MAC's D-Squared Greasepaint Stick in V (left) and Greasepaint Stick in Black (right)

If you've ever struggled doing a smoky eye (because dark bits of eyeshadow end up everywhere creating a black eye, rather than a smoky eye...), then MAC's Greasepaint Stick might be the solution for you. The creamy pencil can be used as an eyeliner or blended out for a smoky eye effect (without the flaky mess!). The product is budgeproof and long-lasting too, meaning our smoky eye also won't transform into dark undereye circles later in the day :)

In terms of blending ease, I find Greasepaint Stick waaay easier to blend than my other beloved MAC's Paint Pots. I still love Paint Pots, but the Greasepaint Stick is definitely more of a universally user-friendly product for everyone from make-up novice to make-up expert!

I like applying the Greasepaint Stick and then blending atop with a matching eyeshadow colour. Lancome's Trendy, a cool-toned purple eyeshadow, works beautifully with Greasepaint Stick in V and really any black eyeshadow works well with the Black Greasepaint (just be careful of those wandering flakes of eyeshadow!)

The one downfall of Greasepaint Stick? It's limited edition so scoop it up, before it's gone!
MAC's Greasepaint Stick in Black on outer corner

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Speaking of awesome products for Hallowe'en make-up, Make-up Forever's Flash Colour palette is a kit essential for any make-up artist. The colours are highly and brilliantly pigmented, gliding on the skin as they appear in the case. Colours are easy to blend and you can get an even greater assortment of colours by mixing your own (see all that stuff on Colour Theory is useful - time to break out the colour wheel!).

The Flash Colour's palette usability extends way past Hallowe'en night. I love using Flash Colours for photoshoots, as the pigmented colour holds true and doesn't get washed out by bright studio lights. To avoid creasing, be sure to set the creamy flash colour either with a layer of translucent powder or coloured pigment for more pop. You can use it all over the face and body, but of course always follow the recommended use labels on the packaging :)

Must-try: MUFE's Flash Colour in Silver - it glides on creamy, but looks like foil! Tin Man Love.

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