Just a quick update on what's going on at artistrhi since I've been a little MIA from blogging (it's been an amazingly busy summer!):

1. Clients are loving airbrushing! There's been a great response to this service ever since picking it up early this summer. ( View details of service and rates here). Future post on its benefits to come in August, but it's amazing what inquiring clients already know about it! (Sephora is even set to offer a commercial airbrush kit this season. Yes, I'm curious to try it too!)

2. Gearing up for 11 weddings in August, including one in Las Vegas! (Can't wait). On a very important side note: yes, I am available for destination weddings :)

3. Hint: Stay tuned for contests/product giveaways in the next month!

4. Chugging away at creatives: check out my talented pal, Ms. Cheema - we'll be doing it up again towards the end of the month!

5. E-shoots are a hit. Well, editorial wedding photographer Claudia Hung is a hit! For brides-to-be, check out this special collaboration as posted in Toronto Wedding Professionals:
I think that's it for now. Stay tuned for more beauty tips and product reviews in August as well!

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The "no make-up" look actually takes a little effort to achieve, but the results are simple and stunning. To get Kristine's natural flawless finish, try the following tips:

1. Balance out the skin.
Great make-up always starts with a great base. When your skin is glowing, the rest of your make-up shines as well! Use a foundation to balance out the overall skin tone and a concealer to camouflage those areas that need a little more attention (i.e. undereye circles, blemishes - which in Kristine's case - I didn't have to worry about at all!)

2. For eyes, cheeks and lips, stick to pinks and neutral (close to skin tone) shades.
Pinks and neutrals are great shades for achieving the natural look. Pinks brighten the eye area, give a rosy glow to the cheeks and highlight naturally kissable lips. Neutral colours work well to subtly define the eye area and add contour without looking harsh.

ARTIST TIP: For professional photos, your make-up will stand out better if you get a little heavy-handed. In the photo above, I could have gone a couple of tones darker to really make things pop. Always try to get a sense of your photographer's style and take note of the lighting being used, so you know how intense to do the make-up.

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