Just in case you go a little overboard with the alcohol consumption this evening (it is New Year's after all!), here are a few quick make-up tips to help you nurse (and conceal) tomorrow's hang-over!

1. Moisturize!
If you didn't get the chance to do so the night (or early morning!) before, make sure you thoroughly cleanse the skin and remove any leftover make-up. Hydrate the skin by applying moisturizer, as alcohol dehydrates the body. Don't forget the lips - apply some lip balm to soften them for your lip application later.

2. Say bye to post-party eyes.

Use some eye drops to lessen any redness in the eyes, and an eye cream to help tone down any under-eye puffiness.

Concealer will make all the difference for telltale signs of a late party night (i.e. darkened undereye circles!). Use a peachy-pink concealer to brighten any dark undereye circles, and follow with your skin tone matching concealer to blend it all in.

Avoid eyeshadow colours that are red-based (like purple, mahogany and certain browns). Red-based tones tend to enhance any redness in sleep-deprived eyes. Instead, opt for a black or even a dark blue eyeliner to contrast the whites of the eyes, making them appear brighter. Top the eyes off by curling the lashes and adding 2 coats of mascara for a wide-eyed look.

3. Get (well,
fake) glowing skin!
Apply bronzer in this prescribed 3-shape motion to build-up an even glow and bring life back to post-party dull and dehydrated skin. Smile and add some blush to the cheeks - this will help you look awake...even though you may not feel so awake right away!

4. Shine on with gloss.
As the finishing touch, apply a moisturizing gloss in a peachy-pink colour and you'll be ready for a new day...AND a new year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!! See you in 2010 :) -Rhia

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New photos by Mathew Wilson are now up on the Fashion section of rhiaamio.com! Check out some pics from behind the scenes here.

I'm itching to get creative and do more creatives...can't wait to see what 2010 will bring!

Creative Team
Photography: Mat Wilson
Make-up/Hair: Rhia Amio
Stylist: Emily Harris-Brandts
Model: Tara Elizabeth

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Lisa's Toronto reception this past November was the perfect way to cap off a wonderful (and super busy!) year of weddings! Check out artistrhi.com for more pics of her day :)
p.s. Sorry for the lack of posts! I try to blog each weekday, so you can imagine I've been going through blog withdrawal! I took an impromptu break from blogging to catch up with my (amazing and supportive) family and friends over the holidays. Hope your holidays are being well spent with loved ones as well!!

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A perfect pout always starts with smooth and moisturized lips...but with winter now officially upon us, a little more effort is necessary to get the lips soft and supple! The weather and environment around us tend to be overly dry in winter and that can instantly zap our lips of much-needed moisture.

Fortunately, there are many simple at-home remedies to keep lips looking their best! Other than a good lip balm, a key step to a perfect pout is exfoliating the lips to eliminate any dead skin cells. Try these exfoliating tips you can easily do at home to keep your lips soft and supple all year round:

1. Start off with clean lips. Use a make-up remover and tissue to gently clean the lips. (Always try to use a wet cloth or tissue when removing product off the lips. The product will come off easier if the tissue is soaked, and won't drag the skin on the lips and encourage dryness and irritation).

2. Add two teaspoons of sugar to a couple of teaspoons of either olive oil or honey. Mix the ingredients thoroughly until it reaches a paste-like consistency. Dab the homemade remedy on the lips and let it sit for about 1-2 minutes to soak in.

3. After a couple of minutes, use either your finger, a spare toothbrush or a wet washcloth to gently glide the exfoliating mixture back and forth across the lips. This acts as a scrub and will help to get rid of any dead skin cells so that smooth, supple lips can resurface!

4. Rinse well and apply a lip balm to hydrate the lips. (Apply a lip balm throughout the day as needed).

The homemade lip scrub is great to do at night so that in the morning, you'll wake up with perfect and kissable lips (please note: homemade lip scrub will result in soft lips, but does not necessarily eliminate morning breath). :)

You'll find that once you exfoliate your lips, your lipstick and lipgloss will glide on much smoother and last longer. Bonus - even those fine 'experience' lines of the lips will be less accentuated!

