so keep checking back or sign up for updates! In the meantime, check out some of the behind the scenes pics of Emily's Big Day. For the full set including before and after photos, see the gorgeous bride on TIP: Use lipliner to trace the lips, alter the shape slightly (if desired) and act a as a base for lipstick application. A couple of my fave lipliners are MAC's Cremesticks ($16 CAD) and Revlon's Colorstay (approx. $6 CAD and pictured above). The colour of these lipliners glide on creamy, which make them perfect for filling in the entire lip without dragging the skin.

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