...and so it begins!!

Many thanks to beautiful bride Mary and her stunning bridal party (some of whom are pictured above) for an absolutely fun-filled morning!! Gracious people like you guys are why I do what I do...and why I love it so much! Thank you, and of course, congratulations Mary!

Looking forward to more Big Days with my brides this year and in 2011! :)

Click the pics above to see more from Mary's Big Day Prep!

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Hey folks!! It's been a while! What better way to get back into things than to post some pics of what I've been up to.

This past weekend I worked on a beauty-focused shoot with the lovely Nadia Cheema. Last time we did a shoot together was way back in November, so needless to say I was excited to get back to the studio with her! The snaps below come courtesy of our wonderfully talented hair stylist for the shoot, Carlos, of Spellbound Hair Design at First Markham Place. It was great to finally meet Carlos and he didn't disappoint; he did an amazing job for our shoot this weekend, and of course, made it all look so easy! (Damn him - cue Rhia for hair skill envy!!!)

Allana from ICON (before)

...getting there

va-va-voom! Allanna's after :)

Sarah (ICON) getting primped and pouffed

can you see the Katie Holmes resemblance? Big Hair is awesome by the way!! :)

where I should be...behind the camera!


the uber-talented Carlos of Spellbound Hair Design and I!

I'll be posting the final pics from the day as soon as I can...stay tuned! :)

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