With the holiday season and the advent of festive red lips upon us, I certainly hope you find these tips helfpul!

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Anyone who knows me knows that 1. the above is not a picture of me, but rather the gorgeous Camilla Belle and 2. I'm quite attached to my long hair (having had pretty much the same 'do for the past few years!). The most drastic thing I've done to my hair in the last 10 years is either highlight it or get my bangs cut, similar to Camilla's full-on fringe above. I know, i know - I'm quite the risk taker ;)

I'll admit there's something about bangs that does make me feel more youthful. Maybe it's nostalgia...and the fact that I spent the better part of my teenage years trying to emulate Shannen Doherty's character, Brenda, on 90210! LOL....oh my.

Either way, I love how bangs can instantly change the look of your hair without having to sacrifice length. Yes, it's a slight security blanket, but getting a full-on fringe has several other benefits for you to consider:

1. Bangs instantly make you look younger.
(...and we're not talking bowl-cut youthful either!) The phrase "bangs are the new botox" could be heard in many salons this year. At the end of the day, cutting your bangs to conceal those lines of 'experience' is waaay more affordable option than a botox appointment.

2. Eyebrows can grow..secretly.
Longer bangs are the perfect way to disguise eyebrows that are in transition. I'm a tweeze-a-holic, so it's hard for me to stop once I start. A full-on fringe lets my sparse and over-tweezed brows get their grow-on...out of sight, out of mind!

3. It doesn't take (me) as long to get ready!
A full-on fringe also draws immediate attention to the eyes and spares the time/effort I usually spend on eyeshadow application. You definitely still want to accentuate the eyes with strong eyeliner (either a liquid liner or even coloured eyeliners work beautifully in this case), and then finish the look with a bright pop of colour on the lips. Bangs = beauty made easy!

Bang on!

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Check out my latest Q & A on Applying Mineral Foundation, now on wnetwork.com! :)

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WEDDING | Jaymee


It's amazing how fast time flies...it seems like it was only yesterday that Jaymee and I were talking in 2008 about her upcoming wedding...or maybe it was 2007?! Either way, now fast forward to 2010, Jaymee is an awesome person and oh yes, an absolutely stunning bride!

I've known Jaymee and a couple of her bridesmaids since high school, and it's seriously always an amazing feeling to work with and be able to share this thing you love to do with the people you know. Jaymee has been one of my most supportive friends from the beginning of my freelancing career and it was an honour to partake in her Big Day!

Thanks Jaymee and of course, congratulations! I can't believe it's all done!! xo

See the pics of stunning Jaymee and her gorgeous bridal party on artistrhi.com!

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I recently held a make-up lesson with two amazing and quick-learning clients (thanks A. and S.!). We focused on doing a smoky eye look for the lesson, and it reminded me how (understandably!) many women have questions on how to do it or how to improve on it.

The template at right (an oldie but a goodie!) is meant to be an approximate guideline for where the shades of eyeshadow go. Keep it in mind (and click it to enlarge it) - we'll refer back to it frequently throughout the next few posts we do on the smoky eye technique.


Smoky Eye FAQ #5: How do I prevent my smoky eye from smudging?
Once you have carefully applied and perfected your application, the next challenge is getting the smoky eye look to last. The last thing you want is a smoky eye that bleeds underneath the eye and smudges where you don't want it to, inevitably drawing attention to undereye circles! I know, grrr.

So, now that you've gone through the past few posts and are on your way to becoming an expert in achieving the look, here are even more artist tips to get a smoky eye that lasts!
1. Apply make-up in layers.
Make-up always works better in layers. For instance, think of your face make-up: for a long-lasting look, you apply primer, then your foundation and then you set it with your powder. The same principle applies when doing a smoky eye - doing it in layers will help it to go the distance.

