Check out the latest camera phone behind-the-scenes snaps of a Teama Cheema photoshoot! The inspiration behind this creative was the runway look from Dior Spring/Summer 2008. Yes, I know feathers have been done many a time, but I thought it would be an interesting challenge for myself and a neat addition to the portfolio. My sincere thanks to the wonderful team that made this all happen - this could not have been accomplished without everyone's talent and patience!

Miranda - makin' it worrk!

Rashel - always on point!

some of my prep work for the shoot! I was up to my elbows in feathers these past few weeks!

Stay tuned for the finished product! I'll post them as soon as I can :)

Models: Rashel, Miranda, Tyleen (not pictured)
Photographer: Nadia Cheema
Hair: Sandro of Pop Hair
Stylist: Cisya P
Make-up/Feather Quality Control: Rhia Amio

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