Check out my posts on Make-up Junkie this week! All throughout the month of October, Make-up Junkie has been featuring Think Pink products that are both helping to benefit the lives of those affected by cancer while supporting the research for a cure. My series of Think Pink Make-up Tips are specifically geared towards concerns that women undergoing cancer treatment may have (particularly with changes in physical appearance). Today's installment focuses on how to maximize eyelashes when they become sparse. Click below to check it out and support Think Pink products!

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Check out this sneak peek of bridal bombshell, Shannon, that I had the absolute pleasure of working with on Friday. Shannon and I went to the same elementary and high school, and it always makes for a real treat when you get to do what you love for those you know! Not only is Shannon a gorgeous subject in front of the camera, she is also a real talent behind the lens. Check out some of her work here.
Thanks Shannon for letting me take part! More pics to come from the behind the scenes of this bridal beauty's Big Day!

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