  • Use an eyeshadow primer or a neutral coloured cream eyeshadow as a base.
    Depending on the skin tone, I like to use MAC Paint (in Bare Canvas for light to medium skin tones or in Sublime Nature for deeper medium to dark skin tones) and apply it all over the eyelid. You can also use a cream eyeshadow that co-ordinates with the colour of eyeshadow you're applying - doing so will kick up its intensity and make it longer-lasting. Other products that work well as a base include the gorgeous cream eyeshadows of Laura Mercier's Creme Eye Colour collection, and Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion, a product held in high regard by beauty enthusiasts.

  • Layer, blend, layer, blend, blend, etc.
    Use a cream eyeshadow but set it by applying a matching eyeshadow colour or dusting some loose translucent powder atop. The powder will help to reduce any creasing of the cream eyeshadow and can dually intensify the look. If you're using a pencil eyeliner to rim the eyes, you can also apply a matching eyeshadow or set it with powder to help to lock it in.
2. Use waterproof products.
I've mentioned it here on the blog before, but I have some seriously oily lids that give any 'smudgeproof' product a run for its money! To get my eye make-up to last, I always have to wear a cream eyeshadow as a base and stick to using waterproof eye make-up products only. That application of cream eyeshadow helps to act as a barrier for when the natural moisture of my oily lids eventually builds up throughout the day. At the end of the day, there's noticeably less creasing and my eyeliner remains intact!

When I work with brides that need their make-up to last through tears, sweat and a 16+ hour day, I'll opt to use either a liquid liner or a gel liner for their ability to be long-lasting and waterproof. If you prefer pencil, choose waterproof eyeliners vs khol eyeliners. Same deal with mascara - choose a smudgeproof/waterproof formula to help keep it all in check!

3. Avoid wearing eyeliner on the bottom lashline and lining the inner rim.
Lining the inner rim (aka the waterline) of the eye is such a gorgeous, sultry look, but the trade-off is that the look becomes more prone to smudging. The 'waterline' borders the eye and is wet by nature - any type of eyeliner (even waterproof ones) will have trouble holding to a surface that's wet rather than dry. (Note: I would avoid lining the inner rim altogether if you have watery eyes). If you must wear eyeliner on the bottom, concentrate it on the outer corner of the eye. Remember the layer principle and set the line by applying a matching eyeshadow or dust some translucent powder atop of it.

Overall the smoky eye look isn't meant to be a perfect, straight-edge look so there's no need to fret. Some smudging can actually add to the effect of a smoky eye! Of course, just make sure that the smudging doesn't stray too far south of the eye (i.e. undereye circle territory!). Keep yourself prepared and carry some q-tips along with your concealer and powder to easily tidy up any smudges that may occur!

Got any more smoky eye questions? Always feel free to email me at rhia[at]artistrhi[dot]com. I hope these Smoky Eye FAQ posts have led to more answers than questions!! :)

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I recently held a make-up lesson with two amazing and quick-learning clients (thanks A. and S.!). We focused on doing a smoky eye look for the lesson, and it reminded me how (understandably!) many women have questions on how to do it or how to improve on it.

The template at right (an oldie but a goodie!) is meant to be an approximate guideline for where the shades of eyeshadow go. Keep it in mind (and click it to enlarge it) - we'll refer back to it frequently throughout the next few posts we do on the smoky eye technique.


Smoky Eye FAQ #4: Do I apply concealer first or after?
Apply concealer after you are finished applying your eyeshadow. It never fails - stray bits of eyeshadow can fall away from the area you intend to apply them...and once you go to attempt to swipe them away, a smudged mess remains (and the potential for increased frustration arises! Grrr.). To help prevent stray bits of eyeshadow from catching on the skin underneath the eye, brush on some loose powder just below the eyes. Once you're done applying your eyeshadow, dust the loose powder and excess eyeshadow away and proceed to apply your concealer.

apply concealer after your smoky eye application is complete

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I recently held a make-up lesson with two amazing and quick-learning clients (thanks A. and S.!). We focused on doing a smoky eye look for the lesson, and it reminded me how (understandably!) many women have questions on how to do it or how to improve on it.

