Here are some more great shots of Marta's glamourous wedding day courtesy of professional photographer, Eva Goldberg. If you're interested in booking Eva as the photographer for your big day, email her at or contact her by phone at 416-854-2397.

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Where to find: drug stores, some department stores
Price: about $30

I was at Shoppers Drug Mart the other week, and on a whim, I decided to buy Vichy Dermablend Concealer. (I'm usually a lot better disciplined and wait until days where SDM offers bonus points for their Optimum cardholders).

The $28 pricepoint did put a dent in the pocket, but I'm happy to say that my was it worth it! Vichy Concealer promises 16 hour coverage and it delivers. I've used it on my break-outs and usually depending on the stage of the break-out, especially during the early stages when the trouble area is a bit more oily, any type of concealer tends to slide off. I've tried Boing by Benefit, MAC Studiofix, Make-up Forever's Cream Palette

You just need a tiny amount for blemishes - literally a small dot-size. I squeeze this tiny amount onto the back of my left hand and then I use either a q-tip or a concealer brush to apply to the problem break-out area. The, I use a light dab of loose powder to lock the concealer in place.

For using this under the eyes, I recommend mixing it with a tiny bit of lotion to loosen up the thick consistency. Otherwise, the formula looks too thick and cakey for the delicate under eye area.

Photo courtesy of Vichy

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Brows are one of my absolute favourite features of the face to do up! It is amazing the wonders a great pair of brows can really produce for your face! A great set of brows can instantly:
  • make you look more polished
  • add dimension to cheekbones
  • help to streamline your face shape and
  • give you an instant facelift.
Whats not to love?! Good brows are just as essential as that morning routine of eyeliner and mascara.

How to get good brows?
The age-old question. For the amount of great natural brows out there (congratulations, you are the envy of us all!), there are a significant number that have gone awry: overplucked, underplucked, lack of a shape, sparse, too short, the list goes on.

The shape that you want to aim for should closely follow your own natural shape (you don't want to completely alter your brow shape. Use your natural brow as a guideline for a shape that is most flattering on your face.) Tweeze away any strays that grow away from the dominant brow area and try the following steps to get your best brows (use diagram below as a guide).

1. Use a long pencil and hold it vertically against the edge of the nostril as a reference point as to where brows should begin. Tweeze away any eyebrow hairs that are inwards towards the nose.

2. Now, move the pencil towards the outer-edge of the iris still holding it in a vertical direction. This is the approximate area where the highest part of the arch should occur. Again, work with what nature gave you and you'll avoid having that perma-surprised look!

3. Lastly, take the pencil still holding the bottom part against the edge of the nose and tilting the top portion of the pencil towards the outer edge of the eye. The eyebrow should end where the tip of the pencil hits the browbone.

To fill in brows
Use a brow powder (that either matches or is a couple of shades lighter than your brows) with an angled brush. Use a light touch and draw short, feathery strokes in the direction of hair growth. Keep in mind that you want to mimic tiny hairs on the eyebrow by drawing these feathery strokes. Using a heavy hand and drawing one continuous line on the brows can border drag queen-like and scream unnatural.

Brows gone wrong...
Remember if you make a mistake and pluck more than you had initially intended, brows do grow back (well, to a certain extent). As a temporary fix, use the tips for filling in brows to fake a perfect set until the real ones grow back. For those that are a bit hesitant to pick up the tweezers, go see your trusted professional to have your brows shaped, and save money by doing the upkeep yourself. Believe me, the pain is a small price to pay for a look that is so refined. Post-tweezing, you'll definitely be raising eyebrows...and not just your own!

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