Check out Make-up Junkie's posts on a few of our generous make-up sponsors:

I'm already a huge fan of Face Atelier and Cargo, and I can't wait to get acquainted with more Cake and Balmshell products at Hope for Haiti! Thank you to our sponsors for the support :)
More sponsor profiles to follow!! Thank you to Make-up Junkie for the above posts!

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If you're an avid reader of this blog, you'll know that finding a concealer that truly works is the equivalent of finding the make-up holy grail for me! Even the concealers with the best reviews out there are challenged by my dark circles (yes, that whole New Year's resolution to get more not happening just yet!).

I've had to adjust my concealer routine, as things that worked in my early 20s now appear too cakey once applied. What really initially appealed to me about CoverFx's ConcealerFx were the pink and peach based range of tones. Way back in make-up school, my teacher first introduced me to the wonders of orange concealer, in order to colour correct serious undereye circles (i.e. mine!). The faint orange colour worked beautifully to brighten my circles, but the challenge back then was finding that colour in a product on the commercial make-up market. Now thankfully, I can rely on concealers from Laura Mercier, YSL, Make-up Forever and of course CoverFx...all of which you'll find in my personal + client kits! (See told ya, holy grail...)

CoverFx ConcealFx in Medium...just peachy!

What I love about the concealer is how it provides opaque coverage without being cakey or looking dry on the undereye area. The built-in primer helps it stay atop those fine lines (of experience) around the eyes...and to me, that's an instant seller! Overall, the concealer has a lightweight feel and leaves a smooth finish. You need only a tiny dot per undereye area, so be careful to not squeeze too much out of the tube! ConcealFx simply does what it's supposed to do. The quest for a perfect concealer can now be put on pause...again.

Yup, Love in a Tube. Kit essential! Need I say more? :)

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It's been a whirlwind (but productive!) week as we put the Hope for Haiti Beauty Benefit together. There have been some very exciting additions to our list of make-up sponsors who will be contributing items for either our participants' swag bags, baskets for raffle...or even both! (Yes, the generosity is overwhelming as it is inspiring!)

The updated list now includes (as seen on our event's facebook page):

Mary Kay
Shoppers Drug Mart
Face Atelier
Vidal Sassoon
Cake Beauty
LIFT Beauty Boutique
Brill Communications
Vasanti Cosmetics

Thank you all the support! The countdown to next Sunday begins.... :)

Special huge thanks to Joy and Ande for helping to co-ordinate this!!

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