The template at right (an oldie but a goodie!) is meant to be an approximate guideline for where the shades of eyeshadow go. Keep it in mind (and click it to enlarge it) - we'll refer back to it frequently throughout the next few posts we do on the smoky eye technique.


Smoky Eye FAQ #3: Do I need to spend on expensive brushes and eyeshadows?
Not necessarily - there are great products out there at all pricepoints. Yet, as a make-up artist and a make-up lover, I will admit that I have found better success (in other words, less frustration) using products (both on others and on myself) when the products are of department store quality, particularly for brushes. Some drug store brands may seem like a good deal, but you can dig and dig at an eyeshadow for barely any colour pay-off, while some brushes are too rough or stiff for a delicate area like the eyes!

a good quality crease brush is a kit essential

I know it can be quite the investment to spend on brushes and good quality eyeshadows, but well-pigmented eyeshadow will last you well towards (even past) their expiry date (of approximately 2 years) and brushes will last you for years to come, provided that you take care of them properly!

Moral of the story: the tools you work with make a difference.

See here for more info on specific brush types that really help me with achieving a smoky eye.

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I recently held a make-up lesson with two amazing and quick-learning clients (thanks A. and S.!). We focused on doing a smoky eye look for the lesson, and it reminded me how (understandably!) many women have questions on how to do it or how to improve on it.

The template at right (an oldie but a goodie!) is meant to be an approximate guideline for where the shades of eyeshadow go. Keep it in mind (and click it to enlarge it) - we'll refer back to it frequently throughout the next few posts we do on the smoky eye technique.


Smoky Eye FAQ #2: How do I know where to start and stop the different shades?
Keep in mind everyone's eye shape is different, and that's where the smoky eye often gets tricky - knowing where to start and stop the different shades, how far upwards to take the darkest (contour) colour and how/if to line the bottom lash line.

Small or deep-set eyes:

keep the contour colour below the crease toward the lashline

For smaller or deep set eyed beauties, keep the contour colour (b - the darkest colour) below the crease of the eye and tight towards the lashline. To frame the eye and give more of a smoky effect, blend a bit of the darkest colour on the outer third of the bottom lashline. Don't take the bottom line too far inward nor line the inner rim, as applying too much eyeliner on the bottom can make the eyes appear to recede and look smaller.

Larger Eyes:

extend contour shadow upwards, but still keep the it beneath the hollow of the eyelid

Larger-eyed beauties can use darker eyeshadows more liberally without the fear of making the eyes looking too small (I know, lucky ladies, right?!). For larger-sized eyes, you can smudge eyeshadow on the bottom lash line all the towards the inner corner. You can even apply eyeliner in the waterline (the inner rim of the eye) for a full-on smoky look. Lining the inner rim will help to brighten the whites of your eyes and make the look extra sultry.

Where to start and stop?However far up you blend it, the transition between the shades should be seamless, so well-pigmented eyeshadows and quality brushes are key to getting the look, bringing us to our next FAQ!

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I recently held a make-up lesson with two amazing and quick-learning clients (thanks A. and S.!). We focused on doing a smoky eye look for the lesson, and it reminded me how (understandably!) many women have questions on how to do it or how to improve on it.

The short answer? Practice and experiment! The great thing about make-up is that even if you don't get it right the first time, you can easily wipe it off and try again.

I thought it would be useful to revisit the technique and answer some frequently asked questions about smoky eye questions here on the blog. With the holiday season upon us, hopefully you'll find the info useful, as it's the perfect time to try something bold for all those parties you'll be attending!

