It's been a busy (but wonderful) week of make-up...make-up class at Ryerson is winding down with this past Monday and Wednesday being some of our last classes. Tuesday was Look Good Feel Better, where I had the best time yet. The energy in the room was amazing and I was captivated by this one woman who spoke of her battles with three different kinds of cancer: breast cancer, colon cancer and another type of cancer (that I fail to remember here)....I was captivated not just because of her amazing survival story, but because of her contagious human spirit. I know it's easy to feel like that in everyday life with school, work, etc. that we're getting the short end of the stick. At the end of the day, we actually have a lot to be thankful for. I'm trying to be better with that in my life.

Today (Friday) was another great make-up day with a bride-to-be beauty by the name of Carina. We did Carina's trial, as she preps for her big day on October 18th. It was great to get to know Carina, and I thank her for letting me rant on about my crazy week! I'm excited about having the opportunity to doll her up on her big day!

This weekend I'm looking forward to Hennie's wedding on Saturday. It will be an early morning for all with a 5:30AM go-time, but make-up always gives me a different kind of energy!

Can I mention that it's really difficult to make Hennie look bad? So this one is a no-brainer. I'll post up pics as soon as they become available. Can't wait!!

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Yes, there is a longer version to attaining perfect skin, but for an everyday face, these steps will help make sure your skin stays fresh looking from day into night. A couple coats of mascara, blush on the apples of the cheeks, and some gloss and you're ready to face the day in 5 minutes!

1. Use a primer.
Using a pea-sized drop, apply primer all over face. See this post for more info on primer.

2. Stipple on foundation and blend.
Use a quarter-sized drop per application. I usually dot the large areas of the face with the product and blend from there. You can really start wherever you prefer (some people like to work from the outer edges inward), but just be sure to BLEND. Start in light layers (this allows you to control how much goes on) and build coverage if more is desired.

3. Apply concealer.

You can do this before/after foundation or both, depending on the area that needs to be concealed and how much coverage is required. I prefer to apply concealer after foundation - that way I don't have to use as much.

4. Set with a dusting of powder.
Seal the deal: use loose powder with a large dusting brush for when you first do your daily make-up routine. Use your pressed powder compact for touch-ups througout the day.

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On August 16th, I had the pleasure of working with Marta on her big day. Marta was such an easygoing and gorgeous bride, which always makes for a fun day. I swear she was the perfect bride - statuesque and beautiful - she could be the real life bridal Barbie. Here's a sneak peak at some of the photos while I go bug her photographer for the professional ones. ;)

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Tightlining is a method of lining the eye coined by make-up artist and make-up line mogul, Laura Mercier, but I'm certain a lot of us were doing the method before we actually knew its technical term!
You can use either use:
• a thin, stiff eyeliner brush with gel eyeliner
• pencil (recommended)
• liquid liner (if you dare, but not recommended for sensitive eyes)
1. Looking down into your mirror with your eyes half-open, press the eyeshadow brush/pencil/liquid liner right into the top set of lashes. Be sure to concentrate colour on the area just where the outer edge of the skin meets the inner membrane (wet rim of the eye). Line across this outer edge, also commonly called the 'water' line.
2. For more seasoned eyeliner users, you can attempt the same method on the bottom lashes, keeping the line tight on the area just at the root of the bottom lashes on the outer skin, but not on the wet inner membrane of the eye
To make eyes really stand out:
Use a light pencil* to line the inside rim of the eyes to make them appear larger. This contrasted with the tightlining effect really has the effect of making eyes 'pop'.

*when lining the inside rim, to make eyes appear bigger use:
white pencil for light eyes
peaches and cream coloured pencil for darker eyes and skin tones

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