The template below (an oldie but a goodie!) is meant to be an approximate guideline for where the shades of eyeshadow go. Keep it in mind (and click it to enlarge it) - we'll refer back to it frequently throughout the next few posts we do on the smoky eye technique.
Smoky Eye FAQ #1: What colours do I use?

Once you have the smoky eye technique down pact, you can pretty much use any colours you prefer, but keep the shades used within the same colour family (in other words, save those purple and green colour combinations for the runway!). The best colours for you are ones that enhance your eye colour and skin tone.

Some universally flattering shades that work well for a smoky eye look on all skin tones are grey, brown and black. For instance:
  • taupe as your neutral base (area 'a' in the diagram above, all over the eyelid but just beneath the browbone)
  • dark brown as contour (area 'b' in the crease of the eye down toward the lashline
  • an off-white (to highlight area 'c' just atop the browbone and on the inner corner of the eye)

  • midtone grey as the base (area 'a')
  • dark grey/black as the contour (area 'b')
  • an off-white to highlight (area 'c')

  • Once you get the hang of the smoky eye, you can very well interchange the colours above and do a smoky eye with green/purple/blue/burgundy as the base, rather than as grey pictured above. You can even use different textures such as frost, shimmer and glitter for an added festive look! One of the beautiful things about the smoky eye is that with one technique, you can get so many looks. So keep on experimenting to see what you come up with! :)

    On to more smoky eye FAQs.... :)

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    Just in time for the winter cold: hat head, be gone! Check out my latest Q&A on wnetwork.com :)

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    I must be the easiest person to shop for. Similar to an obsession as a young girl with Barbie dolls, with make-up I want it all and I can never have enough. I have plenty of stuff for the both the personal and professional make-up kit, and as cost-effective as I try to be with purchasing make-up items, I’ll inevitably find something new that I love. To ease the feelings of guilt, I use the terms ‘updating the kit' as an excuse to rationalize its purchase! After all, why would I use a product on one of my clients that I can’t say I’ve tried and swear by for myself? Right, Rhia…riiight.

    One of the nice things about Christmas shopping is the abundance of gift sets. From fragrances to make-up, there are plenty of deals out there that give you more value for your Christmas shopping dollar. My favourite of all these are of course the make-up gift sets! You can get everything in ‘minis’ - mini brush sets, mini glosses, palettes.

    Now, this is MY idea of good things coming in small packages!!

    Here are some gorgeous make-up sets that would make great gifts for those lucky, lucky people on your list (ahem...hint, hint…nudge, nudge).

    Lancôme Juicy Tubes Holiday Set ($49 CAD)
    Often imitated, but hardly duplicated, Lancôme's Juicy Tubes are a make-up classic. The Holiday Set includes eight glosses in shades that are both suitable for everyday wear or for a night on the town! The travel-sized tubes are perfect for popping in your purse or make-up kit, and with 8 shades to choose from you'll have a different one for every day of the week! The set includes two of my personal faves, Touch of Light and Miracle. Touch of Light is a pale cream gloss that looks gorgeous when worn on its own and when layered atop a lipstick. Miracle is a bubble gum pink with high-shine - can you say yum?!

    MAC Mischief Makers Pigment Sets ($38.50 CAD)
    It happened to me the other day where I walked into my local MAC store to refill on ‘necessity’ items for my client kit, but somehow I ended up gravitating towards the holiday gift sets (they were packaged like candy - can you blame me?!). I ended up buying the necessity items I had originally intended AND a couple of gift sets. Well, sorta gifts...uhh, for myself - I mean the kit!

    There were many mini kits to choose from (believe me, I had to restrain myself from puchasing more!), but I instantly fell in love with the Pigment Sets. For anyone who's ever bought MAC Pigment before, you'll know the product lives up to its name and glides on amazingly intense! Yet for being as multi-purpose as they are, sometimes it's hard to use the entire jar, as you only need a little to get a concentrated look. The Holiday Pigment sets are an awesome value - you get 5 mini pigments for the price of $38.50 (one regular-sized pigment retails for $23.50), and although they're mini in size, the product will go a long way!

    MAC also offers sets of mini glosses, mini brushes and palettes all at great prices. The gift options are endless...until they're sold out! Go early to avoid disappointment!

    NARS Everlasting Love Palette ($87 CAD)NARS holiday sets, you had me at hello. Guaranteed any make-up lover will fall in Everlasting Love with this NARS palette! The palette offers a winning combination of colours for achieving the coveted smoky eye plus nude lip look, across a variety of skin tones. Everlasting Love includes NARS best-selling shades Orgasm blush and South Beach the Multiple, along with four eyeshadow shades and four lip shades. Mix and match to your heart's content, and get holiday glam all in the convenience of one gorgeous palette.

    Time to write that note to Santa... :)

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    WEDDING | Heather


    artistrhi weddings update! Here are the gorgeous pro pics of Heather's wedding courtesy of kieleyphotography.com. Heather is the perfect combo of bridal babe plus sweetheart, as you can tell from the pics. It's always great to catch up with my brides a few months after things have settled down and hear how everything is going so well....and that the Big Day was everything they dreamed of. This is what it's all about.

    Thank you Heather for letting me share in your Big Day! xo

    See more from Heather's wedding day here.

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    See the original post on Toronto Wedding Professionals - your e-source for all things wedding!
    It may be wintertime and wedding 'off-season', but if you're planning for your Big Day next year, now is the time to get a jumpstart on your skin care and beauty routine! Try these tips to get your skin Big Day ready:

    Think and live healthy.
    Drink more water, get as much rest as possible, eat well (limit your intake of high-sugar foods, caffeine and alcohol) and be more active.

    Don't sweat the small stuff.
    Some breakouts are stress-related. Remember to ask your bridal party for help when planning your wedding - they're your support group!

    Follow a daily skin care routine.
    Wash and moisturize your face 2 times daily - once when you wake up, and then again before you go to sleep. Make sure to thoroughly remove the day's make-up before you sleep and exfoliate no more than two times per week. If you're trying a new skin care routine, start it at least 6 months in advance of your wedding day to ensure your skin has time to adjust. Meet with a dermatologist or skin care consultant if you're unsure how to get your routine started.

    Everyone's skin tends to feel dry and tight in the winter - so opt for a richer moisturizer for the face (i.e. add a night cream or a serum to your routine). Avoid taking long hot showers/baths as these can actually dry out the skin, reducing the production of the body's natural oils.

    Something old, something new...
    The wedding day or even the week leading up to the wedding is not the time to experiment with a new product or a completely different hairstyle, etc. Your skin needs time to adjust to a new product and cut hair won't grow back overnight!

    Facials, Waxing and Threading.

    Depending on your skin sensitivity, have your last facial at least 1-2 weeks before the Big Day. Facials lead to temporary bumps and redness that may or may not subside before your wedding day. Go for any waxings at least 3 days before the Big Day to make sure your skin has time to heal.

    Remember, great wedding make-up always starts with a great base, so take care of your skin now and you'll have less to worry about as you near the Big Day!

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    Check out wnetwork.com for my latest Q & A on Mascara Brushes!
    Here's a bit more on the mascaras I recommended in my response (click on the photos below to enlarge).

    Brushes that Lengthen:
    A thin mascara wand (like that of Maybelline Lash Stiletto or Lancome Definicils) works to lengthen lashes and help make even those tiny hairs in the corners of the eyes stand out! I love Maybelline's Lash Stiletto for the overall finish it gives the lashes and for its affordable pricepoint (under $10 when on sale!).

    When it comes to the splurge option, I was first hooked on Definicils the first time I tried it in a Lancome gift with purchase. I love the long, separated lash look that Definicils leaves (it ain't award-winning for nothing!), but I can't rationalize spending the $30 on it! I'd rather go for the deal in this instance! :)

    Brushes that build volume:
    A plush and full bristled brush like those of the Loreal Voluminous and Dior's Diorshow mascaras (pictured below) to add volume to your eyelashes. L'oreal's Voluminous has been a staple in my personal kit since the day I discovered the power of mascara. Usually after trying something new, I always revert back to this old faithful because it doesn't disappoint!

    Dior's Diorshow is a mascara I've bought a few times - even at the splurge price of approximately $30! I love the big, bold lashes you get with Diorshow. Even though I wouldn't spend the extra dollars on Definicils above, when I'm in the mood to treat myself, I definitely splurge on Diorshow. Guilty as charged!

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    It's nearing the one year mark for the artistrhi site, and I was definitely itching for a change! I wanted to adjust the design layout to have a cleaner and brighter aesthetic...and I'm extremely happy with the results, all with the help of Rosie of Design in Rotation (aka my awesome and talented sister!).

    To further improve the user experience, you'll also notice the following changes:

    1. Removal of borders and titles within the galleries to let the pictures speak for themselves :)

    2. Minimizing the amount of scrolling! Don't you hate it when you go to a site, but it's optimized for a different resolution so you have to scroll up and down, AND right and left?!

    3. Compatibility with more browser versions, including Internet Explorer 6...which means it will look as it's supposed to!

    4. Icons on the main page that allow you to easily connect via Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot and the new gig at wnetwork!

    5. Moving towards uniform branding for 'artistrhi' with logo changes on the site, the blog and on rhiaamio.com

    I'm always open to suggestions on how the site can be improved. Let me know what you think!

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    You may have been read about this on your Facebook or Twitter feed... :)
    I'm extremely happy and excited to announce that I'll be contributing as a Style and Beauty Expert on wnetwork.com, the online presence for the leading specialty network for women (channel 27 in Toronto, people!).

    Have a beauty or style question? Check out my page or the vast archives of previously asked questions on the W site. Even if you have any other questions in the realms of Style and Beauty, Food and Health, Money, Relationships, Shopping or Home and Garden, there's definitely a W expert that can help! I'm in some awesome company with the Style by Jury team on the Beauty and Style Page. Love that show! :)

    In all honesty, I'm still in awe of this wonderful opportunity, but hopefully (crossing fingers!) it's just a hint of even bigger and greater things to come! It's been two years since the humble beginnings of this blog (which I started initially as a portfolio of sorts, because I'm hardly computer programming savvy!)....and it's evolved into this information resource for make-up products and beauty tips. Really, I just have too much stuff in my head about make-up to not share (and it's probably abnormal). So this blog is kinda selfish, because I would otherwise have no outlet! I'm sincerely just very thankful for everyone's support and encouragement. It's why I do what I do :)

    Remember you can contact me through the wnetwork site or always email me at rhia[at]artistrhi[dot]com to have your beauty and style question answered! For now, back to writing my responses for upcoming questions!

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    Check out the "Men" section (under Fashion) at rhiaamio.com for the latest from a creative session with photography by Mat Wilson!

    (...yes, men sometimes need make-up too!)

    Photography: Mat Wilson
    Grooming: Rhia Amio
    Stylist: Emily Harris-Brandts
    Model: Mike (Icon)

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    Today is World AIDS Day.

    Did you know that you can look good and feel good while doing something great?!

    I've always been a fan of MAC - obviously for their make-up products, but also for their trailblazing charitable efforts as a cosmetic brand. Since its establishment in 1994, the MAC AIDS Fund has raised $135 million dollars (US) to benefit those affected by AIDS internationally. Amazing.

    The MAC Viva Glam collection is a beautiful line of lipsticks and glosses, ranging in shades from red to pink. Every cent of the proceeds from a sale of a MAC Viva Glam lipstick or gloss go towards the MAC Aids Fund (that's about $16.50 CAD or $14USD!). So if you're gift shopping for the holiday season, keep the Viva Glam collection in mind. It's literally like a gift that keeps on giving....and that's always beautiful. :)

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